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June 1, 2019


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50 GRAPPLING Logan Dias (Casa de Jiu-Jitsu) VS. Logan Bailey (Relson Gracie CT)

Winner submission Logan Dias

130 GRAPPLING Nick "The Hurricane" Enzor ( Team Link) VS. Gustavo Alarcon (Unity Jiu-Jitsu)

Winner submission armbar Gustavo Alarcon

200 GRAPPLING Lee McHugh (Carlson-Gracie) VS. Vincent Tedesco (Renzo Gracie RI)


130 GRAPPLING Tommi Bonomo (Thornton's MMA) VS. Erica Gauthier

Tommi wins submission

220 GRAPPLING Gregory Jarvis (Triforce MMA) VS. Imre Pogacsas (Casa de Jiu-Jitsu)


120 GRAPPLING Erica Ann Bloomberg (ATT CT) VS. Kristen Tevay (Gracie A-1)


220 GRAPPLING Curtis Ward (Renzo Gracie) VS. Jim Hevner (Fenix BJJ Lowell)


150 GRAPPLING Shawn O’Dou (Ravenous) vs. Mike Tabor (Battlecrew/Team Link Webster)


180 GRAPPLING Roberto Valentin (Team Link) vs. Andrew George (Triforce MMA)

Winner submission loop choke by Andrew George

145 GRAPPLING Adam Roy (New England BJJ) VS. Angel Rodriguez (Ronin BJJ)

Winner by submission heel hook Angel Rodriguez. 

SUPER HEAVY GRAPPLING Mike Montgomery (Soul Fighters) VS. Ed Abrasley (Tai Kai)


135 GRAPPLING Danielle Gambardella (Relson Gracie) VS. Maria Kipreos (Connor's MMA)

Winner via armbar submission Maria Kipreos

175 GRAPPLING Thiago Bamboo (Team Link) VS. Nicholas Cortes (Cortes BJJ)


155 GRAPPLING Pete Jeffrey (Tri-force Training Center) VS. Tiago Alves (New England United)


130 GRAPPLING Jeileen Alvarez (Team Link) VS. Katlyn Doran (IMB/CT)


185 GRAPPLING Fernando Sabença (Jitsu Academy) VS. James Cook (Crossroads BJJ)

Winner kimura James Cook.

185 GRAPPLING Leon Davis (Team Link) VS. Pete Hailer (Lauzon)


160 GRAPPLING Kirkor Papasian (Strikezone MMA) VS. Kenny Markwat (Jitsu Academy/DCNU)

Winner heel hook submission Kirkor Papasian

150 GRAPPLING Jeff Haddad (Ascension Athletics ) VS. Kurt Chase-Patrick (10th Planet Fairfield)

Winner  by submission heel hook Kurt Chase-Patrick

190 GRAPPLING Nate Lamotte (Burgess) VS. Danillo Cherman (Jitsu Academy/ DCNU)


160 AM MMA Andy Kurzontkowski (BST MMA 0-1) vs. Sergey Boychun (Ascension MMA 0-1)

Sergey connects with the first punch.  Sergey is working the kicks.  He connects with a right that drops Andy.  He finishes him off with some ground and pound.

Sergey Boychun defeats Andy Kurzontkowski via ref stoppage to strikes at 54 seconds in Rd 1.

145 AM MMA Randy Francis (Strikezone 4-6) vs. Mike Piacentini (Carlson Gracie CT 1-5)

Mike gets in a good punch.  He presses Randy up against the cage and Randy reverses.  He gets the takedown and then postures up for a good punch.  He gets pushed to the side.  He gets in some more heavy ground and pound and gets the stoppage.

Randy Francis defeats Mike Piacentini via tko stoppage to strikes at 2:57 in Round 1.

115 AM MMA Ashley Barrett (USMMA 0-0) vs. Tracy Baldwin (Thornton Martial Arts 1-1)

The girls come out swinging.  The crowd is going nuts.  Ashley gets in a good leg kick that sends Tracy to her knees.  Ashley moves to full mount and then to the back.  She can’t secure the position and falls off.  Ashley gets the takedown again and moves to full mount.  She is under the shoulders and drops some heavy ground and pound for the stoppage.

Ashley Barrett defeats Tracy Baldwin via tko stoppage to strikes at 2:19 seconds in Rd 1.

195 AM MMA Zachary Watson (Freestyle 0-3) vs. Johnny Santos (Jay Ward MMA 1-0)

They are both swinging away.  Johnny gets in a right then dives for a takedown.  He stays on top and gets in some ground and pound before the round ends.

Watson 10-9

Rd 2:  Johnny  gets in a good combo that connects. He has him hurt and he goes down.  He finishes him off with a few more punches and the ref has seen enough.

Johnny Santos defeats Zachary Watson via tko stoppage to strikes at 26 seconds in Round 2.

115 AM Ariana Melendez (Jungle MMA 0-1) vs. Arianna Cruz (Ascension Martial Arts 0-0)

They are swinging away.  Ariana tries for a takedown and gets it.  Arianna works her way up and Ariana takes her down again.  Ariana takes her down again and Arianna is trying for a triangle.  Ariana gets out and gets in some punches to the body before the round ends.

Melendez 10-9

Rd 2:  Ariana gets the quick takedown and they work their way up.  Ariana is trying for a takedown.  She gives up on it and they swing away.  They are back to the center of the cage.  Arianna gets in a good combo.  

Melendez 10-9

Rd 3:  Ariana ducks under a punch and gets the double leg takedown.  Ariana is in guard and peppering the body.  Arianna bucks her off and they are to their feet.  They are swinging away and the crowd is going crazy.  The ref stops the fight with 5 seconds left I think due to an eye poke?  Fight resumes and its over.

Melendez 10-9

Arianna Cruz defeats Ariana Melendez via split decision.

205 AM TITLE MMA Wolfgang Fiasconaro (Rogers Martial Arts 1-0) vs. Yuri Panferov (Calandrelli 4-0)

Wolfgang swings with a wild right.  They clinch and then break.  Yuri catches a leg and gets in a few punches.  Yuri connected with two more punches and Wolfgang counters.  Yuri with a knee to the body.  They break and swing away.  Yuri catches him with a right that drops him and fight is over.

Yuri Panferov defeats Wolfgang Fiasconaro via ko at 1:17 in Round 1.  New Champion.

145 AM TITLE MMA Zac Richard (Nostos 3-1-1) vs. Miguel Cuevas (Battlecrew/Team Link 5-1)

Zac got in a good right.  He backs Miguel back to the cage and gets the takedown.  Miguel works a triangle from the bottom.  Zac picks Miguel up and slams him to the mat.  Zac has no choice but to tap.

Miguel Cuevas defeats Zac Richard via tapout to triangle at 1:23 in Round 1.

135 PRO MMA Jose Lugo (BST MMA 4-0) vs. Johnny Campbell (SSSF 16-12)

They are both feeling each other out.  Johnny gets the takedown and has the side.  Jose is working his way up and Johnny gets him to the mat again.  Johnny is trying to get full mount.  He gets in a few punches to the body.  Not much action and ref stands them up.  Johnny connects with a right that sends Lugo back a step.  He gets another takedown and is in guard as the round ends.

Campbell 10-9

Rd 2:  Johnny gets the takedown and is controlling the round.  Jose is trying to get back to his feet but Johnny just slams him back to the mat.  Johnny gets an americana and gets the tap.  

Johnny Campbell defeats Jose Lugo via tapout to americana at  3:26 Round 2.

170 PRO TITLE MMA Billy Goff (Dexter 2-0) vs. Kemran Lachinov (Team Link 8-2)

Billy gets in a couple quick jabs.  Kemran with some inside leg kicks.  Kemran is connecting with some looping rights.  Billy is firing right back with some solid shots.  Kemran dives for the single leg but can’t get it.  They break and blood is around Kemran’s eye.  Billy gets in a high kick.  Kemran gets the takedown and is in guard.  Kemran postures up and drops some heavy hammerfists.  Billy is getting in some upkicks as the round ends.

Real close round, I give edge to Lachinov 10-9

Rd 2:  Billy gets in a kick to the body.  They both connect with some punches and Kemran gets the double leg takedown.  Kemran is trying to stay busy to keep the position.  With 2 minutes left the ref stands them up.  Kemran is trying for another takedown.  Billy is defending well. They start swinging and Kemran is trying for a single leg as the round ends.

Lachinov 10-9

Rd 3:  They are in the center working their strikes.  Kemran is saying he got poked in the eye but ref says fight on.  Billy’s left eye is starting to swell up.  Billy with a nice combo.  Kemran eats a kick and is trying for a takedown.  Billy is defending with elbows to the side.  Both fighters exchange short elbows.  Kemran is trying for another takedown and can’t get it.  They are back to the center and Kemran gets the takedown.  He is in guard and Kemran postures up and gets in a few hammerfists as the round ends.

Lachinov 10-9

Rd 4:  They are swinging hard still in the 4th round.  Billy is getting in some good strikes.  Kemran gets in a good combo and blood is coming from Billy’s mouth.  Billy gets the takedown and Kemran kicks him off quickly.   Kemran gets the takedown and Billy is elbowing to the side of Kemran.  He moves to the side. They are back to their feet and Kemran slams him to the mat again.  Kemran postures up and gets in a punch as the round ends.

Real close round, slight edge to Lachinov 10-9 I say.

Rd 5:  They are both showing fatigue but still trying to punch hard.  Kemran gets the takedown.  He is trying to stay busy and moves to half guard.  Not much action and the ref stands them up.  Billy is trying to swing away for the finish.  Kemran has him pressed up against the cage as the round ends.

Goff 10-9

Kemran Lachinov defeats Billy Goff via unanimous decision.  Lachinov is the new champ!  What a war.  FOTN!

The next Reality Fighting will take place on January 4th 2020 so mark your calendars for another great night of fights.