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August 13, 2019


Atty Pat English is one of my favorite presenters each year. His knowledge of law and his passion for Boxing allow him to offer the most thought provoking lectures. At this conference he pays homage to the late Sen. McCain. He then educates the body on many of the oft misunderstood and rarely read passages found in the paragraphs that make up the Muhammad Ali Act. Atty English uses the remainder of his time to outline significant aspects of the National Suspension List ahead of ABCCS President Michael Mazzulli’s proposal to change language found on the National ID Application Form that is currently used for Professional Boxers and Mixed Martial Artists. ABCCS Secretary Joe Walsh opens the floor to debate followed by the vote to adopt the proposed changes.

A panel of some of today’s most knowledgeable combat sports referees, judges, and ringside physicians offer insight into the muddy waters of ethical behavior. Panelists outline common unethical practices plaguing the industry, offer opinions based on first hand experiences, and answer questions from the audience.  ABCCS President presents a brief PowerPoint that further illustrates the need for hiring officials that adhere to strict ethical guidelines.

On the second day of the conference the body took up the previous days discussion concerning a change to the “Downed Fighter” definition. The topic finally comes to a close as the Rules and Regs Cmte gives one last presentation before a formal vote to adopt the revised language in an effort to compromise with several commissions who’ve held out on adopting a package of rules changes presented and adopted by majority vote in 2016 The body is giving these commissions (many of whom have refused to participate in the conference since Michael Mazzulli became the ABCCS President) until July of 2020 to adopt the current ruleset and unite for the benefit and safety of the fighters.