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September 3, 2019


Cage Titans Presents Combat Night II this Saturday September 7th.  This one will be taking place at Plymouth Memorial Hall.  It is a hybrid show which is why they call it Combat Night featuring mma, Muay Thai and grappling all in one night.  There are a total of 18 fights in which 13 of them are mixed martial arts.  This is amazing considering Cage Titans just had a show 2 weeks prior and still have enough fighters to fill this card!  Tickets are still on sale at the link here starting at just $50 so make sure you get yours before they sell out.  I also heard that Cage Titan's own Andy Kurzontkowski will be announcing!  Unfortunately, we won't have anyone covering this show but I will get the results from Domenico to keep everyone up to date.  I wish I could be in two places at once because this is going to be an awesome night!  Shout out to Mike Polvere for always keeping us in the loop.

Main Card

FIGHT 18: 125lb PRO MMA – Jasmine Jasudavicius vs Kylie O’Hearn (Juniko)
FIGHT 17: 145lb PRO MMA – Raymond Yanez (Lashley Training) vs Travis Demko (Lauzon)
FIGHT 16: 170lb PRO MMA – Billy Goff (Dexter) vs Jonathan Pico (SSSF)
FIGHT 15: 185lb PRO MMA – Josh Jones (Team Zo) vs Tommy Lee Davis (Sityodtong)
FIGHT 14: 170lb PRO MMA – Montoyia Swilling (God’s Team) vs Trevor Gudde (Citadel)
FIGHT 13: 155lb AM MMA – Mohammad Al Kinani (Evolution Athletix) vs Chris O’Brien (SSSF)
FIGHT 12: 125lb AM MMA – Jake Bagley (Nostos) vs Ebrahim Aziz (Connors)
FIGHT 11: 110lb AM MT – Adina Beaudry (Evolution Athletix) vs Ashley Barrett (USMMA)

SUPERFIGHT: Christine Brothwell (Start BJJ) vs Danielle Hindley (SSSF)
FIGHT 10: 140lb AM MMA – Mike Murphy (Triforce) Vs Brett Layton (Lauzon)
FIGHT 9: 178lb AM MMA – Jack Congdon (Lakeville) vs Alfredo Nunez (Citadel)
FIGHT 8: 185lb AM MT – Ryan Dunn (Scituate) vs Jarrid DiGangi (Lauzon)
FIGHT 7: 145lb AM MMA – Tyrime DaSilva (Triforce) vs Brandon Layton (Lauzon)
FIGHT 6: 165lb AM MT – Nick Aubin (Pride) vs Peter McLeod-Warrick (Citadel)
FIGHT 5: 145lb AM MMA – Dave Parnell (Triforce) vs Ashwath Rao (Broadway)
FIGHT 4: 135lb AM MMA – Meg Rosado (Evolution Athletix) vs Rachel Reinheimer (Sityodtong)
FIGHT 3: 155lb AM MMA – Miguel Sevasin (Lakeville) Vs Tyler Bourque (Gate City)
FIGHT 2: 140lb AM MT – Jay Rivera (APEX) vs Jamie Santiago (Broadway)
FIGHT 1: 115lb AM MT – Alison Blackwell (Triforce) vs My Seppo (Citadel)