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November 6, 2019


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Few fighters have stormed their way onto the NEF regional mixed martial arts scene in recent memory like undefeated lightweight prospect “Magic” Mike Murray has in 2019. 2-0 with two first round stoppages in back-to-back NEF events in June and September, the active Marine Corps member now has his sights set on his first amateur title when the “Magic” man is set to square off with his toughest test to date, perennial number one contender, Zac “Rocky” Richard (4-2-1), this Saturday at “NEF 41: Collision Course.” Recently Murray joined Between Rounds Radio host Ryan Jarrell to discuss his upcoming fight and his path to his championship shot.

 A lifelong martial artist, 21-year old Murray began his studies in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) with former NEF amateur heavyweight Champion Nick “Gully” Gulliver (4-1) as a teenager at The Foundry. After enlisting in the Marine Corps, Murray continued his studies in BJJ a Camden Combat in Georgia, where he is currently stationed.

 Murray made his NEF debut in Lewiston last June when he stopped fellow newcomer Dylan Williams (0-2) in just over two minutes into the first round with a rear naked choke submission. Not one to sit on the sidelines, Murray made a quick turnaround and jumped right back on the following NEF card in Orono back in September when he stopped Jordan Crim (1-1), again with his signature rear naked choke submission. Now, Murray is set to compete on his third NEF card in a row when he takes on Richard for the title.

 “I've just been looking forward to getting another fight,” Murray said. “I hadn't even reached Georgia yet, and I was already getting ready for this next one. I was still in the airport and I was already getting offered another fight.”

 When asked about his busy life, Murray was dismissive of the dual demands of being an active serviceman and competing consistently.

 “If I can do it, literally anybody can do it,” Murray told Jarrell when asked about finding time to fight during his relentless schedule. “If you're not doing it, you're making excuses, is really what I see in it. A lot of things just come in and made it really difficult for this one. Work schedule, training schedule, and not only that, but I was almost not able to come back this week. Work almost said I couldn't do it. It's really hit or miss, you know what I'm saying? I still try to make do with what I got, and I still am doing it.”

 Back in September at “NEF 40: School of Hard Knocks,” Murray’s opponent for this weekend, Richard, also won on the same card when he took out Erik Tainter (0-2) with a vicious slam that left Tainter unconscious in the first round. Despite the brutal win, Murray is unfazed heading into their scheduled five-round championship fight this weekend.

 “Of course it was impressive,” Murray said when asked about Richard’s last fight. “It was cool. It's how you want to win, you know? I also see where Erik went wrong too. I see how he didn't wrap his arm around one of his legs and keep them from taking a lot of damage. I think it could go both ways. I see where he went wrong, but I also do see how it was a cool, impressive win. I'm not going to take that from Zac at all. That was a cool win.”

 As for who Murray thinks will be the larger man he steps into the cage with Richard on Saturday, the former welterweight made it clear. “I definitely think I'm the bigger fighter in this one,” he stated.

 Already thinking ahead to future challenges, Murray is aware of the robust list of challengers that await him should he be able to secure victory over the always-dangerous Richard.

 “I absolutely already think it just takes a couple more fights like you said, to become the guy,” Murray said. “When I told Matt that, I told Matt Peterson [NEF Matchmaker] that in the very beginning after my first fight, I was like, ‘you start promoting me and you're not going to go wrong.’ This isn't a one and done and two, three. I'm not going to be done after this. I definitely feel better at one 155, but depending on if I can build a little bit more muscle and then try working back up to 170 and doing that.”

 “Obviously, if Nate [White, who Murray called out after his win in September] ever wants to go at it. At this point I'm going for the belt. I'm not calling anybody out after this. He can come after me if he wants, but I'm not even going to get into that. This is me and Zac's fight. After this, if he wants to go at it and he wants to do some trash talking, we can do that and we can have a good build up to that fight as well.”

 “I know there's a lot of guys in this division that are going to want it,” Murray said in closing. “Ed Forlenza, the previous 155 champion--he even commented on our feed and said he wished he could defend, and I think he's cool. Once he heals up and gets back at it, then I'd be down with defending it from him or to him. Devin Corson's obviously a very worthy opponent at 155. I know there's a lot of guys that want it. I got a lot of options at 155 and then we'll go pro. I think I'll go pro when I get out of the Marine Corps.”

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