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January 24, 2020

CES MMA 60: Bessette v. Cheeks Live Play-By-Play Results

CES MMA 60: Bessette v. Cheeks: Featherweight World Title

Travis Lizotte

Friday January 24th, New England’s premier Combat Sports promotion returns to its home at the Twin River Casino Events Center in Lincoln, Rhode Island; as Jimmy Burchfield’s Classic Entertainment Sports presents CES 60: Bessette v. Cheeks. Below is a complete round by round recap of all the nights action, updated as it goes down and as we see it from our seats on media row at Twin River Hotel and Casino Events Center. Opening bell is due to sound at 7 pm Eastern time, refresh this article throughout the night for all of your latest updates from CES 60!

Eddie George (Pro-Debut) v. Raymond Yanez (5-18)
Eddie George
Fighting out of: West Haven, Connecticut
Affiliation: Fighting Arts Academy
Record: Pro-Debut (4-2 as an Amateur)
Raymond “The Reaper” Yanez
Fighting out of: Marion, Ohio
Affiliation: Topp Dogg MMA & Fitness
Record: 5-18 (1 Knockout, 3 Submissions)
Round 1: Here We Go! Worthy of note: Eddy George comes to the cage rocking a serious mullet for his pro debut! Referee John English starts the contest and Eddy knocks Yanez down on off the touch and Yanez covers up as English waves off the contest.  

Decision: Eddy George Defeats Raymond Yanez by TKO (Strikes) at 21 seconds of round number one!

Thomas Evans (2-3) v. Johnny Adams (1-5)
Thomas “Captain America” Evans 
Fighting out of: Central Falls, Rhode Island
Affiliation: Team United
Record: 2-3 (1 Knockout)
Johnny “The Wild Child” Adams
Fighting out of: Rutland, Vermont
Affiliation: Team Wild Child
Record: 1-5 (1 Submission)
Round 1: Bryan Miner is in charge of this contest and here we go with the second fight of the night! Evans starts out with a leg kick and then fires some combinations that result in his right hand landing. Johnny takes Evans to the mat and has Evans mounted but Evans somehow returns to his feet where Adams grabs a guillotine and pulls guard. Thomas fights the choke and returns to his feet where Adams rolls for a kneebar but comes up empty. Johnny ends up in side control and hops over to full mount and lands some serious elbows to the face of Evans. Evans scrambles but is having a ton of trouble with Adams' size in this one as Adams regains Mount and is raining down hammerfists. Adams looks to secure a Choke of Evans as the first round comes to a close. 10-8 Adams

Round 2: Doctor checks on Evans between rounds but we are back underway as Evans comes out in round two behind some stinging Kicks and Right hands that drop Adams to a knee. Adams gets off the knee and is met by a right hand from Evans that crumbles Adams to the canvas. Evans follows with some hammerfists for the referee stoppage!   

Decision: Thomas Evans defeats Johnny Adams by TKO (Hammerfists) at 51 seconds of the second round! What a comeback from Evans to wrap up these prelims! That should get this crowd in the mood for what promises to be a great Main Card!

Richie Santiago (7-2) v. Giorgi Kudukhashvili (5-3)
Richie “The Milford Mauler” Santiago 
Fighting out of: Milford, Massachusetts
Affiliation: Tri-Force MMA
Record: 7-2 (7 Submissions)
Giorgi “Little Godzilla” Kudukhashvili 
Fighting out of: New York, New York
Affiliation: Mutant MMA
Record: 5-3 (1 Knockout, 1 Submission)
Round 1: Giorgi comes out behind the jab as fiters look to find their distance early. The Clinch anf Giorgi puts Richie's back on he fence and lands some short shots  before gaining the takedown. Giorgi gets top control quickly but Richie escapes and is again trapped on the fence. Giorgi picks Richie up and slams him in the center of the cage but Richie once again powers his way to his fees and finds his back on the cage wall. Richie finally circles out and returns to striking distance. Giorgi lands a knee to the ribs of Santiago as they scramble and Giorgi  lands some heavy shots. Richie ends up on the back of Giorgi and looks to sink in his patended  RNC as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Kudukhasvili.
Round 2: Richie slips on the canvas to open round two and Giorgi pounces on top and looks for more heavy pressure from the top. Richie sweeps to side control and then to the back of Giorgi where he flattens out the New Yorker and rains down some heavy ground and pound for the refs stoppage. 

Decision: Richie Santiago defeats Giorgi Kudukhashvili by TKO (Elbows from the top) at 1:15 of the second round.

William Knight (6-1) v. Rocky Edwards (12-9-1)
William “Knightmare” Knight 
Fighting out of: Manchester, Connecticut
Affiliation: Thornton MMA
Record: 6-1 (6 Knockouts)
Rocky “The Number” Edwards
Fighting out of: Sunbury, Ohio
Affiliation: Topp Dogg MMA & Fitness
Record: 12-9-1 (3 Knockouts, 6 Submissions)
Round 1: Fighters touch gloves and here we go. Knight comes out throwing heavy kicks, and Edwards catches a body kick and they clinch and Knight pushes Edwards to the fence and takes him down. Knight is working from half guard as Edwards looks to keep the dangerous Knight close. Knight starts to work the body of Edwards before eventually looking to pass the half guard of Edwards. Knight backs off and lets Edwards back to his feet where Knight fires more leg kicks. They clinch again and Edwards stuff a takedown from Knights but is not sucessfull stuffing the second attempt as Edwards is dumped to the canvas, Edwards threatens an armlock that helps him gain top position but it is short lives as Knight explodes out and finishes the round on top. 10-9 Knight.

Round 2: Edwards is the one delivering kicks to open the second round as Knight backs down the BJJ Black Belt. Knight uses a combination to close the distance as he uses a hip toss to take the fight to the ground but it is Edwards that gets on top and has the back of Knight now! Knight controls the left arm of Edwards from the back not allowing Edwards to mount any sort of offense. Edwards has the body triangle and Will looks to make it back to his feet as the round ends...10-9 Edwards but no really offense in that round.

Round 3: Knight is clearly the fresher fighter coming off the stool in the third as he comes out throwing Kicks and right hands. Edwards is using little movement, basically welcoming the striking of Will Knight. Will continues to throw a mixture of low leg kicks and push kicks as he backs Edwards down. Knight finally finds a home for his right hand, directly behind the ear of Edwards as Rocky does the stanky leg before collapsing on the canvas to a barrage of Knights hammerfists.

Decision: William Knight defeats Rocky Edwards by TKO (Right Hand) at 2:56 of the third round! 

Ashiek Ajim (2-0) v. Andres Rodriguez (4-0)
Ashiek “Wizard Eye” Ajim
Fighting out of: Queens, New York
Affiliation: Long Island MMA
Record: 2-0 (1 Knockout)
Andres “Cooley” Rodriguez
Fighting out of: Boston, Massachusetts
Affiliation: Sityodtong Boston
Record: 4-0 (2 Knockouts, 1 Submission)
Round 1: Cooley comes out behind a stiff jab and these guys are looking to strike early. Ajim lands a lower leg kick that stumbles the stalking Cooley but Cooley answers with a combination as these guys are trading in the first 90 seconds of this one! Ajim initiates the clinch and pushes Cooley to the fence but it doesn't last long as Cooley returns to striking distance and continues working his long jab. Ajim starts to go to work on the lead leg of Rodriguez and Ajim establishes the center of the cage. Cooley catches a kick of Ajim and returns with an overhand right as the round comes to a close...Really close round but im going 10-9 Ajim. 

Round 2: Cooley first a nice combination to open up the second round as Ajim looks to return with a kick to the midsection. Cooley fires off yet another combination and pokes the eye of Ajim in the process and John English call is the Doctor to check on Ajim. Cooley comes out of the break throwing his hands as Ajim looks to slug back but Cooley looks to be getting the better of the striking this round Ajim shoots for a takedown and has Cooley on the cage before getting the fight briefly to the ground. Cooley scrambles and quickly makes it back to the feet and back to striking distance. Ajim starts to put is together with back to back jabs that land but Cooley returns with a knee to the body. Cooley finds a home for the right hand before Ajim comes forward with a thunderous double leg takedown but he can not contain Cooley on the ground as Rodriguez is up and striking yet again as the round ends. 10-9 Rodriguez.

Round 3: Ajim comes out with a lot of head movement but Cooley is tracking that head with his right hand and landing. Cooley is doing an excellent job of counterstriking Ajim as everything from Ashiek is being countered by Cooley. Ajim finds a home for his right hand as Cooley taks a stiff right on the chin but keeps ticking. Ajim lands a combination now and Cooley is starting to show some wear as Ajim is putting it on now, the right hand of Ajim connects and Cooley goes down in a heap bleeding heavily from the straight right to the nose. Ajim forgoes the follow up as John English waves this one off!

Decision: Ashiek Ajim defeats Andres Rodriguez by TKO (Straight Right) at 3:14 of the third round! 

Johnny Lopez (12-4) v. Blaine Shutt (7-4)
*Inaugural Flyweight World Title*
Johnny “Mr. Nice Guy” Lopez
Fighting out of: Meriden, Connecticut
Affiliation: Underdog MMA
Record: 12-4 (6 Submissions)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision victory over Dan Cormier at Bellator 232.
Blaine “The Shutdown” Shutt
Fighting out of: Hummelstown, Pennsylvania
Record: 7-5 (6 Submissions)
Round 1: Shutt comes out looking to strike with Lopez but it is Lopez that uses his strikes to close the distance and clinch Shutt against the fence. Johnny looks for the takedown but it is Shutt who ends up throwing Lopez to the canvas and both fighters scramble to their feet. Johnny continues to clinch Shutt against the fence as he looks for another inside trip before changing levels for the double leg, Shutt stuffs the attempts. Fighters exchange knees in close as Shutt shrugs off the clinching Lopez and they return to distance. Shutt looks once again to strike with Lopez as Johnny is starting to bleed from his right eye. Johnny comes forward with a combination again to initiate the clinch as the round ends. Close Round 10-9 Shutt.

Round 2: Shutt comes out with a combination that is easily slipped by Lopez before Johnny returns with a flurry of his own. Johnny once again comes forward looking to close distance but Shutt has some hands for Lopez as he keeps distance. Shutt shoots and has Lopez on the fence, once again looking to get the Brown Belt to the ground but Lopez recovers, Lands some short shots before closing the distance himself and has Shutt against the fence now. Shutt fires off a knee that causes Lopez to circle out and retreat back to the center of the cage. Lopez looks to get the kicking game going as Shutt shoots in once again, Lopez turns the action and has Shutt on the fence again. Shutt shoots for an ankle pics and gets Johnny to the ground as the round ends but Lopez ends up on top....Another close round 10-9 Lopez. 

Round 3: Johnny starts the round with a leg kick and Shutt answers with punches, Shutt puts together a nice combination that backs Lopez up, Johnny clinches and this fight is back on the fence with sHutt looking to take Lopez down yet again. Shutt looks for a single leg and Lopez climbs the latter and escapes the potential slam. Shutt eventually gets Lopez to the ground but Johnny fights off the pressure and returns to his feet and eats some body shots for his efforts. They clinch briefly and they start to fire on the break, Shutt catches a superman punch attempt from Johnny and once again clinches Lopez on the cage before taking him down to end the round. 10-9 Shutt.

Round 4: Fighters fire simultaneous leg kicks to open up the Championship rounds in this one. Bryan Minor pauses this bout as Shutt is losing some tape from his glove, as the fight resumes Lopez goes broke on a takedown but is stuffed by Shutt. Shutt once again pushes Lopez into the cage wall looking to take the back of Lopez. Lopez does a good job to fight the hooks of Shutt as they scramble to the Canvas and its Lopez on top but with only 10 seconds to work, Shutt gets back to his feet as the round ends. 10-9 Shutt.

Round 5: Here we go in the fifth and final round of our inaugural Flyweight Title fight, as they are clinching on the fence once again with Shutt controlling Lopez. Lopez turns the action and lands some short shots to the body of Shutt as well as a right hook before they return to striking distance. Johnny unleashes his best combination of the fight, backing Shutt to the fence where Shutt takes Johnny to the canvas looking for the finish. Shutt has Johnny in an awkard position that looks like an inverted crucifix as Johnny looks to escape as time is running out, they scramble to the feet and Shutt lands a glancing knee as the final bell sounds. 10-9 Shutt. 

Decision: Blaine Shutt defeats Johnny Lopez by Split-Decision (50-44 Shutt, 50-45 Lopez, 49-46 Shutt) to become the CES Flyweight World Champion.  

John Gotti III (4-0) v. Marcos Lloreda (7-5)
John Gotti III 
Fighting out of: Oyster Bay, New York
Affiliation: Panza MMA/ Long Island MMA
Record: 4-0 (4 Knockouts)
Marcos “El Lobo” Lloreda
Fighting out of: Miami, Florida
Affiliation: American Top Team Kendall
Record: 7-5 (2 Knockouts, 3 Submissions)
Round 1: They touch gloves and here we go, Lloreds comes out firing kicks as Gotti looks for his moment to close the distance and explode. Gotti fires a right hand that gets the crowd going as Gotti stalks Lloreda looking for a home for that right hand. In the mean time Marcos find a home for a kick, but it just so happens to be on the cup of Gotti and the action stops briefly. Off the break Gotti connects with some heavy fire but Marcos lands in the exchange as well. They scramble to the mat and Lloreda has the back of the young Gotti with plenty of time to work. Gotti Spins in the guard and is now on top looking to create distance so he can rain down that heavy right hand. Gotti lands some short hammerfists as Marcos looks to scramble away but cannot. Lloreda catches Gotti with an upkick but Gotti is not phased and continues to pressure Lloreda as the round ends. 10-9 Gotti.

Round 2: Lloreda starts the round with a leg kick as the entire crowd chants the "Gotti" name. Lloreda fires a kick to the body of Gotti but John eats it and comes forward looking to take Lloreda down. Gotti initiates the clinch on the cage and Marcos turns the action and has Gotti's back on the fence. Gotti works an underhook and circles out of the clinch and lands a nice combination coming forward before changing levels and taking Marcos to the Mat where he has two minutes to work. Lloreda scrambles but Gotti ends up on his back looking to harvest the neck of Lloreda. Lloreda scrambles to guard and is greeted with Elbows from Gotti, before a triangle attempt by Lloreda to end the round. 10-9 Gotti.

Round 3: Lloreda comes out throwing first and he is quickly answered by the right hand of Gotti. Gotti's left lead leg is clearly compromised by the leg kicks of Lloreda as Gotti takes this fight back to the canvas where he looks to work from top position on what has been a very game Marcos Lloreda. Gotti gets the back of Lloreda but Marcos walks the cage and ends up on top of Gotti before taking Gotti's back. As Lloreda looks to improve the position Gotti gets out and is back on top looking once again to finally finish the tough Miami Florida product. Lloreda scrambles for a way out and Gotti has the back once again and looks for hooks before returning to top control. Gotti loses position as the round ends and Lloreda is the man on top as the final bell sounds. 10-9 Gotti.

Decision: John Gotti defeats Marcos Lloreda by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27) in what was a very close fight and the toughest test to date for the still undefeated John Gotti III.

Greg Rebello (25-9) v. Jordan Mitchell (8-13)
*Heavyweight World Title*
Greg “Ribz” Rebello 
Fighting out of: Providence, Rhode Island
Affiliation: Tri-Force MMA
Record: 25-9 (16 Knockouts, 2 Submissions)
Last fight: First Round Knockout of Kevin Haley at CES 57: Rebello v. Haley.
Jordan Mitchell
Fighting out of: Indianapolis, Indiana
Affiliation: N/A
Record: 8-13 (8 Knockouts)
Round 1: They touch gloves and we are underway in this Heavyweight Championship contest. Mitchell is the first to throw coming forward with looping punches as Rebello clinches and takes Mitchell to the ground where Greg employs heavy top pressure as he looks for a home for his left hand from half guard. Rebello isolates the left arm of Mitchell and is looking for a Kimura and Mitchell tries to roll out but Rebello ends up back on top and now has both arms of Mitchell isolated looking to finish this fight early as he swings that left hand downward. With both arms of Mitchell now compromised Rebello lands some shots before looking for a head and arm choke. Mitchell gives his back and Rebello is looking to finish with ground and pound. Mitchell covers up as the round ends. 10-8 Rebello.

Round 2: The Doctor is in the cage before the start of the round, checking out the challenger Mitchell and we will proceed with this title fight. Mitchell comes forward swinging hands as Rebello gets out of the way and puts Mitchell on the cage where he lands some shots before Mitchell comes forward and this fight goes to the mat with Rebello on top looking to finish. Greg lands some short strikes that stop Mitchell and Bryan Miner steps in and waves this one off.

Decision: Greg Rebello defeats Jordan Mitchell by TKO (Ground Strikes) at 1:07 of the second round to retain his CES Heavyweight World Title. 
 Greg Rebello does indeed retire inside the CES cage following his victory and defense of his CES Heavyweight Title. 

Matt Bessette (23-9) v. Charles Cheeks III (14-7)
*Vacant Featherweight World Title*
Matt “The Mangler” Bessette
Fighting out of: Hartford, Connecticut
Affiliation: Underdog MMA
Record: 23-9 (7 Knockouts, 8 Submissions)
Charles Cheeks III
Fighting out of: Houston, Texas
Affiliation: PRESS Forward MMA
Record: 14-7 (1 Knockout, 6 Submission)
Round 1: Bessette comes out and closes the distance and clinches with Cheeks as they go back and forth on the fence with both fighters looking for takedowns and Cheeks lands a throw  and has Matt on the ground as Cheeks takes the back and looks for the choke. Matt uses the choke attempt to scramble and end up on top in side control where Bessette starts by landing right hands before looking for a back take of his own. Cheeks gets back to his feet and is greeted with knees from Bessette on the break. They are at striking distance again as Cheeks puts some punches together that back Bessette to the fence. Bessette drops for a takedown but is stuffed by Cheeks and they remain on the feet. Cheeks catches a kick from Bessette and they end up on the ground with Bessette threatening a submission as the first round ends. 10-9 Bessette. 

Round 2: Cheeks comes out behind the jab as a flying knee attempt by Bessette results in this fight going back to the ground with Cheeks on top of Bessette. Matt wastes little time trying to work a submission as Cheeks stands up and Bessette rolls for a leg and keeps Cheeks close and grounded. Bessette gets in deep on the left leg of Cheeks threatening to finish this fight by leg lock. Cheeks is doing a good job of defending and eventually frees the leg and stands up where he quickly works Bessette to the fence. Cheeks gets deep on Bessette but cannot take him down as Bessette scramble out to striking distance as the round ends. Close round but I'll go 10-9 Bessette. 

Round 3: Fighters exchange jabs to open the third before Cheeks initiates the clinch and eats a high kick from Bessette before clinching once again, and then returning to striking range. Cheeks presses Bessette and Matt jumps on a guillotine, it looks tight as they go to the ground but Cheeks escapes and returns to his feet now wearing a mask of blood under his right eye as Bessette looks to pile up the damage. They Clinch on the cage again and Matt lands some of the more devestating strikes in all of MMA, the shoulder strike. They split and return to range with Bessette landing a Right hands that instantly stiffens the Challenger Cheeks to the Canvas and John English saves Cheeks from further damage.

Decision: Matt Bessette defeats Charles Cheeks III by Knockout (Right hand) at 3:01 of the third round to regain his CES Featherweight World Title!