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February 8, 2020

NEF 42 LIVE REVIEW 2/8/2020

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Warchild and I made the trip north to the new venue that NEF is hosting their 42nd show.  They have a stacked card of 22 fights that will be sure to please the crowd.  The venue is nice like a symphony hall with the cage upon the stage.  NEF has two screens for the crowd so there is no reason that no one will miss the action.  We brought a special friend up with us to the show, The Artist!  The host for the evening is Pete Czymbor and the refs are Alan Lau, Kevin MacDonald and Alan Lau.  I noticed some big names of people in New England here including Ryan Jarrell, Steve Domenico, Chris Sarro  and Fred Belleton from No Boundary.  The national anthem has been sung and well done and the fights are about to begin.  Please follow along as I try my best to recap the night.

135 AM Teddy Politis (Evolution Athletix 0-0 ) vs Kevin Lemay (First Class MMA 0-0)

Teddy throws a kick and slips.  He is right back up and is looking for the takedown.  He gets it and has the side.  He works a kimura for the tap.

Teddy Politis defeats Kevin Lemay via tapout to kimura at 55 seconds in Round 1.

145 AM Henry Clark (Recon 5-5) vs Taylor Bartlett (CMBJJ 2-2-1)

They clinch and Henry is trying for a takedown.  He gets it and they roll.  Henry works an armbar for the tap.

Henry Clark defeats Taylor Bartlett via technical submission to armbar at 51 seconds in Round 1.

145 AM Randall Hathorn (Independent 0-1) vs Tim Murray (CMBJJ 0-0)

Tim gets in the first strike to the head.  Randall fires back with a barrage of strikes and ref stops the fight.  Seemed a little premature to me from my view.

Randall Hathorn defeats Tim Murray via ref stoppage to strikes at 11 seconds in Round 1.

170 AM Wyatt Sochin (Acadia BJJ 0-0) vs Dylan Williams (Independent 0-3)

They are in the cage swinging.  They clinch briefly and then break.  They are still swinging away.  Blood is coming from Dylan’s nose.  They go to the mat and Dylan is on top.  Not much action and the ref stands them up.  They are back swinging away and definitely both showing fatigue.

Rd 2:  Dylan connects with a right.  Dylan goes for the takedown and Wyatt has the neck.  Both fighters are tired and Dylan is controlling it on top.  

Rd 3:  Both are very exhausted and they both kind of fall to the mat.  Dylan is on top in full mount and Wyatt sweeps.  They get back to their feet and they are swinging away.   Matt Peterson and I just got showered with blood.

Dylan Williams defeats Wyatt Sochin via split decision.

125 AM Dillon Henry (First Class MMA 0-3 ) vs Caleb Austin (CMBJJ 3-0)

Dylan throws a kick and goes for the takedown.  Caleb ends up in guard and Dillon tries to stand.  Caleb takes his back and is trying for the rear naked choke.  Dillon fights it for it and defends it for a minute or so but in the end Caleb gets the tap.

Caleb Austin defeats Dillon Henry via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:45 in Round 1.

185 AM Tim Bergeron (Team Landry 0-1) vs Henry Jeffs (Independent 0-2)

They are both swinging.  Tim gets in some good kicks.  He knocks Henry down and finishes him off with some ground and pound.

Tim Bergeron defeats Henry Jeffs via tko stoppage to strikes at 53 in Round 1.

166 AM Ben Grady (Evolution Athletix 0-0) vs Jon Assam (CMBJJ 1-2)

Ben throws a high kick to start us off.  Jon gets hit in the cup and takes 15 seconds then goes right back in.  Ben backs Jon up against the cage and lets out punches in bunches and gets the stoppage.

Ben Grady defeats Jon Assam via ko at 42 seconds in Round 1.

125 AM  Giuliano Rossi (Kaze 0-0) vs Ryan Fogg (Maine Kyokushin Karate 0-1)

Rossi gets the takedown and is on top in guard.  Ryan works a triangle from the bottom and it looks tight.  Rossi gets out and ends up on top.  He gets in some ground and pound as the round ends.

Before the start of the round Rossi is unable to get cleared by doctor.

Ryan Fogg defeats Giuliano Rossi via doctor stoppage tko at the start of Round 2.

165 AM Austin Hamilton (Independent 0-1) vs Garry Carr (CMBJJ 2-1)

They collide and Garry pushes Austin to the mat.  He is right into full mount. Garry is trying for the finish.  Austin is rolling and fighting.  

Rd 2:  They are both swinging away.  Both fighters are looking very tired.  They both fall to the mat and Garry is on top trying for the rear naked choke but runs out of time.

Rd 3:  Garry grabs Austin from the back and is trying to get him to the mat.  Austin grabs the fence twice and is warned.  Now they are back in the center swinging hard.  

Garry Carr defeats Austin Hamilton via unanimous decision.  Unbelievable at 58 years old Garry Carr!

145 AM Tyler Smythe (Evolution Athletix 0-0) vs Clifford Redman (Independent 0-11)

Tyler grabs hold of Cliff and slams him to the mat.  Clifford gets back up and Tyler grabs him by the back and sinks in a rear naked choke.

Tyler Smythe defeats Clifford Redman via technical submission to rear naked choke at 47 seconds in Round 1.

170 AM Jason Landry (Team Landry 2-1) vs Dustin Carrier (CMBJJ 0-0)

They clinch and Jason gets in a knee.  Jason ducks under a punch and gets the takedown.  He is in full mount and is looking for the submission.  He postures up and gets in a few punches as the round ends.

Rd 2:  Dustin gets in a combo and Jason hip tosses him to the mat.  He is trying for a kimura but can’t get it.  Dustin gets the sweep and is on top in guard.  Jason gets a triangle from the bottom and reverses.  Jason takes full mount and works a keylock for the finish.

Jason Landry defeats Dustin Carrier via tko stoppage to keylock at 2:49 in Round 2.

265 AM Titus Pannell (T4 Survival 1-0) vs Darryl Andrews (SSSF 0-0)

Darryl slams Titas up against the cage that shook the cage.  Titus stands back up and Darryl rips him to the mat even after he grabs the cage.  Darryl  gets to full mount and is dropping bombs.  Titus stands back up and grabs the cage.  Darryl takes him back down and gets in some ground and pound.  They work their way back up and Darryl is trying for a takedown.  He gives up on it and Titus gets in a right.  Darryl gets in a right that sends Titus to the mat as the round ends.

Rd 2:  Darryl gets the takedown and pops his head free.  He now is in half guard and is peppering him with some shots to the side.  He passes to full mount and as Darryl is hitting Titus he stands up.  Darryl gets him back down and is still in full mount.  Darryl gets pushed off and Titus is in guard.  Darryl pushes him off and they are trying to stand as the round ends.

Rd 3:  Darryl gets the takedown ands is trying to scoop Titus fully to the mat.  Titus gets the sweep and stands back up.  Darryl is fighting for the takedown and Titus is making him pay with some strikes.  Titus does a double fist right to the spine.  Ref stops the fight and deducts a point away.  Fight resumes.  Darryl is trying for a takedown and he gets it as the 10 second chimes.  

Darryl Andrews defeats Titus Pannell via unanimous decision.

158 AM Brian Cosco (Redline 5-8) vs Nate White (CMBJJ 4-0)

Nate White kicks Brian clean to the head and he took it.  Brian takes Nate down to the mat and Nate reverses.  Nate gets in some ground and pound for the stoppage.

Nate White defeats Brian Cosco via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:11 in Round 1.

135 AM Felipe Gunter (First Class MMA 1-0) vs Hannon Sanford (CMBJJ 0-0)

Hannon is pressing Felipe up against the cage looking for the takedown.  Felipe has the neck and they break.  Hannon throws a right and Felipe gets in a kick to the body.  Felipe misses with a kick and Hannon goes to cover.  Felipe upkicks and they are back up.  Felipe gets Hannon to the mat.  They work their way up and are swinging away.  Felipe seems to be getting the better of the striking.

Rd 2:  Felipe is connecting with some big shots.  He connects with a kick to the head and Felipe is now pressing Hannon up against the cage.  Felipe gets the takedown and is in half guard.  Hannon is standing back up and gets in a right to the head as the round ends.

Rd 3:  Felipe is looking for the takedown and Hannon ends up on top while Felipe has half butterfly.  Felipe is firing shots from the bottom.  There is an illegal upkick to the head so ref stops the fight.  Fight resume and they are swinging away.   Blood is pouring from Hannon’s face.

Felipe Gunter defeats Hannon Sanford via unanimous decision.

NEF announces an upcoming title fight between Zac Richard and Devin Corson for April 18th Orono Maine

170 AM Mike Bezanson (Kaze 4-0) vs Greg Ishihara (Recon 2-1)

These guys are swinging!  Greg connects with a right that sends Mike to the mat.  They both bounce right back up.  Mike gets in a good combo.  He backs Greg up agains the cage and lets out a barrel of punches for the ref stoppage.

Mike Bezanson defeats Greg Ishihara via tko stoppage to strikes at 2:24 in Round 1.

NEF calls Chelsea Tucker into the cage who will be fighting Caree Hill for April 18th at NEF 43.

155 AM Justin Kangas (First Class MMA 0-2) vs Joe Howard (CMBJJ 2-3)

Joe slams Justin to the mat.  Justin works his way back up and Joe is now pressing him up against the cage.  Justin gets in a knee to the upper body.  Joe fires an uppercut right up the middle that drops Justin.  He finishes him off with a few more punches.

Joe Howard defeats Justin Kangas via ko at 1:51 in Round 1.

NEF announces a rematch between Caleb Austin and James Ploss for the next NEF 43.

165 AM Mike Murray (Camden Combat/Foundry 2-1) vs Tim Birkenhead (SSSF 1-0)

Mike catches a kick and they tangle and fall to the mat.  Tim has Mike’s leg and he gets it free and gets in an upkick to the face.  Ref stops the fight briefly and fight resumes.  Tim gets an overhand right.  He gets the takedown and is in guard.  Tim controls the rest of the round on top and gets bucked off with 10 seconds left.  

Rd 2:  Tim gets the takedown and Mike rolls him.  Tim reverses and is now on top full mount.  Mike works his way up and Tim slams him to the mat.  He moves to full mount and Mike sweeps.  Tim is trying for a knee bar and Mike fights it.  Tim sticks with it and gets the tap.

Tim Birkenhead defeats Mike Murray via tapout to kneebar at 2:52 in Round 2.

145 PRO Jacob Deppmeyer (First Class MMA 0-0) vs Carl Langston (Young’s MMA 0-4)

Carl goes high with a kick.  He gets the takedown and is in guard.  They work their way back up and Jacob gets in a knee to the head.  Jake gets in two more good knees to the head.  Jake gets in an elbow and rolls over Carl and lands in a leg lock around the shoulder.  Carl is taking too many unanswered strikes and ref stops the fight.

Jacob Deppmeyer defeats Carl Langston via tko stoppage to strikes at 4:14 in Round 1.

140 PRO Nate Boucher (0-0 CMBJJ) vs. Chris Caterino (3-3 Gate City MMA)

Nate ducks low and gets the takedown.  He is in guard and trying to posture up.  Nate is trying to work some elbows but Chris is doing a good job at defending from the bottom.  Chris grabs hold of the arm from the bottom and gets the tap.

Chris Caterino defeats Nate Boucher via tapout to armbar at 3:41 in Round 1.

265 PRO Ras Hylton (First Class MMA 4-3) vs Brad Lee (Paladin Combat Sports 0-0)

Both fighters are being cautious.  Brad is doing his best Nate Diaz impression.  Brad gets in a good combo.  Brad gets in a kick to the body.  Ras with a straight right.  Brad lets out another barrage of punches and Ras presses him up against the cage.  They break and are back into the center.  Ras with another straight right.  Brad gets in another combo before the round ends.

Rd 2:  They collide and Ras gets Brad to the mat.  He is getting in some ground and pound.  Brad works his way up and Ras makes him pay with some more punches.  Ref has seen enough.

Ras Hylton defeats Brad Lee via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:21 in Round 2.

155 PRO  Josh Harvey (Vision Quest Muay Thai 7-0-1) vs Jesse Erickson (9-8 CMBJJ)

Jesse starts us off with an outside leg kick.  Jesse eats a right and closes the gap.  Josh is pressing Jesse up against the cage and he gets in a knee.  Jesse pulls guard.  He has the legs up high and Josh fires an elbow.  They are tangled and it looks like Jesse is trying for an armbar.  Jesse rolls him and gets the tap.  Wow!!!

Jesse Erickson defeats Josh Harvey via tapout to armbar at 2:21 in Round 1.

155 PRO TITLE Bruce Boyington (Titan Athletics 17-11) vs Manny Bermudez (SSSF 14-2)

Bruce starts us off with a leg kick.  They clinch and Manny gets Bruce on his back.  Manny works a guillotine for the tap.

Manny Bermudez defeats Bruce Boyington via tapout to guillotine at 1:54 in Round 1.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Ras Hylton and Brad Lee
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Jesse Erickson's armbar
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Joe Howard and his ko uppercut
QUOTE OF THE NIGHT:  "That was an illegal hit to the spine.  You can't F'ing do that."