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August 21, 2021



Warchild and I arrived at the event with plenty of time to spare.  There was a last minute fight drop off and that was Harvey/Beatease fight which was scrapped due to Beatease cancelling today.  The fights are taking place in the Hampshire Dome which is a dome with astroturf.  Poor Ed had to take off his high heels!!  When you walk in you get to go through a spinning door and the food is there.  We then found our way to the cage where we will keep you all up to date throughout the night.  NEF has 18 fights on the night in which 2 of them are kickboxing.  There are also two amateur title fights and 2 professional mma fights.  The lights are nicely done and I have to give props to my buddy Chris Kersch.  When the blue corner is coming out they are using blue lights and vice versa for the red corner.  They are projecting the screen onto the top of the dome so there is no way anybody will miss any of the action.   The national anthem has been played and the fights are ready to start.  The Voice Pete Czymbor is the host of the night and the refs are Kevin MacDonald and John English.  Please follow along while I try to keep up with all the action. 

For those who cannot make it to Milford, the event will also stream live in its entirety at at a price of $29.99.


130 KICKBOXING Dustin Veinott (CMBJJ) vs Geraldo Reyes (Team Link)

Rd 1:  Good back and forth round.

Rd 2:  Geraldo backs Dustin up to the cage.  They reverse and start swinging.  Nice combo from Dustin.  Geraldo gets in a good combo as the round ends.

Rd 3:  They come out guns blazing.  Dustin clinches and gets in a bunch of knees to the body.  Dustin goes high with a kick.  Geraldo goes forward and Dustin fires back.  Geraldo rushes forward with a combo as the round end.

Dustin Veinott defeats Geraldo Reyes via split decision in the first kickboxing match at NEF 44.

125 AM Tim Murray (0-1 Vision Quest) vs Guiliano Rossi (0-0 Kaze)

Tim goes high with a kick.  Guiliano fires back with a right.  Tim with another pair of leg kicks.  Another leg kick and Guiliano goes to the mat.  He gets back up and Tim hits him with another kick.  Guiliano goes down and his knee is hurt.  Ref stops the fight to have the doctor check it out.

Tim Murray defeats Guiliano Rossi via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:20 in Round 1.  Nasty leg kicks from Tim Murray.

135 AM Teddy Politis (1-0 Evolution Athletix) vs Tyler Parent (0-0 CMBJJ)

Teddy presses Tyler up against the cage.  He gets the takedown and is trying to pass to full mount.  Tyler puts his leg up and pushes Teddy to the side.  Teddy takes the back briefly and gets an arm triangle for the tap.

Teddy Politis defeats Tyler Parent via tapout to arm triangle at 1:47 in Round 1.  Very slick submision from Teddy.

155 AM Ryan Savage (0-2 First Class MMA) vs Kyle Pufahl (2-0 Nostos)

Kyle comes out swinging.  Both fighters exchange leg kicks.  Kyle connects with a straight right.  Both fighters are swinging.  Ryan with a nice inside leg kick.  Ryan gets in a nice combo to the head of Kyle.  Kyle has a hematoma on his eye starting.  The ref stops the fight for a second to have the doctor check it.  The fight resumes and they are right back swinging.  Kyle goes high with a solid kick to the head as the round ends.

Pufahl 10-9

Rd 2:  They are both swinging for the fences.  The crowd is cheering loudly.  Ryan with a right hand and Kyle fires right back.  Kyle gets in a head kick and a right.  Kyle connects with another combo. Kyle connects with another head kick that wobbles Ryan.  He follows it up with an uppercut and two more rights and Ryan goes down.  Ref stops the fight.

Kyle Pufahl defeats Ryan Savage via ko to strikes at 1:28 in Round 2.  What a great back and forth war!!

125 AM Caleb Austin (4-0 CMBJJ) vs James Ploss (1-2 Kaze)

They both swing and Caleb gets the takedown.  Caleb has the side and is trying to pass.  James works his way back up and Caleb takes him back down to the mat.  Caleb is sitting on top against the cage with a guillotine.  He lets it go and is trying to get in some ground and pound.  James gives up his back and Caleb is trying for a rear naked choke.  James fights it and survives the round.

Austin 10-9

Rd 2:  They both exchange leg kicks.  Caleb dives for the takedown and has the side.  He passes to full mount and is trying to posture up.  James tries to stand up and Caleb takes the back.  He is trying for the rear naked choke but James is defending well.  James defends it until the bell sounds.

Rd 3:  Caleb connects with a left.  Caleb goes for a takedown and James stuffs it with a sprawl.  James connects with a right.  Caleb is in half guard working punches to the side.  He passes to full mount and is held down for the rest of the round.

Austin 10-9

Caleb Austin defeats James Ploss via unanimous decision.  Caleb’s wrestling and takedowns were too strong for Ploss..

155 AM Lucas Donald (0-0 Independent) vs Evan Piette (0-0 Kaze)

They come out swinging.  Lucas hip tosses Evan to the mat.  Evan pushes him off and they are back standing.  Evan connects with a clean right.  Nice combo from Evan.  Lucas gets in a right.  Evan gets in an uppercut before the round ends.

Piette 10-9

Rd 2:  Lucas connects with a right.  Evan’s nose is bleeding and ref has it get checked by a doctor.  Lucas gets in a combo.  Evan backs Lucas up against the cage and grabs the cage.  Ref deducts a point.  Evan backs Lucas up against the cage and Lucas reverses and gets Evan to the mat.  Lucas is on top firing hammerfists as the round ends.


Lucas Donald defeats Evan Piette via tko due to illness at the start of Round 3.

130 AM Hannon Sanford (0-1 CMBJJ) vs Richard Martell (0-0 Young’s MMA)

Rd 1:  They clinch briefly and break.  Richard lets out a barrage of strikes and overwhelms Hannon.  He gets the ref stoppage.

Richard Martell defeats Hannon Sanford via tko stoppage to strikes at 19 seconds in Round 1.  What a barrage of strikes!

145 AM Cody Kilton (0-1 First Class MMA) vs Cam Hoyt (0-0 Kaze)

Cody clinches and gets the takedown.  He passes to full mount.  Cam is turning trying to get out.  Cody is getting in some ground and pound trying to get the stoppage.  Ref has seen enough and stops the fight.

Cody Kilton defeats Cam Hoyt via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:29 in Round 1.  What an impressive performance by Cody Kilton.

170 AM Austin Hamilton (0-2 Independent) vs Jon Assam (1-3 CMBJJ)

Austin connects with a kick.  Jon fires back with a punch.  Austin is trying for a takedown.  He gets it and is in half guard.  Jon works his way up and Austin gets in a right.  Austin with a nice right.  Jon gets in a pair of leg kicks.  Austin eats a leg kick and scores the takedown.  Austin is trying to keep Jon down to the mat as the round ends.

Hamilton 10-9

Rd 2:  Austin gets in a teep kick.  Jon with a kick to the side of the body.  Jon goes high with a head kick that connects.  Jon gets in a right.  Jon with another kick to the head.  Jon with another punch and a kick before the round ends.

Assam 10-9

Jon Assam defeats Austin Hamilton via tko due to unable to continue at the start of Round 3.

170 AM Curtis Ouellette (1-1 CMBJJ) vs Zach Faulkner (3-1 Recon)

Zach starts us off with a leg kick.  Curtis tries for the takedown but as he is carrying him across the cage Zach slips out.  Zach presses Curtis up against the cage and then they break to the center.  Zach goes high with a kick and slips to the mat.  He stands back up and fight resumes.  Curtis goes for a takedown and Zach has guillotine.  Curtis is on top getting in punches to the side as the round ends.

Ouellette 10-9

Rd 2:  Curtis gets in a spinning kick.  Zach is pressing Curtis up against the cage.  Zach connects with a kick to the head from the clinch.  Curtis reverses and Zach gets a guillotine and takes Curtis to the mat.  He lets it go and pushes Curtis to the mat.  Zach gets in a couple leg kicks then lets Curtis up.  

Faulkner 10-9

Rd 3:  Zach backs Curtis to the cage.  They both exchange leg kicks.  Zach spins Curtis and takes his back.  He has full mount and gets pushed back to half mount.  Curtis gets the sweep and is caught in a guillotine.  Zach holds him down until the round ends.

Faulkner 10-9

Zach Faulkner defeats Curtis Ouellette via unanimous decision.  Awesome back and forth battle. 

NEF returns to Club Aura on November 5th for NEF 45 and they announce Matt Denning  and Jon Deupree.  

155 AM Kaleb Kenney (0-0 Team Nitemare) vs Isaac Piette (0-0 Kaze)

Isaac gets in some leg kicks.  Kaleb gets in a combo of his own.  Isaac gets a guillotine and lets go to swing again.  He gets in a combo.  Kaleb fires back with a right.  Blood is coming from Isaac’s nose.  Isaac gets a guillotine and Kaleb goes to the mat and is in guard.  Kaleb backs off and lets Isaac up.  Isaac connects with a kick to the cup and the fight resumes after a few minutes.  Isaac gets in a combo.  Isaac gets in another punch and Kaleb is turning away from the punches.  Ref stops it within seconds of the bell.

Isaac Piette defeats Kaleb Kenney via tko stoppage to strikes at 3:00 in Round 1.  What a war!!  Fun Fact, Isaac and his twin brother Evan both fought tonight, pretty awesome!!

115 AM Matt Miles (0-0 Independent) vs Juan Quinom (0-0 UFC Gym)

Both fighters are being cautious.  Juan with a solid leg kick that trips Matt.  Juan gets in a leg kick and a right hook.  Juan with another leg kick.  Matt gets hit with a punch and gets the quick takedown as the round ends.

Quinom 10-9

Rd 2:  Juan starts us off with a leg kick.  Matt connects with a clean left.  Juan fires right back.  Juan with another nice leg kick.  Matt with an overhand right.  Juan with a clean right hook.  Both fighters let it fly as the round ends.

Miles 10-9 but real close

Rd 3:  Matt with a nice right.  Juan with a solid leg kick.  Juan with a leg kick and Matt pushes him to the mat.  Matt with a clean right.  Matt with a right jab.  They collide and they both swing away as the round ends.

Miles 10-9

Matt Miles defeats Juan Quinom by split decision.  What a war and I think Juan might have broke his hand in Round 1.  

170 AM TITLE Duncan Smith (6-3 Evolution Athletix) vs Mike Bezanson (5-0 Kaze/Burgess)

Duncan punches high and is looking for the takedown.  He gets it and is in half guard.  Mike is working his way up and Duncan scoops him back down.  Mike works his way up again.  Duncan knees Mike in the cup.  Mike connects with a left that stuns Duncan.  He connects with a few more punches and the ref has seen enough.

Mike Bezanson defeats Duncan Smith via ko at 1:32 in Round 1.  New Champ Mike Bezanson although I hear he is going pro next!!  

145 AM TITLE Nathaniel Grimard (3-0 Nostos) vs Brandon Maillet-Fevens (3-1 CMBJJ)

Rd 1:  Nate gets the takedown and is trying to keep Brandon down.  Nate fires 4 punches to the head and Brandon works his way back up.  Nate scoops him to the mat again and is working the guard.  Nate gets in some heavy ground and pound.  Nate is trying hard for the finish but the round ends.

Grimard 10-9

Rd 2:  Nate with the double leg takedown.  He passes to full mount and postures up.  He is looking for the arm triangle but gives up on it.  Nate is working heavy ground and pound looking for the stoppage.  After a minute passes the ref stops the fight.

Nate Grimard defeats Brandon Maillet-Fevens via tko stoppage to strikes at 2:28 in Round 2.  Grimard is now the new NEF 145 lb champ!!!   Nate also scored his blue belt!!  Congrats!!

155 PRO Caleb Hall (3-0 Syndicate) vs Shaun Ray (0-0 Independent)

Caleb scoops Shaun and slams Shaun through the mat.  Caleb works an arm triangle and steps over to lock it in for the tap.

Caleb Hall defeats Shaun Ray via tapout to arm triangle at 56 seconds in Round 1.  Very slick arm triangle.  

145 PRO Jacob Deppmeyer (1-0 First Class MMA) vs Aaron Hughes (1-0 Regiment)

Rd 1:  Aaron starts us out with a leg kick.  Jake catches a kick and gets Aaron to the mat.  Aaron stands back up and Jake pushes him across the cage.  Jake connects with an overhand and drops Aaron.  He finishes him off with a few more punches and the ref stops the fight.

Jacob Deppmeyer defeats Aaron Hughes via ko at 1:22 in Round 1.  Onto the main event!

120 PRO KICKBOXING  Glory Watson (Young’s MMA) vs. Hilarie Rose (USMMA)

Rd 1:  They are both throwing knees from the clinch.  Hilarie is cut above the eye.  Glory gets in a solid left.  Hilarie gets in a nice right.  Hilarie with a kick to the groin.  Hilarie with a good right.  Hilarie gets in a good kick as the round ends.

Watson 10-9

Rd 2:  Hilarie with a kick to the body.  Glory with a kick to the body.  Hilarie with another good kick to the body.  They clinch and throw elbows.  Hilarie goes high with a kick.  Hilarie with another combo.  

Rose 10-9

Rd 3:  Glory with a nice combo.  Hilarie fires right back with a combo.  Glory with a good combo.  Glory with a straight right that knocks Hilarie to the mat.  Glory with another combo.  They collide swinging and fall to the mat.  Hilarie with a good combo.  Hilarie catches a kick and ref breaks it up.  Glory gets in another punch and Hilaries counters as the round ends.

Rose 10-9

Hilarie Rose defeats Glory Watson via unanimous decision for the final kickboxing match of the night in the NEF 44 main event. Awards
SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT:  Caleb Hall arm triangle
FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Ouellette/Faulkner war
QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: "He is one leg kick away from polio"

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