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November 5, 2021


We arrived at NEF after getting stuck in traffic with 10 minutes to spare but then I had trouble with my vaccine card date.  Thankfully I still got in and the show was packed so I sat in a chair and did it all on my phone.  Warchild got to take some photos that he will add to here in the next few days and I am going to work on a highlight video sometime next week so stay tuned!

135 AM Tyler Parent (0-1 CMBJJ) vs. Randall Hathorn (1-1 Vision Quest)

Tyler Parent defeats Randall Hathorn via tko strikes at 56 seconds in Round 2.

155 AM Jacob Routon (0-0 Independent) vs. Emmett Huber (1-1 The Academy)

Emmett Huber defeats Jacob Routon by technical submission at 2:03 in Round 1

115 AM Julian Menjivar (0-0 Karasu Tengu Academy) vs. Matt Miles (1-0 Independent)

Julian Menjivar defeats Matt Miles by tko to strikes at 2:08 in Round 1

155 AM Jonas Ryerson (0-0 CMBJJ) vs. RJ Janeczek (1-0 Nostos)

RJ Janeczek defeats Jonas Ryerson via tko to strikes at 2:02 in Round 1

185 AM Brett Martin (0-0 First Class) vs. Justin Philbrook (1-2 Independent)

Brett Martin defeats Justin Philbrook by Philbrook unable to answer the bell of Round 2.

185 AM Bryant Wade (0-0 Titan Athletics) vs. Brandon Oldenberg (0-0 Vision Quest) 

Bryant Wade defeats Brandon Oldenburg via ref stoppage to strikes at 32 seconds in Round 1.

170 AM Curtis Ouellette (1-2 CMBJJ) vs. Derek Lambert (0-0 Nostos)

Derek Lambert defeats Curtis Ouellette via ko at 1:48 in Round 1

265 AM Tucker Olinsky (0-0 Independent) vs. George Pissimissis (0-1 Wai Kru)

George Pissimissis defeats Tucker Olinsky by tko to strikes at 1:04 in Round 1

170 AM Brian Cosco (5-10 BTT/Sityodtong) vs. Tyler Kingsbury (0-0 Independent)

Brian Cosco defeats Tyler Kingsbury via split decision.

200 AM David McCarthy (0-0 Titan Athletics) vs. Danny Dray (0-0 Independent)

David McCarthy defeats Danny Dray by technical knockout at 38 seconds in Round 1

115 AM BJ Garceau (1-1 Young's MMA) vs. Hayley Martin (0-0 Independent)

BJ Garceau defeats Hayley Martin via technical submission guillotine at 23 in Round 1

135 AM TITLE Felipe GΓΌnter (3-0 First Class) vs. Teddy Politis (2-0 Evolution Athletix)

Felipe Gunter defeats Teddy Politis via tapout to guillotine at  52 seconds in Round 3

145 AM TITLE Billy Wilson (6-1 Jackson Wink) vs. Nathaniel Grimard (c) (4-0 Nostos)

Billy Wilson defeats Nathaniel Grimard via unanimous decision.  NEW Champ!

125 AM TITLE Caleb Austin (5-0 CMBJJ) vs. Tyler Smythe (2-1 Evolution Athletix) 

Tyler Smythe defeats Caleb Austin by tko stoppage to strikes at 2:59 in Round 4.  Smythe is the new champ!

160 PRO Jay Ellis (15-100 Red Schaffer MMA) vs. Rodrigo Almeida (14-4 Young Lion MMA)

Jay Ellis defeats Rodrigo Almeida by tapout rear naked choke at 49 seconds in Round 1.

170 PRO Jon Deupree (2-0 Recon) vs. Matt Denning (5-11 Denning's MMA)

Jon Deupree defeats Matt Denning by tko to strikes at 1:22 in Round 1

140 PRO Carl Langston (0-5 Young's MMA) vs. Zac Richard (0-0 Evolution Athletix)

Zac Richard defeats Carl Langston by technical knockout at 3:52 in Round 1

170 PRO Nick Alley (7-4 Team Link) vs. Mark Gardner (1-2 The Academy)

Mark Gardner defeats Nick Alley by tko to strikes at 3:19 in Round 2. 

CATCH PRO Josh Harvey (7-1-1 Vision Quest) vs. Aguilando Brandao (9-8 Boston Krav Maga)

Josh Harvey defeats Aguilando Brandao by tko to strikes at 43 seconds in Round 1

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Billy Wilson/ Grimard fight
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Tyler Smythe tko come from behind win
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Gotta give it to Jay Ellis for shocking the world !!

What a crazy night of fights!!  The highlight of the night was Jay Ellis shocking the world and getting a submission victory over Rodrigo Almeida.  This is Ellis's first win in New England out of at least a dozen fights I would say so congrats to him!  NEF announced that their next show will be February 12th 2022 at Club Aura in Portland Maine.