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November 19, 2021


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Premier FC is back tonight with 9 professional fights.  The commentators are Carlos Correia and the Notorious Nick Newell.  The announcer for the evening is Dave Ginsberg.  The fights are about to start so please follow along.

125 PRO Niyaz Ahmed (0-0) vs Blaze Robinson (Kuzushi Combat Club 0-0)

Rd 1:  Niyaz tries for a takedown and gets it.  Niyaz is doing a great job of controlling the fight in the guard.  Niyaz gets kicked off and Blaze is trying to get to his feet.  As he gets up Niyaz gets in a jumping knee to the face.  Niyaz gets another takedown and is in the guard.  

Ahmed 10-9

Rd 2:  Niyaz gets the double leg takedown.  Blaze holds him down and the ref stands him up.  Niyaz gets in a high kick.  Niyaz gets the takedown again.  They roll and Niyaz looks to be trying for an armbar.  Niyaz gets a triangle and is trying to get the tap.  He runs out of time.

Ahmed 10-9

Rd 3:  Niyaz presses Blaze up against the cage.  Blaze reverses and then a cup shot.  Niyaz takes a minute and the fight resumes.  Niyaz tries for a wheelhouse kick and Blaze ends up on top.  They scramble and Niyaz ends up in guard.  He passes to the side and then gets pushed to half guard.  He passes to full mount and Blaze uses the cage and gets in a few hammerfists on top as the round ends.

Ahmed 10-9

PREMIER FC RESULTS- Niyaz Ahmed defeats Blaze Robinson via unanimous decision.

115 PRO Steve Lantry (3-3 Team Chaos) vs  Dan Cormier (8-10 Triforce)

Rd 1:  Both fighters are being cautious.  Dan starts us off with some leg kicks.  Dan with a nice combo.  Steve fires back with a leg kick.  Steve grabs a leg and tries for a takedown but Dan stuffs it.  He locks up and slams Steve to the mat.  Dan is in guard and moves to the side.  

Cormier 10-9

Rd 2:  They clinch up briefly then break.  Dan catches him with a right and Steve drops to the mat.  He grabs hold of the neck but can't get the guillotine tap.  Steve stands back up and Dan connects with a kick.  Steve tries to take him down and Dan sprawls.  Dan has the back and Steve survives.

Cormier 10-9

Rd 3:  They both come out swinging.  Steve gets in an overhand right.  Dan is working his jab.  Dan gets in a right that connects.  Dan is looking for the single leg takedown and he gets it.  Steve is close to a triangle but Dan pulls his head free.  They scramble back to their feet and are back in the center.  Dan gets in two more solid punches.  Dan rolls back and Steve gets in some knees to the side as the round ends.

PREMIER FC RESULTS-Dan Cormier defeats Steve Lantry via unanimous decision.

170 PRO Jonathan DiLorenzo (0-0 New York) vs Sage Philippe (1-1 Team Link)

Rd 1:  Sage rushes in with a jumping knee.  Jon slams Sage to the mat.  They clinch and exchange knees.  Jon pulls guard and Sage gets in a big hammerfist.  Jon with a head kick and Sage rushes in with a right.  They are clinching and Sage is pressing Jon up against the cage.  They both exchange knees.  Jon gets in a knee to the body and reverses.  

Philippe 10-9

Rd 2:  Jon jumps in and Sage connects with a right.  Sage with another right.  Jon ducks under and gets the takedown.  Jon tries for a triangle but Sage slips out and stands up.  Jon goes high but it looks partially blocked.  Jon gets a double leg takedown but can't keep Sage down.  Jon swings and connects with an elbow.  Jon gets in another combo from the clinch.  

DiLorenzo 10-9

Rd 3:  Just as expected they come out swinging.  The stand up was pretty even.  Jon gets the takedown and is getting in some ground and pound.  Jon has the back and Sage is trying to stand back up.  Their legs are tangled up as the round ends.

DiLorenzo 10-9

PREMIER FC RESULTS-Jonathan DiLorenzo defeats Sage Philippe via unanimous decision.  

170 PRO Albert Tulley (Team Tulley 1-1) vs Cameron Resnisky (0-0 The Cage)

Rd 1:  Cam with a fast left.  Cam gets in another combo.  Blood is already dripping from the forehead of Albert.  Cam gets the takedown and is getting in some ground and pound.  They are back to their feet and ref has the cut looked at.  Fight is back on and Cam connects with a right!  Albert chases Cam down and they both connect.  Cam gets the takedown and Al has the neck.  Cam rolls and now has the side.  Cam has full mount and pops his head free.  

Resnisky 10-8

Rd 2:  Beautiful leg kick from Cam that gets Al to the mat.  Cam is trying to get to full mount and he postures up and drops hammerfists.  He gets the stoppage.

PREMIER FC RESULTS-Cameron Resnisky defeats Albert Tulley via ko/tko to strikes in Round 2.  What a blood bath!!!

145 PRO Kideby Gordon (0-0 Regiment) vs Kenny Champion (2-1 Golden Falcon)

Rd 1: Kenny connects with a right. He gets the takedown and Kideby stands right back up. Kenny with another takedown and is working the guard.  Kideby works an armbar from the bottom and gets the tap.

PREMIER FC RESULTS-Kideby Gordon defeats Kenny Champion via tapout to armbar in Round 1.

170 PRO Jay Ellis (16-100) vs Pat Casey (G&G 7-4 )

Rd 1:  Jay goes for the takedown and Pat has the neck.  Pat gets him to the mat.  Jay stands up and Pat is on his back.  He is looking for the rear naked choke.  He can't get it and Pat gets hit with a right and then takes the back of Jay.  He gets the quick rear naked choke for the tap.

PREMIER FC RESULTS-Pat Casey defeats Jay Ellis via tapout to rear naked choke in Round 1.

225 PRO Victor Jones (5-15 Pitbull MMA) vs Ronny Markes (19-9)

Rd 1:  Ronny takes Victor down and gets in some quick ground and pound for the finish.

PREMIER FC RESULTS-Ronny Markes defeats Victor Jones via tko stoppage to strikes in Round 1.

170 PRO Stephen Stengel (4-15) vs Marcus Davis (22-11)

Rd 1:  Steve starts us out with a front kick.  Marcus has the heel and Steve makes him pay with punches.  Marcus has the armbar but can't get the finish.  Marcus is now looking for the triangle and gets the tapout.

PREMIER FC RESULTS-Marcus Davis defeats Stephen Stengel via tapout to triangle in Round 1.

KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Resnisky tko win
SUB OF THE NIGHT: Marcus Davis triangle
FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Cormier/Lantry fight.