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January 8, 2022



Warchild and I made our way to the couches in my living room to watch the Reality Fights.  I easily ordered the fights on my Apple TV through native app and within minutes we were watching the live stream.  For those wondering Warchild and I are socially distanced and 6 feet apart in the living room.  Reality Fighting has had a few grappling matches that dropped off and also the main event of the mma show is also off.  Johnny Lopez posted on his Facebook that Johnny Campbell came in 10 lbs overweight so that fight got scratched and Lopez will be grappling.  There are a total of 16 grappling matches and 9 mma fights.  The refs for the night are Jordan Riley for the grappling and Bryan Minor and John English for the mma portion.  The crowd was a little light for the grappling but once the mma started the crowd started to pour in.  Please follow along as I recap the evening.

Grappling Portion:

GRAPPLING 135 NO-GI Josh Flores Serra BJJ vs Gruni Azavedo Icemans Martial Arts

REALITY FIGHTING GRAPPLING RESULT:   Josh Flores and Gruni Azavedo - Draw

GRAPPLING 160 NO-GI Justin Alvarez Carlson Gracie Team Brightman vs Nick Enzor Team Link 


GRAPPLING 125 NO-GI Nicole Golinski Squared BJJ vs Katie Mulreed FAA

REALITY FIGHTING GRAPPLING RESULT: Nichole Golinski/Katie Mulreed- Draw

GRAPPLING Aaron Hughes (Regiment) vs. Arslan Otchiyev (FAA)

REALITY FIGHTING GRAPPLING RESULT: Aaron Hughes/Arslan Otchiyev - Draw

GRAPPLING 170 NO-GI Al Percy Long Island MMA vs Will Kerr Strikezone


GRAPPLING 175 NO-GI Jeff Roberts Soulcraft BJJ vs Leon Davis (Triforce Training Centers)

REALITY FIGHTING GRAPPLING RESULT:   Leon Davis submits Jeff Roberts by d’arce.  Nice job Leon!!

GRAPPLING 165 NO-GI John Naples Strikezone/Simmons BJJ vs Jon Marcheterre
(Strikezone/Reyes Boxing)

REALITY FIGHTING GRAPPLING RESULT:  John Naples / Jon Marcheterre - Draw

GRAPPLING Yuri Panferov (Calandrelli) vs. Lee McHugh (Carlson Gracie Brightman)

REALITY FIGHTING GRAPPLING RESULT:  Yuri Panferov / Lee McHugh - Draw  Best grappling match of the night so far!!

GRAPPLING 220 NO-GI Ryan White South Shore Sportfighting  vs Mike Cerrone  Jitsu Academy 


GRAPPLING 165 NO-GI Erik Johnson Team Flo/NE United BJJ Vs Chris Rowan Technique/KORE BJJ

REALITY FIGHTING GRAPPLING RESULT:  Erik Johnson submits Chris Rowan by rear naked choke.

GRAPPLING 180 GI James Cook Crossroads BJJ  vs Iceman Vicens Iceman's Martial Arts 

REALITY FIGHTING GRAPPLING RESULT:   James Cook / Iceman Vicens - Draw 

GRAPPLING GI John Gagnon (IMB CT) vs. Vinnie Brightman (Brightman/Carlson Gracie)

REALITY FIGHTING GRAPPLING RESULT:  John Gagnon / Vinnie Brightman - Draw 

GRAPPLING 140 GI Joe Brewer-Grzegorczyk CT Combat / Nova Uniao vs Gary Alvarez Team Link

REALITY FIGHTING GRAPPLING RESULT:  Gary Alvarez defeats Joe Brewer-Grzegorczyk by straight ankle lock submission.  

GRAPPLING No-Gi Johnny Lopez (Underdog) vs. Mark Ferriola

REALITY FIGHTING GRAPPLING RESULT:  Johnny Lopez defeats Mark Ferriola via straight ankle lock submission.

GRAPPLING 225 NO-GI William "Nightmare" Knight Thornton Martial Arts  vs Daniel Mola UFC Gym Boston 

REALITY FIGHTING GRAPPLING RESULT: William Knight defeats Daniel Mola via rear naked choke.

GRAPPLING 225 NO-GI Gabriel Gonzaga Squared BJJ vs Tyler King UFC Gym Boston/Connor's BJJ 

REALITY FIGHTING GRAPPLING RESULT:  Gabriel Gonzaga defeats Tyler King via armbar with seconds left.

MMA Portion: 

MMA 130 AM Stanislav Rakov 0-0 (FAA) vs. Marc Conte 0-0 (Calandrelli BJJ)

Rd 1: Marc gets the takedown and Stan bounces right back up.  Stan accidentally hits Marc in the cup.  Fight resumes and Marc gets a takedown and lands right in full mount.  He works a rear naked choke for the tap.

REALITY FIGHTING MMA RESULT:   Marc Conte defeats Stanislav Rakov via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:41 in Round 1. 

MMA 170 AM Shane Dillehay 1-1 (Tri-Force) vs. Jon Silva 0-0 (Simmler BJJ)

Rd 1:  Shane looks very poised and comfortable in the cage.  He is using his kicks to keep the distance.  Big combo from Shane backs Jon up against the cage.  Jon dives for a takedown but is stuffed.

Dillehay 10-9

Rd 2:  Shane stalks his prey and connects with a clean kick to the head.  He connects with a few more punches cleanly and the ref has seen enough.

REALITY FIGHTING MMA RESULT:  Shane Dillehay defeats Jon Silva via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:10 in Round 2.  Shane ended up with 2 wins in one night with his tko win and he proposed and she said yes!

MMA 120 AM Brianna Sargent 1-0 (Jitsu Life) vs. Ashley Barrett 2-1 (USMMA)

Rd 1:  Brianna fails to get the takedown but gets a nice triangle on Ashely.  Ashley fights her way out and is now on top in guard.  Ashley gets in some solid ground and pound.  Brianna is very active from the bottom and is looking for a triangle again.  Ashley is firing more hammerfists and Brianna is not defending.  Ref stops the fight!

REALITY FIGHTING MMA RESULT:  Ashley Barrett defeats Brianna Sargent via tko stoppage to strikes at 2:27 in Round 1.

MMA 155 AM Cullen Johnson 1-1 (FAA) vs. Cole Brackett 1-1 (The Cage JSA)

Rd 1:  Both fighters are being cautious and feeling each other out.  Cullen gets in a few good punches.  Cullen is trying for the takedown but Cole ends up getting it.  He is in guard and remains there the rest of the round.

Brackett 10-9

Rd 2:  Cullen working his jab.  Cole gets the takedown and Cullen rolls into an inverted triangle and drops some hammerfists as the round ends.

Johnson 10-9

Rd 3:  Cullen gets the takedown and is in full mount.  He is working some punches to the side.  Cole gets a roll and is now on top in guard.  

Johnson 10-9

REALITY FIGHTING MMA RESULT: Cullen Johnson defeats Cole Brackett via unanimous decision.

MMA 145 AM Jessen Ramcharan 4-1 (Renzo Gracie CT) vs. Tayvonne Thomas 2-0 (Atlas BJJ)

Rd 1:  Both fighters are being very aggressive.  Tayvonne with two solid leg kicks.  Jessen is trying for a takedown and gets it.  Tayvonne scrambles back up and has Jesssen’s back as the round ends.

Thomas 10-9

Rd 2:  They are both swinging away.  Jessen gets the takedown and is trying to posture up.  He controls the rest of the round on top.

Ramcharan 10-9

Rd 3:  Jessen dives for a takedown and Tayvonne defends it well but Jessen rips his legs out from under him and gets him to the mat.  Tayvonne rolls and Jessen is fighting for a takedown again.  They fall to the mat and Tayvonne has and armbar that looks locked up.  Jessen defends and gets out and ends the round on the side.

Thomas 10-9

REALITY FIGHTING MMA RESULT:   Tayvonne Thomas defeats Jessen Ramcharan via split decision.  Fight of the night so far!

MMA 135 AM Mike Antidormi 0-0 (CT Combat) vs. Jose Ramos 0-0 (Calandrelli BJJ)

Rd 1:  They both rush in and are going guns blazing.  Jose connects with a teep.  Mike got the takedown and Jose stands back up with his arm around Mike’s neck.  They break and are back to swinging.  Mike gets in a low kick.  They are both swinging away as the round ends.

Antidormi 10-9

Rd 2:  Mike is working his combos.  Jose keeps coming forward but Mike is getting the better of the striking.  

Antidormi 10-9

Rd 3:  Mike works his strikes and gets in some clean uppercuts and ref has seen enough.

REALITY FIGHTING MMA RESULT:  Mike Antidormi defeats Jose Ramos via tko to strikes at 1:11 in Round 3.

MMA 125 PRO Brandon Neiford 0-1 (G&G Wrestling) vs. Justin Valentin 2-2 (Underdog MMA)

Rd 1:  They start out striking.  Justin gets in a big right that connects.  Justin is getting in some heavy shots.  Brandon’s mouthpiece goes flying and the ref stops the action.  There is blood coming from his ear and the doctor is called in.  He stops the fight.

REALITY FIGHTING MMA RESULT: Justin Valentin defeats Brandon Neiford via doctor stoppage to strikes at 2:30 in Round 1.

MMA 137 PRO Niyaz Ahmed 1-0 (Renzo Gracie Queens) vs. Kibedy Gordon 1-0 (Regiment Training Center)

Rd 1:  Kideby gets the takedown and Niyaz is is trying for a sub.  Kibedy gets out and stands up to let him up.  Niyaz tries for single leg but can’t get the takedown.  Kibedy gets in a knee to the body and Niyaz goes down.  He tries for the finish and can’t get the stoppage.  They are back up and Kibedy connects with another kick to the rib and Niyaz goes down again.  The ref has seen enough.

REALITY FIGHTING MMA RESULT:  Kibedy Gordon defeats Niyaz Ahmed via tko stoppage to strikes at 2:54 in Round 1.

MMA 170 PRO Oscar Vera 0-2 (Musuko's Championship) vs. Cam Resnisky 1-0 (The Cage JSA)

Rd 1:  Cam starts us off with a leg kick.  Cam grabs Oscar and body slams him to the mat.  He passes to full mount and is trying to drop some bombs.  Oscar gets the sweep and Cam works an armbar from the bottom for the tap.

REALITY FIGHTING MMA RESULT:  Cam Resnisky defeats Oscar Vera via tapout to armbar at 2:06 in Round 1.  Oscar Vera’s shoulder was dislocated and it looked bad.  We wish you a speedy recovery Oscar!

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Tayvonne Thomas/Jessen Ramcharan
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Mike Antidormi TKO
SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT:  Resnisky with the shoulder popping armbar

Reality Fighting will be returning on June 12th which is a Sunday at Mohegan Sun.