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August 4, 2022


Combat Zone returns this Friday with their 77th show to date.  This one will be a hybrid event featuring some grappling, amateur kickboxing followed by some good old fashioned mixed martial arts.  The show will be taking place at the Double Tree in Manchester New Hampshire.  Tickets are available at the link here.  If you are unable to make it then the live stream is also available at the link here.  The stream costs just $25 and with the price of gas you can't go wrong.  The show should start around 7pm.  Let me break down the fight card for you all.  Keep in mind this might not be the exact fight order as fights get moved around.  I will only be breaking down the mma portion.

210 No-Gi GRAPPLING John McAndrews (Gate City MMA) vs. Jacob Dube (Renzo)
175 AM KICK Dylan Medeiros (0-0 Regiment) vs. Tristan Wood (1-0 KTA/Nashua) 
155 AM KICK Justin Santiago (1-0 Speros) vs. Eddy Comeau (0-0 PMA Plaistow) 
135 AM KICK Carter Whitty (0-0 Regiment) vs. Daylon Cossaingham (0-0 Zichelle MMA) 
155 AM KICK Julian Connerton (2-0 Evolution Athletix ) vs. Mike Jolicoeur (1-0 KTA Nashua) 
155 AM KICK Michael Ksander (1-1 NE Top Team) vs. RJ Janeczek (0-0 Nostos) 
185 AM KICK Lucas Moreira (0-0 Evolution BJJ) vs. Jarrid DiGangi (2-1 Lauzon/Hard Knocks) 
135 AM KICK  Josh Medeiros (2-1 MMA KTA Nashua) vs. CJ Levesque (0-0 PMA Plaistow) 

170 AM MMA Dimitri Kabouris (0-1 Spero's ) vs. Hunter Darling (0-0 LRVT)

In the first mma fight of the night Dimitri Kabouris will be taking on Hunter Darling in the 170 lb division.  Dimitri trains out of Spero's and comes into this fight with an 0-1 record.  He lost his first mma battle by  ko/tko to strikes in Round 3 at Combat FC 1.  He is still hungry for his first win.  His opponent is Hunter Darling and he will be making his amateur debut.  He trains out of Lake Region Vale Tudo.  I see this one being a close battle and a great way to kick off the mma portion.

135 AM MMA Brandon Demoura (2-1 Regiment) vs. Fred Allen Sfier (1-1 NE Cartel) 

At 135 lbs Brandon Demoura will be challenging Fred Sfier.  Brandon trains with Team Regiment and comes into this fight with a 2-1 record.  In the win column, he won 1 by retirment (tko) and 1 by split decision.  For his 1 loss, he lost a unanimous decision to Andrew Valdina.  His opponent is Fred Sfeir and he trains with New England Cartel.  He comes into this fight with a 1-1 record with 1 win by unanimous decision.  For his 1 loss he lost it by unanimous decision.  Both of these fighters are very close in record and they both have proven that they can go the distance.  I see this being a back and forth battle that comes down to a decision.

145 PRO MMA Kameron Jordan (2-1 TRMMA) vs. Tom Pagliarulo (3-1 NE Cartel) 

At 145 lbs  Kameron Jordan will be taking on Tom Pagliarulo.  Kameron trains with True Revelation MMA and comes into this fight with a 2-1 record.  In the win column, he has both wins by way of submission.  He has his 1 loss by submission.  His opponent is Tom Pagliarulo and he trains with the New England Cartel.  He steps into this fight with a 3-1 record with all 3 wins by ko/tko stoppages.  His 1 loss came by a split decision to Nate Ghareeb.  As you can see this is another awesome match up for Combat Zone.  In this battle, Jordan will most likely want to get this fight to the ground and Tom will want to keep it standing.  This should be a fun one to watch.

155 PRO MMA Ramano Medina (0-0 Burgess) vs. Cedric Lochard (0-1 Tristar Canada) 

In the 2nd pro fight of the night Ramano Medina will be challenging Cedric Lochard in the 155 lb division.  Ramano trains out of Team Burgess and he will be making his much awaited pro debut.  As an amateur he went 6-0 with 3 ko/tko, 2 submissions and 1 win by decision.  His opponent is Cedric Lochard and he trains with Tristar Canada.  He lost his first pro fight by submission in Round 1 back in 2019.  This should be another exciting fight and I see it being a quick fight.

155 PRO MMA George Sheppard (15-13 Virginia) vs. Nick Fiore (4-0 NE Cartel)

George Sheppard will be squaring off against Nick Fiore in the 155 lb pro division.  George trains out of Virginia and steps into this fight with a 15-13 record.  In the win column, he has 9 ko/tko, 2 submissions and 4 wins by decisions.  For his losses, he lost 4 by ko/tko, 6 by submissions and 3 by decision.  His opponent is Nick Fiore and he trains with the New England Cartel.  He steps into this fight with a 4-0 record with 1 ko/tko and 3 wins by submission.  I see this one being an awesome stand up war.  Don't blink on this one!

185 PRO MMA Tim Caron (11-5 Burgess MMA)  vs. Alton Cunningham (9-3 Chosen Few Gym)

Now for the main event!!  Tim Caron will be taking on Alton Cunningham in the 185 lb division.  Tim trains with Burgess MMA and comes into this fight with an 11-5 record.  For his wins, he won 5 by ko/tko, 4 by submissions and 2 by decision.  For his losses, he lost 1 by ko/tko, 1 by submission and 3 by way of decision. He is fresh off a big decision victory at Combat FC 1 against Salaiman Ahmadyar and he will be looking to keep that win streak going.  Standing in his way is Alton Cunningham out of Chosen Few Gym.  He steps into this fight with a 9-3 record with all 9 wins by ko/tko to strikes.  For his losses, he lost 1 by ko/tko to strikes and 2 by decision.  This fight has potential to be fight of the night and should be a good one.  Alton will most likely want to keep it standing and I think Caron will want to work his takedowns and control this one on the mat.  Who will be victorious?  We will find out this Friday night!

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