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September 10, 2022

🏟 EVENT REVIEW--🏟NEF 49 'Queen City Showdown'--9/9/2022--BANGOR MAINE-[Start Time 7:00PM EST]


New England Fights is back tonight with their 49th event to date.  They have put together a great card with 8 fights total after one fight got scrapped last minute.  The host of the night is of course Pete Czymbor and the refs are John English and Dale Hart.  I was at Rammstein last night at Gillette stadium so I couldn't make it live but I figured it would be fun to still do the write up the day later.  Hope you all enjoy reading it.

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185 AM Brett Martin (2-0 First Class MMA) vs. Brandon Oldenburg (0-1 Vision Quest)

Rd 1:  Brett looks for the takedown.  He works some knees and still fighting to get the takedown.  Brett picks up Brandon and slams him to the mat.  He passes to full mount and is looking for some ground and pound.  After about 20 shots, ref has seen enough.

πŸ‘Š NEF MMA RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Brett Martin defeats Brandon Oldenburg via tko stoppage to strikes at 2:21 in Round 1.
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155 AM Kaleb Kenney (0-2 Nitemare) vs. Patrick Mitchell (0-0)

Rd 1: They both get a few jabs and Pat is looking for the takedown.  He gets it and is in half guard.  Kaleb pushes him back to full guard.  Kaleb is looking for the triangle and is trying for it the rest of the round.

Mitchell 10-9

Rd 2:  They both come out swinging and Pat gets a takedown after eating a few punches.  Pat controls the rest of the round on top.

Mitchell 10-9

Rd 3:  Patrick rushes in and is getting some great punches in.  Pat tries for a takedown but can't get it.  Kenney comes forward and gets in a few shots.  Pat once again gets the takedown and is in the guard.  Pat pins the arm down and gets in 3 punches to the head.  

Mitchell 10-9

πŸ‘Š NEF MMA RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Patrick Mitchell defeats Kaleb Kenney via unanimous decision.
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155 PRO MMA Jimmy Jackson (0-0 Young's MMA) vs. Aaron Hughes (1-3 Regiment)

Rd 1:  Both fighters start us out with some leg kicks.  Jimmy gets in a solid kick that sends Aaron to the mat briefly.  Jimmy goes for a takedown and Aaron sinks in a guillotine and pulls guard.  He gets the quick tap.

πŸ‘Š NEF MMA RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Aaron Hughes defeats Jimmy Jackson via tapout to guillotine at 1:41 seconds in Round 1.
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130 PRO MMA Nate Boucher (0-2 CMBJJ) vs. Danny Maldonado (0-4)

Rd 1: Nate gets the takedown.  Danny gets some space and they roll.  Danny has a guillotine and Nate taps 3 different times before the ref notices.

πŸ‘Š NEF MMA RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Danny Maldonado defeats Nate Boucher via tapout to guillotine at 2:09 seconds in Round 1.

Nate Boucher leaves his gloves in the cage and looks like he retired.  Always fun to see you in the cage Nate.  Good luck to you and your future.

Bruce Boyington was called into the cage and announces that he will be back on February 8th in Bangor to fight again for NEF!  

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155 PRO MMA Jacob Deppmeyer (2-0 First Class) vs. Anthony Vasta (1-2 Defensive Edge)

Rd 1:  Vasta comes out swinging for the fences.  He has Jacob hurt bad.  Jake slows the fight down and seems to have recovered.  Vasta gets the takedown and Jake sweeps.  He is on to getting in some good elbows from the top.  Vasta works his way up and Jake gets in a knee to the head.  Jacob gets in another punch and drops Vasta.  He gets in a few more punches and the ref stops the fight.

πŸ‘Š NEF MMA RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Jacob Deppmeyer defeats Anthony Vasta via tko stoppage to strikes at 4:51 in Round 1.

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155 PRO MMA Matt Denning (7-14 Denning MMA) vs. Jordan Downey (8-9-1 Lee Brothers)

Rd 1: Jordan goes in and takes this fight the mat.  He gets in some heavy ground and pound for the quick stoppage.

πŸ‘Š NEF MMA RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Jordan Downey defeats Matt Denning via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:03 second in Round 1.
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175 PRO MMA Ryan Sanders (19-9 Vision Quest) vs. Stephen Stengel (4-18 Independent) 

Rd 1: Stengel rushes in and gets the takedown.  Ryan tries for a guillotine from the bottom then reverses.  He is in full mount and trying to flatten him out and get in some ground and pound.  Stephen turns and Ryan is getting in some punches to the side of the head.  Ryan gets in the rear naked choke for the tap.

πŸ‘Š NEF MMA RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Ryan Sanders defeats Stephen Stengel via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:32 seconds in Round 1.
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125 PRO MMA Glory Watson (3-1 Young's MMA) vs. Gabby Gulfin (5-4 Class One)

Rd 1: Gabby gets the takedown and is in the guard.  Glory hooks her leg under Gabby's and gets some space.  Glory has the half butterfly and gets some space again but Gabby puts her right down to the mat again.  Glory works her way up and Gabby is looking for the takedown again.  Glory ends up on top in half guard.  Gabby gets some space and Glory remains on top the rest of the round.

Real close round but I give the edge to Gulfin 10-9 due to longer top control

Rd 2:  Gabby with a good leg kick.  Gabby is trying for a takedown and Glory has the half butterfly briefly.  Glory pushes her off and gets in some leg kicks from the bottom.  Gabby gets in a kick and and dives back into the side.  Glory slips out and they are back to their feet.  She gets in a good punch before the round ends.

Gulfin 10-9

Rd 3:  Gabby tries for a takedown but Glory stuffs it.  Gabby gets in a good combo.  Gabby dives for the takedown and stuffs it.  Glory gets in a perfectly timed knee to the head and then takes the back.  Glory moves to full mount.  She wants the rear naked choke but seems to be too high.  Glory is looking for an armbar.  Gabby slips her arm out and moves to full mount with 30 seconds left.  Gabby tries for an armbar but Glory slips out.  Glory has the rear naked choke with the round just about to end.

Glory 10-9

πŸ‘Š NEF MMA RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Glory Watson defeats Gabby Gulfin via split decision. This is not how I had it but hats off to Glory. It seems Round 1 was the deciding factor for that fight. Not sure how two judges had it 30-27 for Glory though.


--FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Watson/Gulfin fight

--KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Deppmeyer come from behind tko victory

--SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Sander's Rear naked choke

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This was another solid show from NEF and the fighters brought it. All but 2 of the fights were finishes which as a fight fan I love to see! The main event was awesome and I hate to see it come down to a controversial decision. I would love to see the main event in future NEF events be 5 rounders for the more experienced pro's. It is a great way for both fighters to get 25 minutes in the cage and also the fight fans get to see more finishes! It is a win for both the fighters and the fans. I do believe if the Watson/Gulfin fight went a few more rounds we would have seen one of them finish. Shout out to NEF for always supporting us and congrats to all the winners. I have to also pay respect to Mike Shorey who is fighting cancer. We are all praying for you buddy. Would you all like to see some 5 round main events at NEF if they are non title fights?? Let's argue in the comments!

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