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January 27, 2024



Cage Titans is back with their 63rd event to date.  They have put together another action packed card that features 12 battles including 7 professional fights.  The show is sold out but the stream is still available to watch on Spectation Sports website.  The event is taking place at Plymouth Memorial Hall and should start right around 6PM so make sure to keep refreshing this article to stay up to date...

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155 AM Muay Thai – Rich St.Pierre (2-3, FlowState Fighting) vs Mike Salazar (1-0-1, Regiment)

πŸ‘Š CAGE TITANS 63 MUAY THAI RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Rich St. Pierre defeats Mike Salazar via unanimous decision.

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155 AM MMA – Igor Zaltsman (0-0, Alpha Nerd/NESF) vs Colin Silva (0-0, BTT Taunton)

Rd 1: Great back and forth battle.  Colin gets in a good combo.  He gets the takedown and is in guard briefly before the round ends.

Silva 10-9

Rd 2:  Colin gets the takedown and gets pushed off.  Igor gets back to his feet and Colin lands a hard right that drops Igor.  Ref has seen enough

πŸ‘Š CAGE TITANS 63 MMA RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Colin Silva defeats Igor Zaltsman via ko at 1:14 in Round 2.

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125 AM MMA – Junior Quintanilla (0-0, Team Radius) vs Matt Martinez (1-2, Sityodtong)

Rd 1: They clinch and Junior is pressing Matt up against the cage.  Matt reverses with a knee to the body.  They break and Junior rushes in for a single leg takedown and Matt defends it as the bell ends.

Real close round, I give edge to Quintanilla

Rd 2:  They stand and bang for a bit.  Matt gets the takedown and ends up in guard.  He stays there for the remainder of the round.

Martinez 10-9

Rd 3:  They clinch and Matt gets the takedown.  Junior throws up his leg trying for a takedown but can't get anything to stick.  Matt finishes the round on top.

Martinez 10-9

πŸ‘Š CAGE TITANS 63 MMA RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Matt Martinez defeats Junior Quintanilla via unanimous decision.

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125 AM MMA – Saul Becerril-Vivas (1-3, Diamond Dogs) vs Javier Acosta (0-0, MassBJJ)

Rd 1: Javier comes out swinging right off the bat.  Javier gets the takedown and Saul works his way up.  Saul backs Javier up with a combo.  Javier gets the takedown and is in guard.  

Acosta 10-9

Rd 2:  They come out swinging.  Saul gets in an upkick that hurts Javier.  He gets in some more combos and drops him.

πŸ‘Š CAGE TITANS 63 MMA RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Saul Becerril-Vivas defeats Javier Acosta via tko stoppage to strikes at 59 seconds in Round 2.

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170 AM MMA TITLE – Cullen Johnson (3-2, FAA CT) vs Ozzy Martin (2-1, Lakes Region Vale Tudo)

Rd 1: Both fighters are swinging hard right off the bat.  Great back and forth round.

Martin 10-9 

Rd 2:  Right off the bell they are swinging away once again.  Ozzy gets in a few spinning kicks to the body.  Ozzy connects with a head kick and has Cullen on wobbly legs.  He gets in a few more punches and Cullen seems to have recovered.  Cullen connects with a right of his own.  Ozzy connects again and stuns Cullen.  He gets in a few more strikes and the ref steps in.

πŸ‘Š CAGE TITANS 63 MMA RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Ozzy Martin defeats Cullen Johnson via tko stoppage to strikes at 2:21 in Round 2.  Ozzy becomes the new Cage Titans 170 lb Amateur Champ.

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170 PRO MMA Everett Desilets (2-0 Savage Grappling) vs. Lorenzo Fitzgerald (0-0 The Lab)

Rd 1: Everett connects with a combo.  Lorenzo is trying to get a takedown.  Blood is pouring out of Lorenzo's mouth.  Lorenzo rushes in with a knee and Everett knocks him out cold.

πŸ‘Š CAGE TITANS 63 MMA RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Everett Desilets defeats Lorenzo Fitzgerald via ko at 1:36 in Round 1.

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155 PRO MMA Aaron Hughes (4-4 Regiment) vs Jake Hixenbaugh (2-2 Bohn MMA)

Rd 1: Aaron with a nice outside leg kick.  Aaron pulls guard and is getting in some elbows from the bottom.  Jake gets kicked off and and gets an upkick to the cup.  Fight resumes and they are back to their feet.  Aaron connects with a heavy right.  Jake presses Aaron up against the cage.  Aaron pulls guard again.  Aaron gets in more elbows from the bottom.  Jake is working some hammerfists.  Aaron kicks him off and gets in an upkick to the head and the chest.  

Hixenbaugh 10-9

Rd 2:  Jake rushes in with a short elbow.  Jake twirls Aaron around and gets the takedown.  Jake got in some good ground and pound.  Jake is looking for arm triangle and gets the tap.

πŸ‘Š CAGE TITANS 63 MMA RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Jake Hixenbaugh defeats Aaron Hughes via tapout to arm triangle at 3:39 in Round 2.

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145 PRO MMA Pat Gilbride (4-3 Lauzon) vs Lionel Young (Citadel 11-20)

Rd 1: Lionel slams Pat to the mat.  Pat gets a triangle and Lionel punches his way out.  He shifts it to an armbar and gets the tap.  

πŸ‘Š CAGE TITANS 63 MMA RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Pat Gilbride defeats Lionel Young via tapout to armbar at 55 seconds in Round 1.

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170 PRO MMA Jon Piersma (6-2 Synthesis) vs. Aaron Trecell (4-4 Sityodtong)

Rd 1: Both fighters get in a punch.  Jon gets the takedown and has the side.  Jon gets into the crucifix position and is dropping elbows.  Aaron is bucking hard as much as he can to get Jon off but to no avail.  Ref stops the fight.

πŸ‘Š CAGE TITANS 63 MMA RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Jon Piersma defeats Aaron Trecell via tko stoppage to strikes at 2:56 in Round 1.

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155 PRO MMA Tom Santos (12-12 Brazil MMA) vs. Zach DiSabatino (11-4 SSSF)

Rd 1: Zach gets the takedown.  Tom stands up and Zach takes his back.  He is getting in some heavy ground and pound.  He gets into full mount and is trying more for the stoppage.  He flattens him out and gets the stoppage.

πŸ‘Š CAGE TITANS 63 MMA RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Zach DiSabatino defeats Tom Santos via tko stoppage to strikes at 3:39 in Round 1.

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155 PRO MMA OG TITLE Greg Jones (1-0 Daniel Gracie) vs Brian Cosco (2-1 Sityodtong)

Rd 1: Brian gets the takedown and is working the guard.  Greg gets some space and gets back to his feet.  He gets a takedown of his own and is in the guard.  Brian rolls him and Greg passes to full mount but gets pushed off to the side.  Greg cranks on the shoulder with an americana as the round ends.

Jones 10-9

Rd 2:  Brian eats a punch and gets the slamming takedown.  Greg reverses and is in half guard.  Greg is working some elbows.  He tries for an arm triangle with 8 seconds left but runs out of time.

Jones 10-9

Rd 3:  Brian goes for the takedown.  Greg has a guillotine but can't get the finish.  Brian goes for a guillotine but can't get it.  Greg is on top and has the side.  He is getting in some shots and Brian gives up his back.  Greg gets the rear naked choke for the tap. 

πŸ‘Š CAGE TITANS 63 MMA RESULTS πŸ‘Š  Greg Jones defeats Brian Cosco via tapout to rear naked choke at 3:19 in Round 3.  He becomes the first Cage Titans OG Champ!

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125 PRO MMA TITLE Justin Valentin (4-2 Underdog BJJ) vs. Mitch Raposo (8-1 Regiment)

Rd 1: Both fighters seem content to work their strikes.  Blood is coming from Justin's nose.  Justin dives for two takedowns but is stuffed.  Mitch connects with another clean right.  

Raposo 10-9

Rd 2:  Justin starts us off with a leg kick.  Mitch connects with another right.  Mitch drops Justin.  Justin eats some punches and rolls and gets back to his feet.  

Raposo 10-9

Rd 3:  Justin starts the round off with a leg kick.  Mitch is controlling this round once again.  

Raposo 10-9

Rd 4:  Mitch is controlling the round on its feet.  Justin tries for a takedown to no avail.  Mitch connects with a liver shot that hurts Justin.  He gets in a few more punches and gets the ref stoppage.

πŸ‘Š CAGE TITANS 63 MMA RESULTS πŸ‘ŠMitch Raposo defeats Justin Valentin via tko stoppage to strikes at 3:03 in Round 4.  Mitch becomes the new Cage Titans flyweight champion!

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--FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Raposo/Valentin
--SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Greg Jones

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That puts a wrap on another memorable Cage Titans night.  Cage Titans will return on March 30th so mark your calendars.  Desilets was dominant once again and is quickly becoming the most feared 170lber real fast.  Raposo dominated and is clearly still #1 in New England.  Promotions are going to have to fly in some national talent as he has been rolling through everyone in New England.  I also enjoyed the Jones and Cosco war.  It really goes to show you that age is just a number as those guys went hard even into Round 3.  Let us know by commenting below what your memorable moments were of the night....

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