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March 1, 2009

Team Ravenous On CSN!!!!

image Just wanted to do a quick post and let everyone know that there is a new show on Comcast Sports Network which is channel 52 which recaps the WCF.  Now I haven't seen it yet but I heard a rumor that it features Team Ravenous in it.  Check it out for yourself and you will find out. Here are the times listed below of the next two reairings.

Monday March 2nd

(MRL) WCF Rewind - World Championship Fighting

Sunday March 8th

(MRL) WCF Rewind - World Championship Fighting

The half-hour program, filmed at WCF#4, features intimate and gritty portraits of some of the region's most exciting up and coming mixed martial artists as they prepare for bouts.
The premier episode, which will be presented by title sponsor Kelly's House of Harley Davidson, demonstrates the diversity of MMA as one of New England's most decorated amateur wrestlers, Matthew Smith from Danville, NH, takes on Josh Spearman, a tough MMA veteran from Providence, RI now residing in Lynn, MA. In very candid pre-fight segments, Spearman credits MMA for keeping him off the streets and out of jail. Smith claims that he and Spearman were former teammates and that there is no love lost between them.


Its not really a rumor.  I know for a fact that it contains some Team Ravenous footage!!! Please do check it out.  I know I will.