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December 23, 2010

Roll With The Pro: Brutal Ground and Pound

By Gabriel “Gladiator” Santos
BJJ Black Belt/ Judo Brown Belt/ MMA Professional Fighter
With this work out, you will greatly improve your “Ground ‘n’ Pound” game.

Necessary equipment:
· MMA Gloves
· Bag on the mat
· Pads
· A work out partner
Warm up:
· Stretches – 5 minutes
· Jump rope – 10 minutes
Work out:
· 3 x 5 minute rounds (Rest for 30 seconds between each round.)
These 30 seconds of rest will improve your recovery time in the fight.

Cool down (After work out):
· Jump rope – 5 minutes
This prevents muscle fatigue and soreness.
· Stretches – 2-3 minutes
Total training = 45 minutes

Follow the Work out Technique in order:
1. For 1 minute – “Using pads”
Stand up with a partner to practice explosive combos.
This keeps your BPM at a high level.
2. For 1 minute – “Isometrics on the bag”
Use side control for static power.
This improves your grip and your isometric power. This exercise is very good to keep your opponent on the ground and prevent him from getting up.
3. For 1 minute – “Mount the bag”
With the bag on the ground punch the bag 4 times while down on the mount and 4 times while standing up. Do this up and down continuously.
4. For 1 minute – “Movements on the bag”
Use 4 techniques:
· Side control
· North and south
· Knee on the belly
· Mount
Continuously change the 4 positions for 1 minute.
Changing the position all the time with good base keeps your opponent on the ground and the referee can’t stop the fight and go back to the stand up position.
5. For 1 minute – “Elbows”
Mount the bag and give 2 right and 2 left elbows continuously.
Now your opponent is exhausted but you still have good pressure. It’s time to finish the fight.
I hope you guys enjoy the training!

Thank you to Gabriel "Gladiator" Santos for this fun and informative routine.  We at appreciate the time and dedication that Gladiator puts into his training.
We look forward to next month's installment of "Roll with the Pro."