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December 21, 2010

Reality Fighting photo montage

So with the passing weekend bringing us another terrific promotion in Reality Fighting, I was lucky enough to be cage side and snap some photos. The downside to this is that I was not able to do a lot of note taking for an article. However, Old School did it up sickly over at and I strongly suggest you read his twist on " 'Twas the night before Christmas", but before you do please take about six minutes and let us transport you to the best seats in the house cageside along with a killer soundtrack.

I would like to thank Joe Cuff and Kipp for making welcome at Mohegan Sun.  It is a great venue.  I'd also like to thanks the fighters, refs, and ring girls for letting us photograph you all.  Finally I'd like to thank Dave Thomas (no not the Wendy's founder) for taking the time to sift through almost 360 pictures and matching them up with a couple of sick songs.

Joe Leonard is a contributing author of and a student of Team Ravenous MMA at ATA in South Deerfield, MA.

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