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March 30, 2011

Premier FC 5 Tentative Card for 4/9/2011



Here is the tentative fight card for Premier FC 5.  It is an action packed 15 fights with 11 amateur and 4 professionals.

Elias Rivera (Dog Pound) 7-4 vs. Gabriel Gladiator (American Fight Team/Gladiator BJJ) 9-6 185lbs

Tommy Marcellino (Stryker) 1-0 vs. Tyson Chartier (Sityodtong) 2-0  160lbs.

Mark Hoxie (Team Hoxie) 0-8 vs. Kym Sturdivant (Ameican Fight Team/Gladiator BJJ) 3-6 225lbs.

Brandon Chagnon (Sityodtong) 2-1 vs. Mike Filippone (American Fight Team/Gladiator BJJ) 0-0 165lbs.



Denise Goddard (Guardian) 0-0 vs. Sarah Payant (Ravenous) 0-1 135lbs.

Matt Leddick (NY Boxing) 3-6 vs. Kemran Lachinov (American Fight Team/Gladiator BJJ) 4-2 170lbs

Adel Lolic (Blue Devil) 3-1 vs. Ralphy Cruz (American Fight Team/Gladiator BJJ) 3-2 170lbs

Shawn Cosway (Guardian) 0-0 vs. Jeremy Riepold (Ravenous) 2-0 135lbs

Dustin Linden (CCSU) 0-0 vs. Dexter Rhodes (CTMMA) 1-0 225lbs.

Robert Rios (Nitsuj) 1-1 vs. Nestor Xicohtencatl (Renzo Gracie) 0-0 145lbs.

Mike Jensen (Greater Hartford Bando) 0-0 vs. Jamie Courtney (Sityodtong) 1-3 160lbs.

Robert Cameron (Condemned Combat) 0-0 vs. Erik Sommer (CTMMA) 1-0 205lbs

Joshua Randorf (Gracie BJJ) 0-0 vs. Matt Petrides (CTMMA) 1-0 155lbs.

Matt Tuthill (Renegade Kumite) 0-0 vs. Kevin Ortiz (Champions) 0-0 155lbs

Brandon Smith (Condemned Combat) 0-0 vs. Shannon Carballo (CTMMA) 0-2 155lbs.

Irving Cortes (CCSU) 1-0 vs. Sam Nadeau (American Fight Team/Gladiator BJJ) 3-3 145lbs

A great card with so many great fights to even mention.  We will be there of course covering the show for you all and rooting for all the Western Mass Fighters.  Good luck to all!! See you there!! Write a comment and let me know what fights you are looking forward to seeing.