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April 24, 2011

AFO Night of Champions 4/22/2011 Review

Jeremy “The Boss” Reipold and I ventured out to the next installment of AFO.  This card is a special one folks.  It contains multiple title fights as you can see from the nice poster to the left and a few defending title fights.  It contained 7 amateur fights and 3 professional fights for a total of 10 solid fights.  After being mesmerized at Wendy’s by the high tech soda machine we arrived at about 7ish at the event and unfortunately we missed Sharmera perform!! Click the link up above to go to his fan page so you can check out his music.  I hear he rocked and he told me he played some Godsmack covers and his hit single “Machine” which is available on Itunes and Amazon.  I hear it is even being played on Lazer 99.3 a bit which is awesome.
I take my seat in the media section next to Jay who is writing a review for  Wicked cool dude.  The Holiday Inn was packed and it definitely looked sold out so I would estimate it at around 1500 tickets sold.  I see many shirts of the fans with representing their fighters.  Rico had a big crowd of course and Team United Muay Lao had a lot in attendance.  Before I get onto the fights, I want to apologize for our picture quality.  Unfortunately we are not allowed up very close to the cage to get better photos for the review but Jer tries his best.  All the other shows we have gone to let us roam free and take pics so I direct you all to Rich O for the awesome photos.  I will post pics in this review of course and then we might do a slideshow but in a few weeks I will post all the pics we took and they will be on our facebook page for FREE for anyone to look at and download.  Our facebook fan page is found here.  We have many pictures on there already from previous shows so check them out!!!
AFO 630AFO 629
Fight 1: Jared Sarno(South Shore Sportfighting) 2-0 Vs. Shane Decristoforo(Team United Muay Lao) 1-0 125lbs
Sarno comes out to Korn-Blind and Shane comes out to Kanye West/Jay-Z H.A.M. 
They come out and are cautious for a bit but then Shane goes for a double leg takedown and gets it.  They are in guard position and Shane is on top.  Sarno goes for an armbar submission but Shane slams him and punches his way out of it. Very nicely done.  Sarno then sweeps to full mount but Shane sweeps out then Sarno takes back and transitions to a triangle-like choke attempt but Shane has a triangle attempt of his own on as well and the round ends with both fighters in that position.  Double Triangle all the way across the cage!!!  This round is tough to call but I give it to Sarno 10-9 due to sub attempt and full mount position.
Rd 2: Decristoforo comes out and shoots for the takedown but is stuffed.  Sarno ends up getting a takedown.  They are on the ground briefly and Sarno stands up and drops some nice punches to the head.  They scramble and Shane sweeps out and stands up briefly and then back to guard with Sarno on top.  Shane sweeps and Sarno takes the back and gets some nice shots in and tries for rear naked but time runs out.
Sarno 10-9
Rd 3: Sarno goes for takedown they fall and scramble back up.  Sarno charges and throws a nasty punch and both fighters fall to the ground.  Shane is now on top controlling the side.  He gets some nice knees to the body and the crowd is chanting “Knee Knee Knee"!!!”  Shane passes to full mount.  Sarno sweeps and Shane takes the back and gets a rear naked choke but Sarno fights it and the round ends.
Decristoforo 10-9
Jared “The Badger” Sarno defeats Shane Decristoforo via Unanimous decision 29-28.  Sarno improves to 3-0 and is awarded the AFO Flyweight belt!!  Great fight to kick off the night.  Definitely on my list for fight of the night.  This was a really close decision but I guess its true what they say…that’s why you try not to leave it to the judges hands!!
AFO 649AFO 665
Fight 2: Rico Disciullo(Sityodtong) 4-0 Vs. Kin Moy(Redline) 4-0 135lbs.
Rico comes out to Notorious B.I.G.-Who Shot Ya and Kin comes out to Dope-I’m Back.  I am a huge Dope fan, it was a nice treat Kin!  The crowd is chanting “Rico, Rico, Rico"!”
They come out and tough gloves.  Both are very humble fighters.  Anyone who has seen Rico should know this guy has KO power.  None of his fights have made it out of the first round.  He fires fierce right hands looking for the KO and a few of them connect but Kin takes em and tries to clinch and throw some leg kick which connect a few times.  It is back and forth like this for a few minutes and eventually Rico’s hands are gonna get ya if you stand with him too long.  A huge right hand connects just right and Kin gets rocked and the ref stops it.  Watch out for Rico.  He hits like a 205er!!! 
Rico Disciullo defeats Kin Moy via KO in 2:21 in Rd 1.
Rico now has the Cage Titans Bantamweight belt and the AFO Bantamweight belt and improves to 5-0.
AFO 697AFO 692
The AFO calls Kevin the Ref to the cage and give him an award.  Congrats Kevin!!
Fight 3: Rob Font(Sityodtong) 1-1 Vs. Andre Soukhamthath(Team United Muay Lao) 3-0 145lb
Font comes out to Jay-Z-D.O.A. and Andre comes out to R Kelly-The World’s Greatest. 
They come out and touch gloves and exchange some leg kicks to start it off.  They clinch and end and Andre ends up getting the takedown.  Andre is now on top and gets in some nice ground and pound.  It goes on for a bit with both fighters working hard.  Font sweeps out and they scramble to a stand briefly and Font ends up on top in half guard position.  They both fight hard for position and the round ends.
Andre 10-9
Rd 2: Font starts it off with a nice leg kick.  Font goes for a TD but Andre fights it and they Font pushes up against the cage.  Font fights for it and ends up getting the double leg takedown.  Font is now on top and Andre sweeps and they scramble and they are standing briefly and Font gets another takedown.  Font is now in guard but Andre fights hard and his holding arms so he can’t get hit with too much damage.  Font shows his excellent ground and pound skills here and gets some nice shots in.
Font 10-9
Rd 3: They both come out swinging.  Andre goes for a Superman Punch that misses.  Font ends up getting a nice single leg takedown and now Font is in the half guard position.  Andre sweeps and they scramble.  Font takes the back and goes for a Rear Naked Choke but nothing too deep.  Andre eventually slides out and they scramble as the round ends. 
Font 10-9
Rob Font defeats Andre Soukhamthath via unanimous decision 29-29.  Font improves to 2-1 and is now the AFO Featherweight Champion. 
AFO 729AFO 735
Fight 4: Thane Stimson(House of Rolling Thunder) 4-0 vs. Nate Andrews(Rockstar/Team United Muay Lao) 4-1 155lbs.
Stimson comes out to Disturbed-Indestructible and Nate comes out to T.I.-I’m Back.
They come out and touch gloves.  They clinch and Stimpson gets a huge slamming takedown.  Stimson is now on top and advances from guard to full mount.  Andrews sweeps and Stimson nicely transitions to the back and fights for a Rear Naked Choke.  He softens up Nate for a bit and ends up hooking the legs and sinks it in deep and Andrews is forced to tap.
Thane Stimson defeats Nate Andrews via Rear Naked Choke in 2:09 in Rd 1 and becomes the amateur 155lber champ and moves to 5-0.
AFO 757AFO 753
Fight 5: Jeff Bermani(Sityodtong) 2-0 Vs. Ricardo Georges(Team Pradal-Serey) 6-1 170lbs.
Bermani came out to DJ Whoo Kid/50 Cent-E.M.S. and Georges came out to Metallica-Wherever I May Roam.
Bermani comes out swinging for the fences.  This guy has some power.  Georges weathers the storm and Georges ends up going for a takedown but Bermani ends up with a standing guilliotine.  Georges fights it and ends up slipping out and they stand briefly and Bermani gets a nice body shot in.  Georges then ends up getting the takedown.  Georges is on top and Bermani eventually sweeps out and they stand up and they clinch and Georges gets another takedown via trip.  He is on top and gets in some ground and pound as the round ends.
Georges 10-9
Rd 2: They come out and Georges fires a nasty right hand that catches Bermani and he drops.  Georges quickly runs to cover and finish the job but the ref stops.
Ricardo Georges defeats Jeff Bermani via TKO 6 seconds in rd 2.  Ricardo improves to 7-1 and becomes the ammy AFO Welterweight Champ.
AFO 784AFO 772
Fight 6: John Duclaw(Iron Will Training Center) 2-2 Vs Joe Cloutier(Doomsday) 3-2 185lbs
Duclaw comes out to 50 Cent-Don’t Push Me and Cloutier comes out to Whitesnake-Here I Go Again.
Cloutier comes out and shoots for a takedown and after a few seconds ends up getting a huge slamming takedown.  He gets full mount very quickly and gets in some nice ground and pound.  Duclaw bucks and gets out but Cloutier gets a guilliotine choke sunk and rolls back.  It is in WICKED DEEP and Duclaw is forced to tap.
Joe Cloutier defeats John Duclaw via guilliotine submission in 1:56 in Rd 1.  He moves to 4-2 and becomes the AFO Middleweight Champion.
AFO 803AFO 815
Fight 7: Javier Velasquez(Connor’s MMA) 1-0 Vs Mario Gonzales(Team United Muay Lao) 2-0 Heavy weight
Javier comes out to Geto Boys-Mind Playing Tricks On Me and Mario came out to Diddy Dirty Money-Comin’  Home.
They come out and clinch.  Gonzales goes for a takedown but is stuffed and eventually they break.  Javier gets a nice leg kick in.  They clinch and end up falling to the ground.  Javier passes guard to full mount and starts reigning bombs.  Gonzales weathers the storm and the round ensues on the ground with Mario taking significant damage on the ground. 
Javier 10-9
Rd 2: I noticed at this point Gonzales is bleeding near his left eye.  Gonzales gets in a nice leg kick.  Javier gets in a nice leg kick combo of his own and Mario shoots for a takedown and pushes Javier up against the cage.  Javier gets in some nice leg kicks to body.  Mario gives em right back.  Javier ends up getting a takedown and does some more brutal ground and pound.  He lets Mario back and up and they clinch up against the cage where Mario takes some more significant damage as the round ends.
Javier 10-9
Rd 3: Both fighters are pretty exhausted.  Mario looks more so.  Gonzales has been through wars though, very tough SOB.  Mario goes for a superman punch but it mostly misses.  Javier clinches and pushes Mario up against the cage.  Gonzales is taking more brutal shots from Javier.  They eventually break and Mario fires some wild haymakers that most of em miss.  The 10 second sound goes off and they all start banging.  An all out war.  The round ends and Mario’s face has blood everywhere.  Great fight.
Javier 10-9
Javier Velasquez defeats Mario Gonzales unanimous decicion 30-27 who improves to 2-0 and gets the ammy HVYWT belt. Definitely FOTN material!!
AFO 855AFO 831
Now onto the pro fights of the night!!!!
Fight 9: Lionel Young(Team Maxx) 4-5 148lbs** Vs Ruben Rey(Team Rockstar) 3-1 145 lbs
Young weighed in 3 lbs over but Ruben being a siko that he is took the fight anyways.  Young comes out to 2pac/Biggie- Runnin’ and Rey comes out to Phil Collins-In The Air Tonight. 
They clinch and Lionel gets a massive slamming takedown.  The crowd goes wild as was I.  Young immediately takes the back and sinks in the rear naked choke and is forced to tap.
Lionel Young defeats Ruben Rey via tapout to rear naked choke in 42 secs in rd 1 and wins the Featherweight Belt.  Young spoke with me after the fight and he is looking for sponsors people!!!  He said he is a free agent!!  Ruben will bounce back.
AFO 870AFO 866
Fight 10: Glen Reeves(Iron Will Training Center) 0-3 201lbs vs Shawn Baker(Cape Cod Fighting Alliance) 0-2 188lbs
Shawn Baker comes out to his indian head dress as usual and comes out to Termanology-Back From the Dead and Reeves comes out to GNR-Welcome To The Jungle.
They come out and Reeves gets a double leg takedown with Reeves on top to the side then briefly to north south.  Baker sweeps out and takes back.  He then sinks in the rear naked choke for the win.
Shawn Baker defeats Glen Reeves via rear naked choke in 45 seconds in rd 1
AFO 878AFO 897
Fight 10: Dyrell Walker(Rhodes Kajukenbo/The Pit M.A.) 5-7 vs Luis Felix(Team Rockstar)6-6 155lbs
Walker comes out a remix of a DMX song I believe and Rockstar Felix comes out to Wiz Khalifa-Goodbye.
They touch gloves and both fighters are very cautious on making the first move.  Felix starts it off with a nice leg kick.  Dyrell gets a nice combo to the body.  Felix just misses with a fierce right hand.  Felix ends up getting a slamming takedown.  Felix is on top on the side controlling the fight and doing some major ground and pound.  He eventually passes to full mount and throws some nasty elbows to the face and a whole lotta GNP going on.  Dyrell bucks out and they stand and have a good sprawl.  Eventually both fighters go to the ground and Felix is in half guard.  Dyrell sweeps and they scramble again.  Felix gets in a guilliotine and pushes Dyrell up against the cage.  Dyrell gets out and Felix takes a big swing and misses as the bell sounds.
Felix 10-9
Rd 2: Dyrell gets a nice body shot in but Felix makes him pay with a slamming takedown.  Felix then takes the back but Dyrell rolls out and Felix ends up getting full mount.  He tries to lay some more GNP but Dyrell rolls out again and Felix takes the back.  He throws some nasty elbows to the side of the head.  The rest of the round is all Felix just throwing massive shots to the sides of the face of Dyrell.  The round ends and as they get up even from way in the back I could see Dyrell’s eye is swollen shut.  Sure enough the doctor checks it out and says Not In My House and stops the fight.
Luis Felix defeats Dyrell Walker via doctor stoppage due to swollen eye.  Felix moves to 7-6 and gets to keep his Pro Lightweight Title!
AFO 912AFO 936
Fight of the Night: Javier Velasquez Vs Mario Gonzales.  All out WAR for 3 rounds with lots of blood. No Brainer here for FOTN!!!
Submission of the Night: Joe Cloutier Vs John Duclaw RNC….lotta choices I just enjoyed this one.
KO of the Night: Rico Disciullo vs Kin Moy of course!!!
Blunder of the Night: Poor Dyrell’s eye!!!  Heal up bud.

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)
Quality of Fights:4.5
Star Quality:4
Ring Girls:4
Overall: 4.36

Great night of fights.  The Boss and I talked about em all the way home in our 2 hr drive.  All the fighters fought hard.  Thanks to Pete DiLorenzo and Mark for letting us come and write this review.  Next AFO show is May 6th Uncensored at Fall Rivers so mark you calendars and of course we will keep you up to date.  I am looking forward to seeing Jesse Camp as a new matchmaker for AFO and Nick Disalvo doing the promoting out in Billerica, MA.  Big things for AFO!!

Any fighters have any videos of their fights and want them showcased on here email me at and we will try to accommodate!!