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April 3, 2011

Cage Titans "Vengeance" review.

On Saturday April 1, 2011, myself and fellow WMMMA photog/author/siko Joe Leonard made our way out to Boston to cover the fights. This show was right in the city, at the Local 103 IBEW building, and we made it in without a hitch.

As always the promoter Mr. Mike Polvere had us on the list, and we grabbed our press passes and made it into the venue a little early to check the place out. It was a cool set up, with vendors and gear companies in the lobby. Representing their wares, were Boston Brawler, Prime Athletics, Get Punched, BattleGrounds Fight Gear, a place that sells framed poster size pictures of the Boston sports teams, and a booth for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

The actual room where the cage was set up was was a hexagonish...-type room, with the cage in the center, and seating all the way around. It really made all the seats a pretty nice view, for all the fans in attendance. As always Mike put the press booth real close to the cage, to give us a nice view. (unlike some other shows I've been to in the past...) Another thing I love about the C.T shows, is the fact that they let us get close to the cage with our camera, as Leonard had free reign of the venue, even right up to the cage.(again, unlike other shows we've covered??) Another treat for the fans was the band that was playing as the night was getting under way. The band, Jessie and the Rippers, played old school rap hits, with a jazz/rock groove, and they were pretty damn good!! The place had like 3-4 bar windows, where the fans could grab a beer, wine, and even a mixed drink. Pizza, chips, soda, and candy were also for sale.

I secured my end seat at the press booth, and made my way around the venue to see who was in the crowd. Many of the "local" heavy hitters were there, including my friends and Team Ravenous team mates, Todd Selva, and Sarah "Soulja" Payant. My boys from AFT, Anthony "Violence" Kaponis, Josh "Badseed" LaPorte, Nate Nadeau, and Damien "The Omen" Trites. As well as new celeb Chuck "Cold Steel" O'Neil from this seasons Ultimate Fighter. Our friend and great photographer Rich O was there to cover it all too, can't wait to see his pics!!

I checked out the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network table, and bought some raffle tickets to help the great cause. Eddie Lee, fighting out of Sityodtong, was donating his purse, and raising money for this cause, as he had lost his uncle to the disease. They were raffling off a gear bag full of donated mma goodies, that anyone would be lucky to win!! As we waited for the fights to start, the fans also got a chance to come into the cage and get their picture taken with the beautiful Cage Titans ring card girls, which I thought was a cool gesture to the fans...

It was finally time for the show, the band finished up, and the lights dimmed for the singing of the national anthem, done by Melissa Jane. The crowed roared their approval, and it was time for the first fight of the night!!

Fight 1 - Matt Doherty (1-1) Team Pradel Serey vs Cory Pickering (2-0) SSSF 145lb am

rd1 - Matt throws a nice hard right to open the fight. Cory pushes right back, and both fighters are exchanging, with some good dirty boxing by both. Matt gets the take down into full guard against the cage, as he tries to posture up for strikes, Matt grabs for a leg lock. Cory defends well, spins out, and ends up sitting on top of Matt. He instantly starts to throw heavy punches that are hitting their mark. Cory pounds away for the reff stoppage. * Winner - Cory Pickering rd1, 1:36 TKO ref stoppage

Fight 2 - Dinis Paiva (2-3) Team JKD vs Billy Giovanella (3-0) Connors MMA  145lb am

rd1 - Billy looks angry and intense as he waits for the ref to start the action. The fighters circle, Dinis throws a punch, but Billy clinches right up, and ends up in a front head-lock position, and the fighters go to the ground. Billy shows slick BJJ, and transitions into an arm bar attempt. Dinis quickly spins out, and goes for a guillotine of his own, that looks deep! Billy defends, and powers out, they scramble, now Billy has the back and is looking for the rear naked choke as the round ends. 10-9 Billy

rd2 - Billy is looking winded after the 1st round. The fighters circle Billy shoots, but Dinis sprawls well., Billy pushes for the clinch against the cage.Dinis Powers the Take down, and ends up in Billys full guard. Dinis lets Billy up, and Billy instantly shoots again with no success, Dinis scores with a few good punches and kicks as the round ends. 10-9 Dinis

rd3 - Billy still looks tired from the 1st. Once again Billy clinches into the cage, Dinis reverses, and throws a nice knee to the body. They scramble, and Dinis momentarily takes the back standing. He separates and scores with a leg kick. Fighters are circling and jabbing with little success, and end up in the clinch. Billy tries for a throw, but his tank seems empty. A few nice knees and a takedown at the end for Dinis seems to secure the round, and the win. 10-9 Dinis * winner rd3 unanimous decision Dinis Paiva

Fight 3 - Sean Nichols (1-3) Wai Kru vs Peter Barrett (0-0) Team MAXX  16lb am

rd1 - Pete means business from the bell, as he comes across the cage on the attack. He shoots, but Sean sprawls well, and powers forward for a take down of his own. As he goes to take the back, Pete scrambles to top side control, and delivers a few nice hard knees to the body and shoulder of Sean. Sean sweeps to top, and stands back up. Sean starts to work some well placed kicks low and high. Sean throws a nice superman punch that backs Pete into the cage, and Sean throws some nice uppercuts to close out the round.
very close round ?

rd2 - Sean starts with another nice inside leg kick, and they trade punches. Pete continues to push the fight forward, but Sean is counter punching pretty well. The fighters clinch up and exchange some nice knees to the body, and some dirty boxing from both sides. In the exchange Sean takes a knee to his cup, and the ref gives him a little recovery time. They start back up, and both guys look a little tired. Pete shoots but misses as the round ends. 10-9 Sean

rd3 - Again Sean starts the round with a nice inside kick. Pete's still moving forward looking to bring the fight to the ground, as he has no real answer for the stand up of Sean. He continues to shoot, but Seans sprawl is well timed, and Seans kicks are beginning to score more and more. Pete continues to press and finally gets a take down into the cage. Too little too late, as the round ends. 10-9 Sean * winner Sean Nichols r3 3 UD

Fight 4 - Chris Rowley (2-3) Northern Aggression vs Joe Brennan (1-2) Sage MMA  135lb pro

rd1 Joe pulls the old touch gloves instant punch trick, and backs up Chris into the cage. Joe runs forward throwing wild punches, but nothing really lands flush. Chris clinches up and throws a sweet knee to the body that drops Joe to the floor. He gets back up and Chris drops him with a left. Chris lets him back up only to instantly drop him again, this time he moves in for the kill, and the ref has to save the turtled Brennan.
* winner rd1 :35 sec Chris Rowley ref stoppage.

Fight 5 - Christian Rivera (4-10) GSMMA vs Johnny Campbell (1-1) SSSF  135lb pro

rd1 - Christian comes out swinging, but Johnny goes right for the take down with a nice slam. The savvy veteran Rivera gets a hold of Johnny's neck and stands back up into the clinch. Johnny gets another big slam and transitions to take Christian's back. Christian defends trying to dump Johnny, but Johnny takes the arm bar in the process and gets the tap out. * winner Johnny Campbell rd1 1:24 arm bar submission.

Fight 6 - Steven Langlais (3-0) Team United vs Eddie Lee (2-0) Sityodtong 145lb

rd1 - Steve comes out pushing forward, but Eddie gets a big slam take down. Steve grabs the neck on the way down, and threatens with a tight guillotine. Eddie defends well, but Steve keeps adjusting and it looks tight. After a long time Eddie finally pops his head out, and is on top in full guard. Steve shows good control as Eddie can't really posture up to do any damage, but he gets a couple through as the round ends. 10-9 Steve

rd2 - Steve is coming forward again, as Eddie looks to counter. The fighters clinch up against the cage for a moment, and exchange punches. They separate, and Eddie is starting to work his jab very effectively. He throws three straight jabs and a low kick that all find their mark on Langlais. Eddie fakes a right, and shoots a nice take down Steve looks for the guillotine as the round ends. 10-9 Eddie

rd3 - Both fighters come out looking to score, and trade punches and low kicks. Both fighters are starting to show a little damage, and Eddie's nose is bleeding a bit. Eddie gets a single leg take down into side control. Steve controls well as Eddie has trouble posturing up to punch. Eddie throws some knees to the body, and the fighters exchange punches on the ground as the fight comes to an end. 10-9 Eddie *winner Eddie Lee rd 3 unanimous decision.
**After the fight Eddie spoke to the crowd about the cause he was fighting for, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. He also spoke about his uncle who passed away battling the disease. He asked that people donate what they can to this honorable cause.

Intermission- At this point in the show, Mike Polvere got into the cage to give out the awards for the under card fights. KO of the night went to Chris "Kumite" Rowley, Sub. of the night went to Johnny "Cupcakes" Campbell, and Fight of The Night was split between the Nichols-Barrett fight, and the Lee-Langlais fight. I really like that Mike does this. It gives under card fighters good recognition, and awards fighters for their efforts. I think other shows should do these type of things..... ;)
Melissa Jane came back in the cage and sang her hit song, and Jessie and the Rippers came back out and did their thing once again. Mike called Anthony Kaponis from AFT/Gladiator BJJ into the cage to give him a chance to say something to the crowd. Kaponis had 2 different fighters pull out of his fight, and showed his displeasure with it. He called the people who backed out, "Bitches' and let all the 155ers in New England know he's ready for their challenge!!
Mike then called New England's newest tv star, from The Ultimate Fighter, and SSSF Chuck "Cold Steel" O'Niel!! Chuck talked a bit about the show, without telling any details. He said he had a lot of fun, and full filled a long time dream of his, by getting on the show.Tune in Wednesday's on Spike to see him on the show!!

Fight 7 Grappling Superfight Saul Almeida vs Bill Jones

This was a grappling only match, with no points, submission win only. Bill threatened early with a take down and sik modified Kimura that was very deep for a bit. Jones stayed on top for most of the match. Saul couldn't score a take down, didn't really threaten any subs, but it' always cool to see two great grapplers go at it. They hugged it out in the end, and showed respect for each others submission game.

Fight 8 Joe Pignatore (6-2) Team Rockstar vs Will Chan (3-0) SSSF  155lb am Title fight

rd1 - Both fighters spend a while circling and sizing each other up. Both throw out big rights, but no one connects. Joe scores with a couple inside leg kicks, but the fighters continue to circle with no one committing too much as the round ends. 10-9 Joe

rd2 - More of the same as the fighters circle looking for the right opening. Joe throws a fast high kick that stuns Will. Joe runs in to finish, but is dropped by a nice right hand from Will. Joe pops right up, and drops Will with a straight left hand. Will is hurt, and turtles up as Joe pounces in for the finish.
*winner Joe Pignatore rd2 :49sec KO

Fight 9 - Anthony Carmenatty (4-5) Backyard MMA  vs Rico Discuillo (3-0)Sityodtong  135lb am Title Fight

rd1 - Rico comes out and just misses with his signature right hand. He takes Ant's back, but they scramble, and Ant grabs on and jumps guard for a nice deep guillotine. It looks like we could have the upset of the year, but Rico is cool, and defends well. After some time, he finally pops out into top position in full guard. The fighters stand, and Rico finally connects with his big right. Surprisingly, Anthony takes the punch, drops his hands, and asks for more. Rico clinches, and throws a devastating Knee to the body that drops Anthony. Rico jumps on, takes the back and finishes with a rear naked choke for the tap. * winner Rico D. rd1 2:06 RNC submission. **Rico got a chance to speak on the mic, and called out all comers at 135lbs. He also called out Kin "Kong" Moy, and said he's going to take the #1 am135lb ranking!! Can't wait to see that one!!!

Fight 10 - Ricardo Georges (5-1) Pradel Serey vs Keegan Hornstra (3-3) Team KAOS  170lb am Title Fight.

rd1 - These guys get right to action, and Keegan misses with a huge right. Ric throws a nice high kick that also misses it's mark. He instantly clinches, and powers Keegan to the ground while setting up a head and arm choke. Keegan defends, but Ric takes the back, and cinches in the rear naked choke for the finish.
*winner Ricardo Georges rd1 ?time..

Main Event Fight 11 - Barrington Douse (7-9) AFT/Gladiator BJJ vs Tateki Matsuda (5-2) Sityodtong

rd1 - Fighters circle, and B throws a couple kicks that miss. Tek answers with some low kicks of his own that score. B rushes in, and gets dropped by a short punch. Tek takes the back and immediately looks for the choke. B defends, and Tek takes the mount and begins to drop punches. B turtles, and scrambles his way to top position in Tek's full guard. He tries to posture but Tek is showing an active guard. He tries an arm bar, but B defends well. The round ends. 10-9 Tek

rd2 - Tek starts off with a nice jab to low kick that both score. B tries a spin kick but misses. Tek again drops him with a short punch, and follows that up with some nice ground and pound from the top.B stands, but Tek gets a slam take down, and passes to side control. He uses some elbows and takes B's back. Tek is working for the RNC again, but B is defending well. Tek keeps up decent ground and pound and delivers some nice knees to the body. The fighters stand and clinch, B tries for Tek's neck as the round ends. 10-9 Tek

rd3 - B comes out working the jab. Tek throws a nice low kick punch combo that scores. B is again trying spinning attacks, and is missing. Tek starts to score with a nice left hook over the top. B throws a nice side to side kick of his own, but Tek continues to get the better of the exchanges. 10-9 Tek

rd4 - Fighters get into the clinch, and both exchange nice knees. They separate and Tek throws up a slapping high kick B lets the wild crowd know it didn't connect, then gets stunned with a right hand from Tek. Tek gets another take down into mount, and instantly works and arm bar attempt. B pulls out, and Tek scrambles for another take down into side control. He gets the knee on belly, into mount and starts some ground and pound. B sweeps to top, stands up, and Tek gets another take down to end the round. 10-9 Tek

rd5 - Tek comes out throws a low kick. Both fighters are missing with jabs. B throws a nice teep kick followed by a low kick that scores. Tek begins to mix up the high and low kicks. B tries to answer with more spin kicks, but continues to miss his mark. Tek shoots and gets another take down ending up in half guard. From here he works some effective elbows, and knees to the body. They scramble but Tek keeps the dominant positions to end out the round. 10-9 Tek  * winner Tateki Matsuda rd5 unanimous decision

Tateki got to speak to the crowd, and asked that everyone do what they can to help his country of Japan after the massive tsunami. Barrington thanked Cage Titans for the shot, and urged the crowd to help Tek and Japan. Class from both guys after a hard fought war.

As usual, Mike Polvere out did himself with this show. I'd like to thank him for allowing us to cover Cage Titans events. Great job to all who worked, fought and represented at Vengeance, can't wait till the next Cage Titans event!!!!

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