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May 25, 2011

AFO Summer Brawl Fight Card So Far


AFO Heavyweight Title
Tyler King (Connors MMA) vs Randy Smith (CNYMMA)

AFO 145 Rematch Title Fight
Lionel Young (Team Maxx) vs Ruben Rey (Rockstar)

AFO 170 Title
Paddy Thompson (SSS) vs TBA

John Johnston(Sityodtong) vs Sandor Binkley

Dan Cormier (Rockstar) vs Jared Sarno(SSS)

Danny Shields (Battleground) vs Jim Armato(Doomsday)

Jacob Evans (Battleground) vs Anson Hatfield (Knuckleup)

Adam Apricio (Boneyard) vs Kurt Patrick Chase (Ben Ortiz)

Keenan Raymond (Rockstar) vs Jeremiah Diruzzo (Redline)

Kody Nordby vs Mark Johnson (Keith Florian)

6 more fights will be added later this week, be sure to check back for more great fights from Summer Brawl! Head over to the ticket page and gets yours!!

This was straight from the AFO website so of course its legit.  I was talking to Pete about the comeback of Danny Shields and he filled me in on his record which is 0-2.  He told me Danny lost to the Water Buffalo Ricardo Georges and Shields broke his arm in that battle.  The other guy he lost to was Thai Nguyen and he lost a split decision so he is looking to get his first win right here in Mansfield!  We are all pumped for the Lionel Young vs. Ruben Ray fight.  There was some controversy over Lionel who didn’t make weight and won the belt so how do men settle their differences?? In the cage of course for all the siko fans to witness!!  Last but not least I am excited to see Tyler King fighting for the heavyweight belt.  He is taking on Randy Smith who is 10-10 so its going to be a very tough fight.  Tyler who is 3-0 and has not had a fight go out of the first round yet!!  This one is going to be a war to remember.