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May 24, 2011

Reality Fighting May 21,2011 Review

Reality 003
We all know what to expect when we go to a Reality Fighting show, and that is awesome fights!!  This one certainly did not disappoint.  My good friend Jeremy Reipold and I made it up to Mohegan Sun.  This was his first Reality Fighting show and my second.  Everyone loves the venue and how could you not.  Spectacular restaurants and just gorgeous scenery.  We arrived a bit early and was able to hit the slots and stop by Frank Pepe’s oven brick pizza.  I can see why The Boss’s dad recommends it.  I arrived at my seat and sat next to my good buddy Jay Jodoin.  We go way back like all the way to a few AFO shows ago.  There were 8 professional fights including a women’s superfight.  The house was packed and I would estimate a good 2000-2500 people there.  The atmosphere is always superb with the best cameras, many big screens showing the fight in case something is obstructing your view.  The even got a timer so we know when the fight is stopped.  Kipp Kollar and company are doing all the right things and we at WesternMassMMA appreciate them giving us the time to share with all of you.  So without further adieu lets get on with the fights already!
Reality 099
Fight 1: Kirkor Papasian(Jim Hughes & Royce Gracie) 0-1 Vs. Erik Lee(Blue Devil Fight Team) 2-0 145lbs.

Papasian comes out to Macho Man from his rap cd.  Mad respect for you bro for that!!  Lee came out to Five Finger Death Punch-War is the answer.  Papasian also has a full beard that would make Macho Man proud!!
Lee starts us off with nice leg kick.  They have a big exchange.  Both these guys are looking very comfortable with their stand up.  Lee gets in a nice right hand that stuns Papasian for a second but he gets right back up to his feet.  They clinch and Lee ends up getting a takedown via a trip. Lee works his ground game and gets in a few shots to the head.  He gets bucked off and just backs off and lets Papasian back up.  Papasian ends up getting a takedown of his own via trip.  Papasian is on top in the butterfly guard and Lee pushes him off.  They scramble and they go back down to the ground briefly but then they both stand up.  They have another nice exchange as the round ends.
Lee 10-9

Rd 2: They start out with another nice exchange.  Papasian gets in some good right hands in this exchange.  Papasian just misses with a right but Lee makes him pay with a nice right of his own.  Lee backs Papasian up into the cage and gets in some huge right hand combos.  Papasian pulls guard and goes for an armbar.  Lee punches and muscles his arm out and backs off.  They clinch and Papasian gets in good knee but most of the round Lee was controlling so I gave him the round.
Lee 10-9

Rd 3: They come out and tough gloves showing much respect despite the war going on in the cage!!  They clinch and Papasian gets in another nice knee to the body.  They break and then end up clinching again up against the cage.  Papasian gets a takedown via a trip and is trying to setup another armbar but Lee ends up taking the top position and working his side control.  Lee is getting in some good punches to the body and to the head here for a solid minute.  Lee then backs off and stands up and the round ends.
Lee 10-9
Erik Lee defeats Kirkor Papasian via unanimous decision 30-27.  Great fight to start off the night.  Great job fighters!
Reality 086
 Reality 110
Another thing Reality Fighting does is Kipp and Dave Ginsberg the announcer interview the winner each fight which lets us know a little more about the fight which is great.  Before the next fight they also interview Joe Lauzon who says his next fight is coming up on UFC on Versus so everybody stay tuned for that!!

Fight 2: Ryan Castillo(Serra/Longo) 4-2 Vs Joe Boxer(Black Dragon) 2-0 145lbs.
Castillo comes out to Judas Priest-Never Satisfied and Boxer comes out to Rakim/Erik B-Don’t Sweat The Technique.
They come out swinging and there is a brief pause when Castillo gets accidentally poked in the eye.  They start right where they left off swinging and Boxer gets a slamming takedown.  The packed crowd cheers the fighters on.  Castillo works a triangle and Boxer slams his way out of it and ends up popping his head out.  Boxer stands up briefly and lays down some nice ground and pound.  Boxer jumps back on top in Castillo’s guard and Castillo starts to work a triangle and then a gogoplatta but Boxer slips out as the round ends.  Very tough round to call.

Boxer 10-9 due to controlling the fight on top most of the round

Rd 2: Castillo comes out and very determined to take this back on the ground and pulls guard.  He is working a guilliotine and sinks it in WICKED DEEP and Boxer is forced to tap.
Ryan Castillo defeats Joe Boxer via guilliotine 33 seconds into Rd 2.
Reality 154
Reality 162
Fight 3: Dominic Gagliardi(SNEMMA) 2-0 Vs Mark McLaughlin(Kipp’s Basement) 3-0 185lbs.
Dom comes out to Social Distortion-Another State of Mind and Mark comes out to Pantera-5 Minutes Alone.  I love Pantera.  I used to listen to this on cassette tape back in the day kiddies!!  Do you all remember cassette tapes??
Mark connects with a nice right hand that stuns Dom for a moment and Mark quickly covers and ends up in halfguard on top.  Mark works a guilliotine attempt but Dom pops out.  They scramble and are back up.  Mark is working for a single leg takedown but does not get it.  They separate and start swinging again.  Mark gets in a nice left hook.  Dom follows with a nice right hand that looks to have hurt Mark.  Dom quickly covers and works the side mount then to full mount.  Mark ends up sweeping and gives up his back in the process.  Dom works the rear naked choke and sinks it in and Mark is forced to tap.
Dominic Gagliardi defeats Mark McLaughlin via Rear Naked Choke 4:21 in Rd 1.
Reality 198
Reality 210
Fight 4: Leroy Derricott(Nitsuj MMA) 0-1 Vs. Joe Powers(Dexter Valley Tudo)0-2 155lbs
Leroy came out to some instrumental song I did not get and Powers came out to Kanye West Ft Jay-Z and Rick Ross-Monster. 
Leroy starts the fight off with a right leg kick.  Leroy just misses with a nice combo.  Leroy continues the kicks and connects with an inside leg kick.  He then connects with a nice kick to the body and they crowd goes wild!!!  The crowd is now chanting “Leroy Leroy Leroy!!!” Leroy goes for the takedown but Powers stuffs it.  Eventually they go down and Powers lands in guard.
Derricott 10-9

Rd 2: Leroy starts this round with a nice combo that drops Powers.  Leroy quickly covers and passes guard to full mount.  He gets some huge ground and pound in and ends up taking the back of Powers and sinks in the rear naked choke and Powers is forced to tap.
Leroy Derricott defeats Joe Powers via Rear Naked Choke in 44 seconds in Rd 2.  Way to bounce back Leroy!!
Reality 222
Reality 243
Fight 5: Dwight Grant(Anderson’s Martial Arts) 3-1 vs Jason Ward(Black Dragon) 2-0 185lbs

Grant comes out to Saliva-Ladies and Gentlemen and Ward came out to Maino Ft. T-Pain-All the Above.
They both come out swinging for the fences.  Grant seemed to get the better exchange.  Grant gets in a nice combo.  Ward decided to go for a takedown and gets it via a trip.  They scramble and are back up.  Grant gets a nice left leg kick.  Grant follows it up with another nice leg kick to the body.  Ward goes for another takedown but is stuffed this time.  They separate and go at it again.  Grant gets a brutal right hook that knocks Ward out cold.  Ward is a tough fighter and gets up after a slight nap. 
Dwight Grant defeats Jason Ward via KO to strikes at 3:21 in round 1
Reality 271
 Reality 279
Fight 6: Women’s Superfight-Kaline Medeiros(Gillett’s MMA) 2-2 Vs Marianna Kheyfets(American Top Team) 2-0 125lbs

Medeiros came out to Tihuana-Tropa De Elite and Kheyfets came out to Beyonce-Run The World.
Kheyfets starts us off with a great shot that rocks Kaline for a second.  Kheyfets pulls guard and gets the takedown.  She works a triangle attempt but Kaline pulls out and makes her pay with some nice ground and pound.  Kheyfets rolls and they are not in the north south briefly and Kaline gets back on top in guard.  Kaline does another triangle and this one is pretty deep.  Kaline again somehow pops out.  Kaline takes the back after a brief scramble and works a rear naked choke.  Kheyfets slips out and they scramble and stand back up.  Kheyfets gets in a nice solid kick to the head and they go to the ground and Kheyfets works an armbar and again Kaline gets out.

Tough round to call.  Going to give it to Kheyfets for all her submission attempts.
Rd 2: They both start off swinging.  Kaline is working a single leg takedown but Kheyfets defends it well.  Eventually they both fall.  Kheyfets works for an armbar attempt but again Kaline pops out.  They go to north south again briefly and then Kaline goes back to half guard.  They duke it out for a bit fighting for a better position.  Ref stands them up and I notice Kaline is bleeding from her nose a little bit.  Kheyfets gets a right hand and they clinch.  Kheyfets gets a takedown via a trip.  Kheyfets very comfortable on the bottom gets in a nice upkick that doesn’t connect cleanly but looked very nice.  They stand and clinch.  They end up falling and Kheyfets takes the back as time runs out.
Kaline 10-9 because she controlled most of the round but again another tough round.

Rd 3: Kheyfets gets in a nice combo.  Kaline goes for  a takedown and they go down and Kheyfets puts on a third triangle from bottom.  She locks it in WICKED DEEP and Kaline is forced to tap.  Kaline protested she didn’t tap but it sure looked liked it to all of us.  Very tough fighter and I know we will see more of Kaline in the future!!  This fight was so good it deserves three pics!!
Reality 304
Reality 322
Reality 338
We have a brief intermission and Kipp announces the Gabriel Gonzaga Vs. Parker Porter fight coming to next Reality in October!!!

Fight 7: Welterweight Superfight-Joe McGann(USMMA) 3-1 Vs. Ryan Quinn(American Top Team) 6-2 170lbs
McGann comes out to Danzig-Thirteen and Quinn comes out to Van Halen-Human Being.
They come out swinging.  Quinn is up against the cage and shooting for a take down but Quinn defends it well.  They  break and Quinn goes for a takedown but is stuffed again.  They fight for position and eventually they both fall and McGann ends up on top getting in some ground and pound.  They scramble and get back up.  They clinch and eventually fall the ground.  McGann is on top again and passes to full mount. Quinn goes for an armbar but McGann pulls out and makes him pay with some nice shots to the head.  McGann stands and gets in a little big of ground and pound as the round ends.
McGann 10-9

Rd 2: They start out again standing and banging.  Quinn gets in a nice jab from the clinch as they break.  McGann gets in a nice knee to the body and elbow to the face.  Quinn is bleeding a little from his right eye.  They clinch and Quinn gets some nice shots in and they both fall to the ground.  They scramble and stand back up and just go to the clinch again as the round ends.
Quinn 10-9

Rd 3: They start right back off where they left off and that is standing and banging.  McGann gets in a nice right hand.  Quinn goes for takedown and gets it via slam.  The crowd cheers the fighters on.  Quinn is now on top in guard.  They fight for position and it stays here for a bit with no progress so Big Dan Miragliotta stands them up.  McGann gets in a nice right jab.  They stand and bang again which was pretty evenly distributed.  They clinch and McGann gets in a nice knee to the body.  They both fall and McGann works the side and then passes to guard as the round ends.  Very tough round to call and we go to the judges.  It is a split decision 19-28 McGann, 29-28 Quinn, 29-29 DRAW!!!  Guess we gotta get a rematch soon warriors!!
Reality 406
Reality 408
Fight 8: Lightweight Superfight-Oz Pariser(Underdog BJJ) 4-0 Vs. Joe Proctor(Team Aggression) 6-1 155 lbs

Oz came out to Eminem-‘Til I Collapse and Proctor came out to Linkin Park-Bleed it Out
Oz starts us off with a front kick that mostly misses.  They clinch.  Oz gets in a nice knee to the body.  They fall and Oz uses the cage to get back up.  They clinch again and Oz gets in some killer kicks from the clinch.  Proctor reverses and Oz gets in another nice knee.  They separate and Oz throws a kick and then a front kick.  It connects mostly but does not stop Proctor!  Oz does a nice looking roundhouse kick to the head but its mostly blocked by Proctor.  Proctor gets in a nice right left right combo to the head of Oz as the round ends.
Very tough round to call but CityBoy gives it to Oz for controlling and pressing the action.

Rd 2: They come out banging with both fighters looking for the knockout.  They clinch up against the cage and Oz is continuing to push the action.  He is showing some nice muay thai from the clinch with his knees and having very good success with it.  Oz gets in a nice 1-2 punch then a nice kick to the body.  Oz again is pushing the action against the cage and they clinch.  Proctor gets a takedown via a trip and Oz uses the cage and gets back up.  They separate and clinch again.  Oz attempts for a takedown but Proctor fights it well and they stay standing.  Proctor reverses and there is a big exchange.  Proctor gets in a nice elbow. Another tough round to call.
Proctor 10-9 due to takedown

Rd 3: They clinch and Oz throws a knee then an uppercut.  They break and the ref gives Proctor his mouth piece back.  Proctor throws a superman punch but it doesn’t connect fully.  Proctor gets  a takedown via a trip but they get back up quickly.  Proctor gets in a nice right hand from the clinch.  Proctor gets another 1-2 combo in.  They clinch up against the cage with both fighters starting to feel the wear and tear of the battle.  The ref separates them.  Proctor is looking for the KO and they clinch and Oz ends up getting a takedown via a trip.  Oz is on top as the round ends.
Very tough round to decide again, I went with Proctor 10-9 due to the nice standup this round.  It ends up being a split decision 29-28 Proctor, 30-27 Oz, 29-28 Proctor.

Joe Proctor defeats Oz Pariser via split decision in 3 round war.  Oz hasn’t fought since 2008 and he looked very impressive.  Keep your head up Oz!!
Reality 490
Reality 462
Reality 483
Fight of the Night: Kaline Medeiros Vs Marianna Kheyfets…so many submissions and back and forth
Submission of the Night: Ryan Castillo Vs. Joe Boxer very slick guilliotine
KO of the Night: Dwight Grant Vs. Jason Ward
Blunder of the Night: Absolutely Nothing!!

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)
Quality of Fights:5
Star Quality:5
Ring Girls:5
Overall: 4.86

The show had 8 spectacular professional fights.  It was an awesome venue and great sound.  Seating was great.  Lots of big stars and the next card is gonna be even better.  They got Emil Haddad and of course the superfight Gonzaga vs Porter.  Keep your ears perked and eyes full ahead for Reality Fighting in October.  You won’t want to miss it and of course if you do we will keep you up to date!  Like our facebook page to keep up to date with all the latest news.  Also I will post all the pictures we took of the night to our facebook fanpage so stay tuned! CityBoy out!
Reality 504
Reality 375
Reality 001