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May 7, 2011

AFO Uncensored Fall River MA 5/6/2011 Review

AFO Fall River 1307

Action packed 8 card event. Pete DiLorenzo wanted to step back and showcase fighters like Theo/Brady and Mandracchia/Rivera out in a smaller venue and man was it fantastic.  There wasn’t a bad seat in the house.  I went to the upper deck with Jeremy “The Boss” Reipold who took some amazing photos for you guys so please do read on.  It took place in Fall Rivers MA at the Police Athletic League building.  I visited the Irish Pub next door for a quick bite to eat and brewski. Ran over and just missed Sharmera again but at least I give him a plug every time haha.  Seriously check out his fan page in the link above.  This guy is going places.  He also sang the National Anthem which sounded sik!! The refs were Fred Mello and Dan Conway.  Now onto the 6 ammy fights and 2 professional fights. Below is Sharmera and Main Event Theo Desjardin with siko Dan Cormier.
AFO Fall River 986
AFO Fall River 979

Fight 1: Phil Sargente (USMMA)0-0 Vs Jimmy Tomlinson(Team Dexter) 0-0 125lbs
Sargente came out to Staind-For you and Tomlinson came out to Fort Minor-Remember the Name.  They come out and touch gloves.  Sargente gets in a nice leg kick.  They clinch and Sargente ends up with the takedown.  He fights for position and passes to full mount.  The crowd is roaring and he feeds off the crowd and throws some nice ground and pound.  A lot of shots get through and the ref is forced to stop it.
Phil Sargente defeats Jimmy Tomlinson via ref stoppage due to strikes in 43 seconds of rd 1. Sargente improves to 1-0.  What a debut and what a way to kick off the night!
AFO Fall River 1000
AFO Fall River 1023
Fight 2: Jarrid Heon(Link) 0-0 Vs. Ryan Daniels(Knuckle Up)0-0 170 lbs
Heon comes out to AC/DC Thunderstruck and Ryan Daniels comes out to some rap song.  The sound quality was very distorted and not very clear at this venue.  CityBoy does not approve!!
They come out and touch gloves then eventually clinch.  Heon ends up getting the takedown and is on top position.  He moves Daniels up against the cage and does a nice knee to the body.  They fight for position and he gets in a few more punches to the body of Daniels.  Daniels tries to sweep out and Heon ends up taking his back.  From this position Heon throws a few punches here and there and Daniels is not defending and ref is forced to stop the fight.
Jarrid Heon defeats Ryan Daniels via ref stoppage due to strikes in 2:38 in Rd 1.
AFO Fall River 1047
AFO Fall River 1051
At the end of this fight an angry fan tries to get in the cage and Pete “gently” pulls him out of there.  Big Scott the security then “gently” places him outside.  Gently is the keyword here folks Smile
Fight 3:  Chad Kelly(Fighting Arts Gardner)0-0 Vs. Mike DeLosRees(Dexter) 0-0 125 lbs
Kelly comes out to Eminem-Cinderella Man and Mike comes out to Rage Against The Machine-Bombtrack.
They start off with a bang by exchanging punches.  Kelly is showing some great Muay Thai skills with his leg kicks.  He does a few front kicks Andersen Silva style but none put DeLosRees in danger.  Kelly ends up getting hit in the groin, unintentionally of course and takes 30 seconds or so and they are back at it.  DeLosRees gets in a nice head kick.  Kelly returns the favor with a nice kick to the body.  They clinch and Kelly gets a nice trip takedown.  Kelly is now in half guard position and the 10 second marker goes off and he gets in some nice ground and pound as the round ends.
Kelly 10-9
AFO Fall River 1087
Rd 2:
They exchange kicks and end up clinching.  They both fall to the ground and Kelly is working some side control.  Then Kelly moves to half guard then eventually to guard.  He then gets full mount and ends up holding Mike’s left hand underneath him which leaves the opening for some nice left hand shots to the head.  DeLosRees frees up his hand so he can defend better and Kelly then moves to the crucifix position and gets in some more ground and pound.  Mike tries to buck and Kelly goes back to full mount.  Mike then bucks again and they scramble briefly and Kelly takes Mike’s side and goes right into an armbar as the round is about to end but DeLosRees is forced to tap.  What a way to end the round!
Chad Kelly defeats Mike DeLosRees via armbar in 2:59 in round 2.  Very impressive debut from Chad Kelly.  I can’t wait to see him fight again.
AFO Fall River 1093
AFO Fall River 1095
Fight 4: Graeme Prue(Boneyard) 3-2 Vs Devin Pilkington(Iron Will Training Center)2-2 135lbs
Prue I missed the song but Pilkington came out to Ky Mani Marley Featuring Young Buck+Lovie Rankin-I’m Back.
Pilkington starts us off with some nice jabs.  Prue gets in a good straight jab.  They clinch and end up falling to the ground.  Pilkington goes to full mount then to side and gets in some nice ground and pound up against the cage.  Prue tries to sweep and Pilkington takes his back and lays down some punches in bunches and the ref is forced to stop the fight.
Devin Pilkington defeats Graeme Prue via ref stoppage to strikes in 2:05 in Rd 1.
AFO Fall River 1121
AFO Fall River 1137
Fifteen minute intermission and we are back to more fights!
Fight 5: Matt Durling(Independent) 1-0 150lbs Vs Bobby Collins(Pro Fitness) 0-0 155lbs  Catch weight
Durling comes out to Metallica-Enter Sandman and Collins comes out Marky Mark-Feel the Vibrations.
They come out and clinch.  Durling gets a slamming takedown and is in the guard position.  He is pushing Collins up against the cage.  They power struggle for a bit and Durling ends up getting full mount.  Collins bucks and there is a scramble Durling goes for armbar and extends for the submission. Very impressive my darling Durling!!! By the way Collins has the best hair of the night.  Sik mohawk!! Sorry Theo yours was nice too.
Matt Durling defeats Bobby Collins via armbar in 2:28 in Rd 1.
AFO Fall River 1161
AFO Fall River 1165
Fight 6: Anthony “Skwirl” Carmenatti(Independent) 4-6 Vs Kyle Hughes(Pro Fitness) 1-1 135lbs
Skwirl stays very busy and is fighting I think like 5 times in 2 months.  That is some dedication.  He wants to get it all in before he goes pro.  Skwirl comes out to Disturbed-Ten Thousand Fists and Hughes comes out to Disturbed-Indestructible.  It is the Battle of the Disturbed!  Least it wasn’t the same song, that would have been embarrasing! JK guys I love Disturbed as well, very smart choices.
Skwirl gets in a nice left hook.  They clinch and are pushed up against the cage with Skwirl having his back to the cage.  Skwirl does a nice reversal and pushes Hughes up against the cage.  Skwirl then gets a nice slamming takedown.  The Skwirl is now in halfguard position.  Hughes tries to roll and he does and Skwirl is now on the bottom.  He gets a nice triangle lock and controls very nicely from the bottom.  It goes on like this til the bell sounds.
Skwirl 10-9
Rd 2: They start off feeling each other out for a bit but eventually they clinch and Skwirl jumps to pull guard but ends up getting caught in a guilliotine.  He beasts out of it and they scramble and Hughes ends up getting on top in guard once again.  Skwirl gets on another triangle lock but nothing too threatening.  They continue the rest of the round power struggling.
Tough round to call but I give it to Hughes 10-9
Rd 3:  They clinch and go right at it again.  Skwirl gets his second slamming takedown of the night.  Skwirl is now on top.  Hughes is looking like he is going for an armbar but Skwirl recognizes it and it is nothing too threatening.  They struggle with both fighters at a standstill until the round ends.
Skwirl 10-9
It ends up being a split decision.  Not sure what one judge was watching. Maybe he went for a beer in the first and third rounds.
Anthony “Skwirl” Carmenatty defeats Kyle Hughes via split decision all judges 29-28.
AFO Fall River 1198
AFO Fall River 1228
Now onto the two pro fights of the evening!!
Fight 7: Fred Mandracchia(Independent) 0-0 Vs. Christian Rivera(Independent) 3-6 Catch weight
Rivera unfortunately didn’t make weight but Lord Drac took the fight anyway.  In fact Rivera forgot his fight shorts as well!!  I hope he didn’t have any important sponsors on them!!  I bet he won’t do that again, either way both fighters were ready to bang!
Fred comes out to Tinie Tempah Ft Eric Turner-Written in the Stars and Rivera came out to Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here.
They come out and touch gloves and clinch.  Lord Drac gets a takedown via trip and is now on the back of Rivera.  Drac goes for some punches but his legs aren’t hooked and Rivera shakes him off.  Rivera sweeps out and takes Drac’s Back, hey that rhymes! Rivera then sinks in the rear naked choke and Fred is forced to tap.
Christian Rivera defeats Fred Mandracchia via rear naked choke 45 seconds into Rd 1. Not the way Drac wanted to started off his pro debut but I know Lord Drac will be back.  Rivera moves to 4-6 and promises to remember his fight shorts next time. Sorry Ladies!
AFO Fall River 1244
AFO Fall River 1250
Fight 8: Sean Brady(ISG)1-3 Vs Theo Desjardin(TUML)1-3 135lbs
Brady came out to Nine Inch Nails-The Wretched and The Holy Terror came out to Nonpoint-Miracle.  A lot of smack talk leading up to this fight so lets find out who can back it up!
They come out and exchange a few punches and Theo ends up getting a takedown via a trip but gets caught in a  guilliotine.  He fights it for about 30 seconds and pops his head out.  They scramble and stand up ready to bang again.  They end up clinching and Theo gets another takedown via trip but this time ends up passing to full mount.  He lays some brutal hammerfists down and elbows galore.  The ref was forced to stop the fight. Now I witnessed first hand why they call him the Holy Terror!!
Theo Desjardin defeats Sean Brady via ref stoppage due to strikes in 2:10 in Rd 1. This fight deserves four pictures!!  All personal feelings aside they both hugged at the end which is a sign of true fighters.
AFO Fall River 1269
AFO Fall River 1279
AFO Fall River 1288
AFO Fall River 1295
Now onto our rating system and awards…
Fight of the Night: Chad Kelly Vs. MikeDeLosRees….so many nice kicks and nonstop action and ending with an armbar….Great job guys!!
Submission of the Night:Matt Durling Vs. Bobby Collins…that armbar came so quick and was cranking hard
KO of the Night: No KO’s so I guess I get the invisible purse!!
Blunder of the Night: Christian Rivera forgetting his shorts!! 

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)
Quality of Fights:4
Star Quality:2
Ring Girls:4
This was a small show so no big guys in attendance and the sound quality was horrible plagued with distortion from being up too loud.  Now don’t let the rating fool you, this was a great show.  I prefer the smaller venues.  The Boss and I were able to talk to a lot of the fighters in attendance and there was not a bad seat in the house.  Jeremy Reipold was able to take some sik photos of everyone.  Pete couldn’t find us all the way at the top!!  Thank you to Pete and Mark for allowing us to cover.  All the photos will be uploaded in a few days to our fan page so please “like” the page.  It will keep you up to date whenever a new article is written so what are you waiting for!!  I leave you all with a few more pics of the event.  Let me know if you enjoyed this and write a comment please.  It is very easy to comment you just login with your email, facebook account, google account or even yahoo account.  No need to sign up or anything so please don’t be shy! CityBoy Out!
AFO Fall River 1308
AFO Fall River 1238