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May 9, 2011

CFX May 21st At The JunglePlex Tentative Fight Card



Cage Fighting Xtreme


“Rumble in the Jungle” Fight card

Amateur /Pro MMA & Muay Thai Fights!

Saturday May 21, 2011

Special thanks to:

“H2Ocean and Defense soap for their continued support”

Fight Card below…

Eclectic Karate Rachel Parez VS Jessica Meyers Independent 130 Muay Thai

Wai Kru Shane Gillespie VS Flavio Barrito Boston Muay Thai 170 Muay Thai

Independent Jonathan Regan VS Willie Ortiz Elite 145 Muay Thai

Wai Kru Will Grogan VS Jose Gomes Bishops 155 Muay Thai

Wai Kru Robert Flint VS Kurt Herry FAF 165 Muay Thai

Tapout Aurthur Ball VS Angelo Biosse JBA 185 Muay Thai

Rock Star John Downey VS William Bonnell Independent 185 Muay Thai

Wai Kru Calvin Kattar VS Lee Metcalf SSSF 160 Muay Thai

Wai Kru Dom Warr VS Mike Merchionne SSSF 155 Muay Thai

Wai Kru Eric Genderon VS David Bracero Mixed Breed 225 Muay Thai

Bishops Edson Dinis VS John Campbell SSSF 145 Muay Thai

Independent Alyssa Karam VS Colleen Downey FAF 140 Muay Thai

AFT/Gladiator BJJ George Wilson VS Kody Norbit B&F Boxing 130 AM

Team Irish Andrew Hughes VS Joe Cronin ABD MMA 185 AM

Fight Factory Ulises Perez VS John Tianno ABD MMA 185 AM

Bishops Max Adams VS David Worman ABD MMA 170 AM

Bishops Joel Lewis VS Mike Arruda Independent MHW AM

Wai Kru Brandon Douglas VS David Thompson Elite 165 AM

Elite Hector Sanchez VS Bill Mahoney SSSF 185  Pro

Connors MMA Tyler King VS Wade Therrien JBA HWT Pro

Fight Factory Robbie Roberts VS Scott Rehm Pro Elite 185 Pro

Independent Todd Sweeney VS Evan Valez Bombsquad 125 Pro

Fight Factory Evan Parker VS Frank Sforza SSSF 145 Pro

Independent Gerry Spiegel VS Joe Lamoureux SSSF 185 Pro

Whew that is a mouthful of a card!!!  It has featured pros Sloppy Joe Lamoureux and Tyler King…should be great fights there.  Then we got AFT/Gladiator Western Mass boy representing George Wilson.  Not to mention we got Muay Thai on the bout.  This just got sanctioned in Mass so we will be seeing a lot more of it from now on.