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October 10, 2011

Event Review: AFO Halloween Havoc 10/7/2011

My good friend Joe Leonard and I arrived at the AFO show early for once to get all setup so we aren't rushing all around.  Pete got the famous leather jacket on and DJ Hurrakayne is cranking some Megadeth for me to get me in the writing mood.  For vendors I can see GetPunched and Prime Athletics in attendance.   Photographer Kelly MacDonald from Crossface Productions is here reading to capture all the action for us.  For some notes, I heard at the show that Antwan Penn failed to show up at the weigh ins so that fight was turned into a grappling match with Tom Evans vs. Rubey Rey.  Thanks for stepping in Tom.  I got to talk to Old School and Nick Disalvo and even piggybacked Pete DiLorenzo down the ramp.  The ring girls, Jenna Doll and Renee have a different outfit on and are looking great!! I see many fighters in attendance. Mario Gonzalez, Andre from TUML, John Johnston and Tyson Chartier from Sityodtong.  Kin Moy and Tyler King were also watching on.  Chris "Kumite" Rowley, Bret Braxton, and Dan Cormier are enjoying themselves. Sorry folks but Ozzy was not in attendance. Onto the fights with the announcer John Vena starting us off.  Paris sang Happy Birthday to Pete's mom who has only missed one AFO show...That is awesome!!  National Anthem was started and now lets get to the action.

Fight 1: Mike Burke(Lakes Region Valle Tudo) 2-0 vs. Tyler Keene(Gracie Barra Boston) 0-0 170lbs

Tyler Keene comes out to Nine Inch Nails-Reptile and Mike Burke comes out to LL Cool J-Mama Said Knock you out.  Both fighters are going right at it.  Tyler gets in a good kick and the crowd roars.  Mike gets in a good kick of his own.  Mike catches Tyler with a good punch and drops Tyler.  He recovers and Mike quickly covers and does some ground and pound from the top.  It continues til the round ends.

Mike Burke 10-9

Rd 2: They go right back where they started and they both give a nice flurry of punches.  Tyler pulls guard and they go to the ground.  Mike works the side and Tyler sinks in a nice triangle.  Mike fights it and throws some nice bombs and then slams Tyler down but to no avail and is forced to tap.  Tyler gets up blood all over his face, victorious.  Great fights.

Tyler Keene defeats Mike Burke via triangle in 44 seconds in Rd 2.

Fight 2: Sean Boisclair 1-0 vs. Anson Hatfield(Knuckle Up MMA) 0-2 Catchweight

Anson comes to Lamb of God-Omerta and Sean comes out to House of Pain-Jump Around.

They clinch and Anson is going for the takedown but they have a nice sprawl.  Sean sinks in a nice guillitone and gets the tap.

Sean Boisclair defeats Anson Hatfield via guilliotine in 39 sec of Rd 1.

Fight 3: Joe Palazio(Rockstar) 2-2 vs. Jeff Harder(SSSF) 0-0 Catchweights 195lbs

Harder comes out Earth Crisis-The Wrath of Sanity and Joe comes out to LMFAO-Sexy and I Know It.  I was waiting til a fighter would come to this song and you are the first from my knowledge LOL.

Palazio comes out and throws a short right and stuns Jeff.  He quickly covers and gets the ref is forced to stop it resulting in a TKO win.

Joe Palazio defeats Jeff Harder via TKO ref stoppage in 6 seconds of Rd 1.  So far LMFAO is 1-0 and Palazio improves to 3-2.

Fight 4: George Nassar(Maxx MMA) 0-0 vs. Caleb Gosselin(Team Irish)0-0 145lbs

Caleb comes out to Dropkick Murphys-Barroom Hero and George comes out to his homemade song from perhaps a local group? Let me know George and I will add it in here.

They both kick almost at the same time.  Caleb ends up getting the takedown via a trip and is controlling in the guard position.  He passes to full mount. Caleb gets in a good right hand and and ends up getting a takedown but it caught in a guilliotine.  He pops out and they ends up standing up.  George gets in a nice kick and Caleb gets another takedown via slam.

Caleb 10-9

Rd 2: They touch gloves Nassar gets in another leg kick and Caleb gets the takedown and quickly passes to full mount.  Nassar bucks him off and they stand up and Nassar takes his back standing.  He gets in a few knees working the takedown.  Caleb reverses it and ends up getting the takedown via trip.  He is working the guard.  They stand back up and have a good sprawl and they both end up going to the ground.  The rest of the round is pretty much at a standstill.

Caleb 10-9

Rd 3: They both start the round swinging.  Nassar gets in a nice kick.  They end up clinching up against the cage with Nassar on the outside.  Nassar gets in some knees to the body.  Caleb reverses and they both are real tired.  The ref separates them and  they both start out swinging and Caleb ends up getting a takedown.

Nassar 10-9

George Nassar defeats Caleb Gosselin via split decision. Not the way I see it but I guess the judges were going with more damage being done. Either way great fight.  Pete is throwing a bunch of shirts out to the crowd!!

Fight 5: Kyle Salliant(Rockstar)0-1 vs Jesse Gutierez(Connors MMA) 0-1 135lbs

Jesse comes out to Vicente Fernandez-Los Mandados and Kyle comes out to Lil Jon feat. Trick Daddy-Let's Go.

Kyle has some nice tattoos on him.  Jesse is displaying some nice leg kicks.  They both are swinging and Kyle ends up getting the takedown and is now on Jesse's side.  Jesse stands up and Kyle takes the back and hooks both legs in with a nice body triangle.  He eventually slides off and Jesse ends up on top laying down the ground and pound.  Kyle bucks him off and is now working the side of Jesse.  They roll around and Kyle ends up getting half guard as the round ends.

Kyle 10-9

Rd 2: Jesse throws some leg kicks and Kyle ends up getting the takedown.  Kyle ends up taking Jesse's back working for a rear naked choke .  He works his way out of it and ends up on top of Kyle up against the cage.  Jesse is working the guard.  They both stand up and Kyle works the takedown and gets it.  He is working the guard as the round ends.

Kyle 10-9 for the takedowns.

Rd 3: Jesse gets in a nice kick and Kyle gets in a nice right hand. They clinch and Kyle gets the takedown and ends up full mount.  Kyle takes Jesse's back and then back to full mount.  Jesse sweeps out and Kyle takes the back again and lays down the ground and pound from side to side.

Kyle Salliant defeats Jesse Guitierez via ref stoppage to punches in 1:51 in Rd 3.

Fight 6: Mark Johnson(Florian Martial Arts) 0-1 vs Mike de los Reyes(Dexter) 0-3 125lbs

Mike comes out to Eminem-Til' I Collapse and Mark comes out to Nirvana-Scentless Apprentice.  Love Nirvana!!

Both fighters feel each other out and Mark ends up getting the double leg takedown.  He is in guard now working the ground and pound.  Mark ends up getting full mount as the round ends.

Mark 10-9

Rd 2: Both fighters are going at it.  Mark tries a spinning backfist, not sure if it hit but it looked great.  Mark gets in a nice leg kick.  Mike gets in two right hands and Mark works the single leg takedown and gets it.  He is now in half guard and then transitions to guard.  He eventually gets full mount and drops some bombs. Mike sweeps out and Mark takes his back and is working the rear naked.  He has a nice body triangle on Mike and Mike is forced to tap with a few seconds left in the round.

Mark Johnson defeats Mike de los Reyes via rear naked choke in 2:56 in Rd 2.


Fight 7: Dicky White(CNYMMA) vs. Jarrid Heon(Iron Will/Team Link CT) 155lbs

Jarrid comes out to Rush-Tom Sawyer and Dicky comes out to Chris Brown-Forever.  Jarrid, I was expecting some Primus!!

Both fighters are hitting hard and Jarrid ends up getting a takedown but Dicky pops right back up.  Dicky works his own takedown and is now in the half guard.  Dicky is controlling the fight on top and thats how the rest of the round goes.

Dicky 10-9

Rd 2: Dicky goes for a takedown and Jarrid sprawls nicely but Dicky ends up getting the takedown and is now right back in the guard.  Dicky works the guard by getting in some ground and pound.  They both go to stand and Dicky gets in some nice right hands as they stand and the round ends.

Dicky 10-9

Rd 3: Jarrid misses with a roundhouse kick and Dicky gets the single leg takedown.  Dicky is now in the half guard and ends up passing to guard.  He gets back to half guard and the rest of the round is a struggle for position til the round ends.

Dicky 10-9

Dicky White defeats Jarrid Heon via unanimous decision.

Fight 8: Fred Mandrachia 0-1 vs Joe Reverdes(CCFA) 0-1 135lbs

Joe comes out to Shinedown-Simple Man and Fred comes out to Johnny Cash-God's Gonna Hunt You Down. Now Joe is usually helping out setting up the cage and lights at the AFO.  Not this time, he is fighting in the cage and he has Loco Lobo in his corner!!  This is the start of the pro fights so bring on the elbows!

Both fighters look very comfortable in the cage.  They are both being cautious and very respectable of each other.  Fred gets in a good kick and Joe clinches.  They end up breaking and continue to stand.  Fred goes for a double leg kick and it misses and he is down on the ground.  Joe covers and gets in some good ground and pound and Fred doesn't give up and weathers the storm and gets a submission win via Reverse Armbar.

Fred Mandrachia defeats Joe Reverdes in 3:35 in Rd 1 by tapout to Reverse Armbar.  Awesome fight.  Great job Fred.

Grappling: Ruben Rey vs. Tom Evans Grappling Match due to Antwann Penn not showing up to weigh ins.  

I missed Tom's song and Ruben comes out to Jay-Z-Ni***s in Paris.  I have never seen a guest referee ref with a leather jacket but Pete DiLorenzo pulled it off.  Ruben gets in a nice slam and Pete has taken off his leather jacket for the first time in his carreer.  They both are grappling to Monster Mash courtesy of DJ Hurrakayne.  Very even grappling match and it ended up in a draw.

Fight 9: Lionel Young(Maxx MMA) 4-6 vs Sean Soriano(Tim Burrell TUML) 2-0

Sean comes out to Meek Mill-Ima Boss and Lionel comes out to Bob Marley-Redemption Song.

Lionel ends up getting a slamming takedown.  Sean sweeps out and they are right back up.  Sean gets his own slamming takedown and the crowd goes wild.  Sean is working the guard.  Lionel sweeps out and is now in guard.  They get up and Lionel goes for a guilliotine but to no avail.  Lionel is now on top in guard.  Sean gets a triangle and Lionel  slams him down trying to loosen the triangle.  Sean offers some elbows to the head and Lionel is forced to tap.

Sean Soriano defeats Lionel Young via triangle in 4:33 of Rd 1.  The crowd is going wild for Soriano.  Soriano remains undefeated and is now 3-0.

Fight 10: Randy Smith(CNYMMA) 10-7-1 vs Marcelo Rocha-Periera(BMAC) 5-0 Heavyweight Title Fight

Rocha comes out to a homemade BMAC song and Randy, Lone Wolf by Hank Williams.

Rocha gets the takedown and is working the side.  Randy stands back up.  Randy ends up on top on the side. Randy backs off and lets Rocha stand.  Randy gives a nice knee to the body. Randy gets in a nice combo.  Randy gets in a nice knee to the head from the clinch.

Randy 10-9

Rd2: Rocha offers a nice front kick.  Randy gets in a nice body shot.  The entire round Randy gets in some good shots standing and Rocha continues to lay down.  Randy backs off and Rocha flops back down.  This ensues like 4-5 times and the ref ends up stopping the fight.  I am not quite sure if Rocha was just too exhausted to stand or just wanted to have the fight go to the ground.  Randy wanted no part of it!!

Randy Smith defeats Marcelo Rocha-Periera in 3:35 in Rd 2 ref stoppage due to no participation.  Great job Randy, proud of you.  Randy is improving every fight he is in and just a pleasure to watch in the cage.  Randy announced he will be fighting for an upcoming Bellator show that takes place in Atlantic City New Jersey.  This is his second bout for Bellator so everybody make sure to watch him on the the prelims that air on

This wraps up another AFO show.  I hope you all enjoyed our review as much as we enjoy writing them for you all.  Some notes on the AFO, they are just going into their 5th year of mixed martial arts starting with the Thanksgiving Massacre coming up November 23rd.  Lionel Young failed to make weight of 145 so that fight was a non title fight and he was stripped of the belt.  Perhaps the top contenders will be fighting for this at the Night of Champions in January??  Sounds good to me.  Thank you to AFO for having us and treating us very well like always.  We will see you all in November and on our facebook fan page we will be uploading all the AFO photos of the night.  Almost forgot, onto the awards!!


Fight of the Night: Lionel Young Vs. Sean Soriano
Submission of the Night: Fred Mandrachia vs. Joe Reverdes reverse armbar submission
KO of the Night: Joe Palazio Vs Jeff Harder, closest thing to a KO so they win!
Blunder of the Night: Marcelo Rocha-Periera stoppage

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights:4
Star Quality:4.5
Refs:5 spot on, no early stoppages that I could see
Announcer: 5 John Vena is always superb
Ring Girls:5 Jenna Doll and Renee looked smoking in their new AFO outfits.
Vendors: 4 GetPunched and Prime Athletics were there. Two of my faves.
Overall: 4.5

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