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January 28, 2012

Cage Titans:Invasion ~Live Updates 1/28/2012~

Cage Titans January 28th, 2012

Brian Squadrille vs. George Nassar

Brian S. wins via ref stoppage in 1:03 of 3rd round.  Crowd boos in disapproval...Artist thinks its a good call.

Tony DiRienzo(Lauzon) vs. Nick Muto(Seth Silva)

Muto defeats Tony via unanimous decision

David Espino vs. Mark Cardarelli

Mark defeats Espino via unanimous decision.

Brian Sparrow vs.Philipe Martins

Sparrow defeats Martins via head and arm choke in 1:51 of 1st round. Crowd goes wild and he gets a standing ovation!

Mike Rodriguez vs. Stephen Kimball

Rodriguez defeats Kimball via KO punch in 17 seconds of Round 1.  They call him Bones because he has the longest reach in Cage Titans History!

**Canceled**Fernanda Araujo vs. Peggy Morgan**Cancelled**

Jessie Pires vs.Remo Cardarelli

Remo defeats Jessie unanimous decision.

**Dan Lopez(Sport Specific) vs. Jamie Courtney(Sityodtong)**Cancelled

Ethan Wager vs.Jeff Hsu

Hsu wins unanimous decision.

Brandon Fleming(SSSF) vs Shannon Soares(Gillette)

Flemming wins unanimous decision...very technical and exciting fight!

~155lb Am. Title~ Bobby Flynn(Pro-Elite) vs. Peter Barrett

Flynn wins title via arm bar in rd 1...great fight

Kurt Chase-Patrick(American Top Team CT) vs Rico DiSciullo(SIT) 

Kurt submits Rico 1:47 in rd 2 with a sick straight ankle lock.  Rico contests to Rita that he didn't tap but this one is in the books!

Jared Roy vs. Lucas Cruz(Nova Uniao)  

Cruz wins rd 2 RNC!!  Cruz calls out Sforza!! It will be happening March 27th at CFX!!

Johnny Kim vs. Dat Tran

Dat Tran wins via ref stoppage to knees to the head.

Sloppy Joe Lamoureux vs. Shawn Baker 190lbs

Sloppy wins via guillotine at 1:27 in Rd 1!!

Barrington Douse Vs. Jimmy Davidson

Davidson wins RNC rd 1.

Shout out to to Cumper and his wife!!

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