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January 30, 2012

Tyson Chartier Added To AFO Night Of Champions Show

It has come to my attention from the AFO President, Pete DiLorenzo that Tyson Chartier is to be on the AFO Night of Champions show which is set to take place on April 13th, 2012.  His opponent is yet to be announced and we expect to hear those details later this week so keep checking back for the latest happenings in that.  I was curious to if this was Tyson's first fight with the AFO.  I know he has fought for Premier FC the last few times I have seen him. Little did I know that Tyson has indeed fought for the AFO.  This is where I learned an awesome story that some of you may know, but for those who don't or who just want to relive it again, please read on.  I spoke with Tyson and got the scoop.

Tyson told me he is very excited to be back in the AFO cage fighting for the AFO light heavyweight belt in April.  His first fight with AFO was back in February of 2010 where he fought Mike Fillipone.  He then fought for them again in June against Ricardo Georges.  Tyson ended up winning the decision in a very tough fight.  He then was offered to fight Nate Andrews in the main event in their first ever all amateur show.  Now while he was preparing for the Nate Andrews fight he got a call from a Las Vegas MMA company called Tuff N Uff and they wanted to know if he would be interested in fighting for a 155lb amateur title out there on September 24th against Sean Billinger.  They wanted to see some video and pictures of Tyson and AFO quickly obliged and sent over what they had.  Unfortunately for Tyson, Tuff N Uff turned him down and gave the fight to a Vegas local Dustin Chevalier.  Tyson ended up winning his fight against Nate Andrews.  He texted the matchmaker of Tuff N Uff and said "Hey I just won my fight by a guillotine in 2nd round, 7-0, now give me a shot!!"  Ten days later he got a text back saying "Hey do you still want that title shot??" He said Yes and the rest was history. 

Tyson was set up to fight Dustin Chevalier in Vegas on Sept 24th of 2010.  He faced a tough situation thay many fighters face when fighting across to the country and that was coming up with the money to get there.  The cost of getting himself there and the corners turned out to be very expensive.  He had one sponsor Deathwish Inc who offered to chip some in.  Tyson had some of his money in it too but still had a hole to fill.  It was an amateur fight and people felt it wasn't a good business investment to sponsor an amateur on such short notice.  Pete messaged Tyson one day and asked him how his preparation was going and Tyson responded back with good.  Pete then asked, "Hey how come you never asked me to help pay for you to go to Vegas?"  Tyson very modestly says back "I didn't want to insult you by asking for help to go fight for another promotion."  AFO chipped in the rest of the money that Tyson needed and the trip was a done deal.

Tyson arrived in Vegas and noticed a huge poster on the wall that featured himself which was wicked awesome.  He had a good weight cutting story that he told me but that can be for another time LOL.  Big John helped him through it all very nicely of course.  Tyson told me it was a great experience.  He was a total outsider coming from MA and fighting in the main event against a home town guy.  He knew nobody there and just sat in the locker room with his corner and watched the fights on a TV.  By the time he was ready to fight he was the only one left in the locker room.  When he finally walked out to the cage, he heard the loudest BOO'S he has ever heard.  He claims the BOO'S were louder than any of the cheers he has ever heard on any of his fights!  We are going to have to change that folks at the next AFO show!!  Tyson ended up losing that fight in the second round from a kick.  The memory will always be there and the experience will last a lifetime!

Thanks for sharing this with us Tyson and we look forward to seeing you in the cage real soon.  Tyson has an upcoming fight for CFX on March 17th.  We have not heard who it is against yet but when we hear it, it will be on our Upcoming Local Fight Card found in our menu.  Tyson then fights the next month in April as we mentioned for the belt against a fighter who will be named this week so keep checking back!! 

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