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January 10, 2012

CES Extreme Measures Full Card

Josh Diekman (12-2) vs. Josh Hendricks (18-8)
Tyler King (3-1) vs. Eric Bedard (3-0)
Greg Rebello (13-3) vs. Mike Stewart (5-2)
Pete Jeffrey (4-4) vs. Lionel Young (6-9)
Saul Almeida (11-1) vs. Jeff Anderson (10-4)
Shawn Summey (2-0) vs. Kevin Horowitz (3-4)
Sean Soriano (4-0) vs. Lee Metcalf (5-4)
Andre Soukhamthath(0-1) vs. Gilvan Santos (1-1)
Andres Jeudi (3-0) vs. Tim O'Connell (4-3)
Lowell Zangri (1-0) vs. Brennan Ward (Pro Debut)
Dan Cormier (Pro Debut) vs. Fred Mandrachia (1-2)
Joe Pingitore (Pro Debut) vs. Pedro da Silva (1-3)

 This card is stacked and in fact there isn't just one fight that sticks out for me.  Every single one is a great matchup and I am very excited about seeing Dan Cormier and Joe Pingitore making their pro debuts.  If that doesn't get you all jumping then how about the two heavyweight matchups at the top!!  Get your tickets before they sell out by visiting

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