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January 10, 2012

AFO Redemption Full Card For January 13th, 2012

Championship Fight
HW Title Randy Smith(CNY)13-9 Vs. Kym Sturdivant4-7

Championship Fight
FW Title Theo Desjardin(United)2-4 Vs. Kody Nordby(Allair)4-0ammy 0-0 

145 Tom Evans(United)1-0 Vs. Doug Sonier (Indy) 0-
170 Brandon Chagnon(Sit)2-3 Vs. Joe Powers(Dexter)1-1
135 Josh Baker(619) 1-1 Vs. Billy Giovanella (Connors)4-2
170 Sean Boisclair(619)2-0 Vs. Tim Leary(Redline)2-0
155 Nate Andrews(United)4-2 Vs. Dosy Platner(Cny)2-1
HW Smash Evans Vs. Erik Gendron(Waikru)0-0
130 Jorden Bowers(CNY) Vs. Randy Cole(Indy)
155 Billy Leischner(Dexter) Vs. James Raymond
155 Jeremiah Diruzzo 3-1 (Redline) Vs. Michael Wicks(Koto MMA) 2-2
125 Shane Decristoforo(United) Vs. Mike DeLosReyes(Dexter)
145 Chris Tier(CNY) Vs. Brandon Flemming (SSSF)

 In case you haven't been following along to the Upcoming Local Fight Cards tab in our menu this is the latest and greatest card that AFO is putting on.  If you have never been to an AFO show before let me assure you it is a really spectacular venue and well worth your while.  It takes place at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, MA and tickets are respectively front row and second row  $75, ringside $55 and general admission $40.  You can get them by clicking here.  Come early and meet the ring girls Jenna Doll and Renee who are smoking hot!  Stay tuned and we will keep you posted of any more AFO news we hear as we approach the first MMA show of the year in Mass!

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