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January 11, 2012

Some quick thought's on AFO's "Redemption"

This Friday the 13th Pete DiLorenzo brings us AFO " New Year's Redemption", from the Holiday Inn in Mansfield Mass. This has become the home venue for the AFO, and it really is a great place to see the fights. Not to mention CityBoy's favorite reason, easy to get to, and plenty of parking!! The card is packed with many AFO regulars, and not one, but TWO title fights!!

The first title fight is in the newer fly-weight (125lb) division. The current AFO Champ Theo Desjardin is facing ammy fighter of the year, and brand new pro Kody Nordby. This match-up has some critics, however... some feel that Theo didn't deserve his belt , and some others feel that Kody shouldn't be fighting for a belt in his first pro fight.....sadly, as ALWAYS these talkers are anonymous. I personally feel that Theo deserved his shot, and won his fight, so he deserves what he has earned. I understand the questions about giving a title shot on your first pro fight, but this kid has been busy, and he's been GREAT!! Both guys have done the bulk of their fighting for the AFO, and I like the match-up!!
 I do think Kody's wrestling will help him get the fight to the ground where he's got the best chance for victory. Theo has shown vast improvement each time he fights, and has been training full time with a bunch of Beasts from TUML and Tri-Force, so I look to see his best fight yet. If Theo can sprawl the take downs, and use some nice elbows and knees, he could be the first to hand the young phenom his first loss.

In the night's Main Event, we see the Champ, Randy "The Wolf" Smith, taking on Kym Sturdivant in the heavy weight division. Randy is a good sized fighter, with great boxing, and cardio that defies his physique. He's fought the best New England has to offer, and beaten many. Kym is a good friend of mine, and and a very talented grappler and mma fighter, under Gladiator Santos.
Kym's best chance of taking the belt from "the Wolf" will be to take him to the ground where he should have a decent edge in the BJJ department. However, Randy's last opponent was a black belt from Brazil, and although I didn't see the fight, I heard he had no luck bringing Randy to the floor, and gassed out trying to keep up with the champ.
Randy will no doubt use his great boxing skill, and be looking for the big KO!! I've also seen a few Facebook posts, where Randy has dedicated the fight to his recently deceased friend and former training partner, Jared Palmer, and he said he's going to make a statement in this fight!! I think everyone should expect a war in this one!

The rest of the card is filled with some very good match-ups with some of the top local MMA teams and fighters. Here's how the card looks:

145 Tom Evans(United)1-0 Vs. Doug Sonier (Indy) 0-
170 Brandon Chagnon(Sit)2-3 Vs. Joe Powers(Dexter)1-1
135 Josh Baker(619) 1-1 Vs. Billy Giovanella (Connors)4-2
170 Sean Boisclair(619)2-0 Vs. Tim Leary(Redline)2-0
155 Nate Andrews(United)4-2 Vs. Dosy Platner(Cny)2-1
HW Smash Evans Vs. Erik Gendron(Waikru)0-0
130 Jorden Bowers(CNY) Vs. Randy Cole(Indy)
155 Billy Leischner(Dexter) Vs. James Raymond
155 Jeremiah Diruzzo 3-1 (Redline) Vs. Michael Wicks(Koto MMA) 2-2
125 Shane Decristoforo(United) Vs. Mike DeLosReyes(Dexter)
145 Chris Tier(CNY) Vs. Brandon Flemming (SSSF)

Hope you all enjoy the write up, see you at the fights!!!!

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