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January 11, 2012

AFO Announces Deep Discount For Redemption

 AFO has just announced a special for the tickets at AFO Redemption and it is a huge deal for everyone!  Here is what they posted on Facebook.

"Through the course of promoting a show I often will do a 20% off tickets online for a few hours, or many a few giveaways.. BUT today at 5pm and for 36 hours I am doing the deepest discount for the longest period of time yet! 5pm today till 5am on Friday all online sales will be up to 50% off!! That means you can get into a 4 hr mma show for like 20 bucks - or get front row for 40 bucks... I know totally crazy but I want to see as many people in the room as possible with brand new MMA fans!! Online orders only, min of 2 tickets, max of 12! This is a great chance to see MMA for a great price! Don't pass it up, no one else has done this so low ! Get Your Friends, Get your Mom or whoever else and spread the word!"
I spoke with Pete yesterday about this and he told me that this is a great way to introduce a new fan who has never seen an MMA show before or who has always wanted to go and never had the chance.  Well now the price is right so you all really have no excuse!  It is like Christmas is here all over again folks so don't miss out on the opportunity and get your tickets by clicking here.

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