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January 12, 2012

Local MMA News Update

 I have a whole bunch of news to share with you all and instead of doing a bunch of individual posts, I figured I will just put it all in one.  Easy for all of us right??

--AFO is set to kick off the MMA year of 2012 tomorrow night and we will be there live.  One fight I noticed is different and Doug Sonier for some reason or another is not fighting Tom Evans and it is now Fred Mandracchia.  Thanks for stepping up Fred!

[Update] from AFO...Sonier no showed to the weigh ins and also James Raymond no showed but AFO took care of it!

--We told you the news about Tisha Rodrigues doing the Taboo for National Geographic.  It turns out she was injured and not able to fight on that particular's show's card.  She then had her previous opponent Jill Valenzuela step in.  This is going to be airing this upcoming Tuesday at 9PM so check it out on National Geographic.  The episode is called Extreme Fighting so you don't want to miss it!

--In other local news, Notorious Nick Newell is doing a seminar to raise money for his upcoming training camp. It takes place at C3 Athletics on Saturday January 14. Start time is at 12PM and will end at 1:30PM. This seminar is recommended for all C3 Athletics members. The seminar is $25 and open to members and non members. You can contact us at 203 588 9542 to reserve your spot.  Nick has a huge list of credential and trust me it is well worth the $25 dollars so help him out.

Nick also posted his video log or vlog of his last epic fight against Dennis Bermudez at XFC 15.  It features Nick singing on an escalator which was pretty hilarious.  Oh yeah it also has his entire fight in its entirety! Nick is such a great guy and we are all so happy for him. The video is found below.

If that wasn't enough news about Nick Newell, don't worry there is more.  Maxim is going to be doing a story on MMA and Nick Newell's fight picture is going to be in it!  Rich O'Sullivan stated his picture is going to be in Maxim and I am not sure if they are one in the same but either way its great news for MA MMA!

[Update] Yes Rich O was contacted to submit some photos of Nick Newell from Maxim so they are the same!  Awesome!!

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