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January 25, 2012

Featured Fighter: Brandon "Bad Luck" Fleming

Name: Brandon Fleming
Age: 20
Fight Weight: 145lbs
Southshore Sport Fighting
6-0 Amateur
City/State Born:
Las Vegas, NV
Massachusetts state champion wrestler in high school, I also placed 2nd at all states and 3rd in New England's.

1. When and Why did you get into MMA??


September of 2009 when most of my friends went away to college I did not. I decided to join the work force. A few of my friends were going to SSSF that I wrestled with in high school and I thought with my wrestling background I'd give it a shot. My first day there I fell in love with it!

2. Do you have a background in martial arts, boxing , wrestling etc?

I have a wrestling background and I've been wrestling since I was a freshman.

3. What's your nickname, how did you get it?

My nick name is "Bad Luck". Its funny how I got it actually. My coach Bill Mahoney asked me before one of my fights for CFX if I had a nickname. I told him I did not have one, so he asked me why and I said I think nick names are bad luck. Bill being the sneaky guy he is found the announcer and he told him to call me that and it kind of just stuck.

4. What are your ultimate goals in the sport?

My ultimate goals are to just be the best I can. I'm young, healthy and hungry to get to that next level. I understand how much it took for me to become a succesful wrestler and I believe it will take alot more to get to that next level in mma.

5. What do you think about your next opponent?

My next opponent is Shannon Soares. He trains out of Gilette's MMA, a very talented school. I really have never seen him fight but I know his last fight ended with a 5 second head kick TKO. That doesn't really tell me much besides he can throw kicks. I'm in the best shape of my life right now for this fight and I'm ready to go where ever the fight goes. I have a lot of respect for Shannon and his school and I'm not really about talking shit so I'll just tell him good luck and I hope he is ready.

6. How do you see the fight going/being finished?

I see this fight going how I want all my fights going. I fight my fight and I dont wait for my opponent. I'm taking home the W.

7. What weight do you walk at/how much do you cut to fight?

I usually walk around at 165. My upcoming fight I'm blessed to be at 161 before the cut.

8. What's your favorite part about fighting?

My favorite part about fighting is the progress you see in yourself or you teammates. When I first started fighting I didn't even know how to throw a punch on my feet. Seriously watch my very first fight, it was a wrestling match with gloves on. Now I see how far I've come with my stand up and submissions and I even see it in my teammates wrestling and take downs. When I first started training there it was really easy taking my teammates down now I'll be lucky to get a takedown on them.

9. What's the worst part about fighting?

The worst part about fighting is cutting weight! Why cant everyone just fight at the weight we walk at haha. I'm only saying this because I'm cutting weight as I write this...

10. Anyone locally or in the big's that you really would love to fight, and why?

No one really comes to mind when I think about who I would like to fight, but I would love to train with Jon Jones. Hands down the best fighter in the world and he's so young. His style is what I would like for mine to be like someday.

11. What do you feel is your best weapon in your fights?

My best weapon I believe is my cardio and my will to not give up. I cant wait to start fighting 5 minute rounds!

12. What is your favorite foods that you miss while cutting weight??

I'm actually cutting weight right now and I'm dying to have oreo cookies and milk!

13. What is your most memorable moment to date in MMA??

My most memorable moment would probably have to be my fight with Joe Pingitore. There was so much hype about that fight how all I was going to do is take him down and if I stood with him he would knock me out. I just went out into that fight trying to prove people wrong that I wasn't just a wrestler. I ended up standing with Joe for most of the fight and I think I won that stand up battle against a really tough opponent.

14. How else do you spend your time when you are not training??

When I'm not training I'm at Marshfield High School coaching wrestling. I usually coach wrestling from 2-5 and then I'm off to SSSF.

15. What do you do for a living besides fighting??

I'm currently unemployed and I'm in the United States National Guard as a 91B.(truck mechanic).That's only one weekend out of every month so if someone has a job for me I'll take it. I would love for one day be able to consider fighting for a living.

I just want to thank my coaches Scott Lockhart and Bill Mahoney. They are honestly the best coaches around. I want to send a shout out to all my training partners Frank Sforza, Lee Metcalf, Mike Marchioni, Johnny Campbell, Sloppy Joe, Dave Lachapelle, Mike Malvesti, Jared Sarno, Casey Lamotte, Rob Smith, Mark Giove, Cory Pickering, and Manny...the list goes on. I'm sorry if I left you out. Thank you PRIME Athletics! Best sponsor around. Most of all i want to thank my parents for dealing with me when Im cutting weight, and for all the support from all my friends and family. Come support me January 28th for Cage Titans at Plymouth Memorial Hall.

Thanks Brandon for taking the time to fill this out.  Brandon is currently ranked #1 in the 145lbs amateur division on and he has his upcoming fight that was mentioned above with Cage Titans against a very tough Shannon Soares this Saturday!.  Then he follows that one up fighting for the AFO on April 13th against Amran Aliyev for the 145lb ammy title so you have no excuse to not get a chance to see him fight!  He has fought many tough battles in the amateur 145lb division and I am looking forward to seeing Brandon go pro and wreak some havoc on the pros!  Definitely keep an eye on this fighter!

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