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February 9, 2012

Fight Night I Full Card

Nick DiSalvo has done a fantastic job at keeping us up to date with the latest changest to the fight card. Of course the weigh ins haven't happened yet so some of these fights may drop off but as of right now we have 20 fights that are sure to give you an eye-gasm. I recognize a few of the names on there and the one I am very anxious to see is Chris Rowley return to the cage! He has been training with Sityodtong for a while now and growing his knowledge in MMA and is set to put it to good use! We are unfortunately not able to make this event but we will be having the live updates right here on! Ticket sales have been steady so get your tickets!

Fight Night I, February 11, 2012, The Colisee Lewiston, ME
170 Ryan Sanders 2-0 (Young’s) vs Dan Keefe 7-2 (Wai Kru/Intenze)
135 Paul Gorman 8-7 (Academy) vs Anthony Leone 9-4 (Bombsquad)
195 Jesse Peterson 4-2 (CMBJJ/SSSF) vs Josh Mellen 1-6 (Bancroft Boxing/Fight Factory)
145 Josh Parker 2-3 (Littefield’s Gym) vs Brian Kelleher 4-3 (Bombsquad)
155 Keegan Hornstra 0-1 (Recluse) vs Antony Woodman 1-5 (Havoc)
170 Jamie Harrison 0-1 (First Coast Full Contact) vs William Crandall 2-2 (Bombsquad)
135 Adam Toussaint 4-4 (Havoc) vs Chris Rowley 3-4 (Sityodtong)
125 Ernesto Ornelas 0-0 (Choi’s/MMAthletix) vs Evan Velez 3-1 (Bombsquad)

155 Ray Wood 3-0 (Young’s) vs Ahsan Abdulla 3-2 (Bombsquad)
160 Jesse Erickson 0-0 (CMBJJ) vs Shane Manley 2-1 (Bombsquad)
145 John Raio 0-0 (MMAthletix) vs Ken Kersch 1-4 (Real Deal)
205 Brent Dillingham 0-0 (MMAthletix) vs Rick Garland 1-1 (Real Deal)
185 Buck Pineau 2-0 (Choi’s) vs Dan Burke 1-0 (Team Burgess)
170 Adam Gordon 1-1 (Recluse) vs Erik Tseronis 1-2 (Team Burgess)
135 Dave Brown 0-1 (Andover Fight Club) vs Hassan Mamhood 2-3 (Bombsquad)
155 Nate Charles 0-2 (Wai Nei) vs Dez Green 1-0 (Bombsquad)
155 Zackary Adams 0-0 (Young’s MMA) vs Jason Libby 2-1 (Bill Jones/Team KAOS)
170 Andrew Tripp 0-0 (Headstrong) vs Tollison Lewis 0-0 (Wai Nei)
145 Elias Leland 0-1 (Academy) vs Nick Spencer 0-0 (Choi’s)
175 Tim Grovo (Team Headstrong MMA) vs AJ Davis (Team KAZE)

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