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April 15, 2012

AFO Night Of Champions April 13, 2012 Review

CityBoy, Warchild and The Boss arrived at AFO right around 7pm.  The place is packed with fans for an event they like to dub the Superbowl of AFO fights.  They have a bunch of title fights this night and is a mixed card with pro and amateur.  The guys from Boston Bastard Brigade were nice enough to share some room with me.  Thanks guys!  Pete, the AFO promoter has the infamous leather jacket on and he is running around like a madman.  That must mean its show time. The vendors available I see are GetPunched and Prime Athletics from where I am seated.  There is also a Soul  Rebel booth selling their cds.  They sound great! The DJ is DJ Hurrakayne and and John Vena is our host for the evening.  The place is packed with 800-900 people and the crowd is ready for some fights.   Onto the fights!

Fight 1: 135 Randy Cole 0-0 (Sityodtong) vs Lorenzo De Los Reyes 0-0 (Dexter)

Lorenzo comes out to House of Pain-Jump Around and Randy comes out to Motley Crue Kickstart my heart.  Great choices guys!  Randy catches Lorenzo with a good right hand and stumbles Lorenzo but he recovers. Randy the much taller fighter is using the clinch to get in some really good knees to the body.  Randy then sinks in a guillotine and pulls Lorenzo down to the ground but Lorenzo muscles his way out of it.  Randy gets bucked off and Randy got some nice ground and pound as the round ends.

Randy Cole 10-9

Rd 2: Randy misses with a punch and Lorenzo gets a nice counter punch.  Randy gets the takedown and now has full mount.  The ref stops the fight due to strikes.

Randy Cole defeats Lorenzo De Los Reyes via ref stoppage to strikes.

Fight 2: 185 lb Title Belt Tom Venticinque 4-2 (Team United) vs Joe Palazio 4-1 (Rukus)

Joe comes out to Emeinem Feat 50 Cent-Never Enough and Tom comes out to Maino-Ft T-Pain All of The Above.  For those who don't know this is a rematch fight.  First fight Palazio won.  I know Tommy and I know he is looking for revenge.  These guys are both evenly matched and is gonna be a good bout.  Joe is working the takedown.  Tom is defending well.  Joe goes for the double leg takedown and lifts Tommy in the air but Tom slides into a nice guillotine choke.  They go to the ground and Joe is fighting to get out.  Joe pops his head out and then stands up.  He dives right back in on top and now working the side.  Tom scrambles out and they end the fight clinching up against the cage.  

Joe Palazio 10-9 Really close round could be 9-9 but I gave the edge to Joe for controlling the clinch on the outside and had the more dominant position on top in the round.

Rd2: They instantly clinch and Palazio gets the takedown.  Joe took the back and now trnsitions back to full mount.  Tom bucks off and Joe takes the back again.  He is trying for the rear naked but Tommy defends well.  Joe got in some ground and pound shots.  It was tough to see the last part I think Tom scrambled out and was in half guard but could be wrong.

Joe Palazio 10-9

Rd 3: Joe blocks Toms punch and throws a nice right hand that drops Tom.  He is ok and defending from the bottom.  Joe is on top and Tom is getting in a barrage of punches from the bottom.  Joe gets in some big shots as the round ends.

Palazio 10-9

Joe Palazio defeats Tommy Venticinque via unanimous decision and is now the ammy champion.  Many fans are saying this is fight of the night.

Fight 3: 135 Davis Roast 2-0 (Sityodtong) vs William Figueroa (Allaire)

William comes out to Bad Company by Five Finger Death Punch and Davis comes out to Jay-Z Kanye West No Church In The Wild.  William gets the takedown.  Davis scrambled out and is now on top.  Davis was working the arm triangle and now has full mount and gets some nice ground and pound as the round ends.

Roast 10-9

Rd 2: Davis misses with a high kick.  Davis works for a takedown but they both fall down together.  Roast is working the side then passes to full mount.  Roast is now on top on the back.  William is defending well and Davis has a body lock for a moment but William gets out and is now on top and is getting in some good shots as the round ends.

Roast 10-9..very close round it really could go either way. I gave it to Davis for the full mount and more dominant position.

Rd 3: They clinch and both fighters fall to the ground. Roast is on top in half guard.  Roast is getting in some ground and pound.  Roast is now working the side and then takes the back.  He is getting in some ground and pound.  Roast is working the rear naked choke but lets go as the round ends.

Roast 10-9

Davis Roast defeats William Figueroa via unanimous decision.

Fight 4: 170 Eric Spicely vs Giuseppi Andreoli (Rukus)

Giuseppi comes out to Eminem-Soldier and Eric comes out The Clash-Train in the Vain.  Eric starts us off with a nice leg kick.  They clinch and Eric gets the takedown via trip.  Eric is now on top to half guard.  Now he took side control and G stands up.  Eric is working the clinch up against the cage.  Eric jumps up over his head and goes for the takedown and transitions to a leg triangle.

Eric Spicely defeats Giuseppi Andreoli via leg triangle choke.

Fight 5: 185 Mike Ingals vs Felix Gomez (Florian Martial Arts)

Felix comes out Jay-Z/Kanye-N**az in Paris and Mike comes out to DJ Hurrakaynes favorite style dubstep music.  Just ask him, he may deny it because he is very shy about it but its true!  Ingals gets in a leg kick and Felix is working the clinch.  Mike reverses it and Felix then reverses that.  The rest of the fight is a clinch fight where Felix worked the clinch.  Not a whole lot of damage was done.

Gomez 10-9  

Rd 2: They are clinching up against the cage.  Ingals gets in a good punch and now they are back to the center briefly.  Gomez is now working the clinch up against the cage.  Gomez is getting in a bunch of body shots.  They work to the center and then Gomez works a single leg but is stuffed.  Gomez is working the clinch and gets in a good head shot as the round ends.

Gomez 10-9

Rd 3: Mike starts us off with a right hand.  Gomez is clinching up against the cage and I don't blame him.  It is winning him the rounds.  Gomez got a double leg takedown and is now in the guard.  Mike is working an armbar but Gomez slides out.  Gomez is now on top working the side.  He works a kimura as the round ends.

Gomez 10-9

Felix Gomez defeats Mike Ingals via unanimous decision.

Fight 5: 160 Ricky Berkerian (SSSF) vs Frank Falso (Rukus)

Frank comes out to DMX-Slippin'  Nice old school song!!  Ricky comes out to Eminem-'Til I Collapse.  Frank starts us off with a outside leg kick.  Ricky tries to jump guard but is stopped and then works a guillotine.  Frank lifts Ricky up and slams him down.  They are back standing and Ricky is working the clinch. He gets in a nice right hand and a high leg kick.  They separate and fall to the ground.  They get back up and Falso works a takedown but Ricky transitions into a nice arm bar as they go to the ground and gets the tap.

Ricky Berkerian defeats Frank Falso via armbar Rd 1.  That was a great back and forth battle and ended with a great finish.  Just what the fans needed.

Fight 6: Heavyweights Anthony Soto vs Leo Powers (Dexter)

Leo comes out to an old 70's song and Anthony comes out to Eminem-Won't Back Down.  They come out banging and Leo catches Anthony with a big haymaker.  Soto appears to come to real fast but then he was grabbing the ref so I think it was definitely a flash knockout.  

Leo Powers defeats Anthony Soto via TKO in 25 seconds in Rd 1.

Fight 7: 175 lbs Asi Samburu 0-0 (Doomsday) vs Tunde Odumuso 1-4 (Rukus)

Tunde comes out to Disturbed-Inside The Fire and Asi comes out to Jay-Z/Kanye No Church in the Wild.  I guess this is the song choice of the night!!  Although this one was a remix of the original.  They start out the round with some stand up.  Not a whole lot is connecting.  Asi gets in a nice leg kick.  Tunde follows back and gets in a nice kick to the upper body and Asi goes down.  The ref stops the fight, and Asi contests.  Not really sure what happened we will hear the official decision.  He seemed ok but was definitely hurt for the moment.  The ref must have wanted to protect the fighter from any further injury.  

Tunde Odumuso defeats Asi Samburu via ref stoppage to punches in Rd 1.

Kody Nordby Vs Kin Moy Grappling Match  

Kin comes out to I'm Too Sexy and Kody comes out to his famous Build Me Up Buttercup.  Special guest ref is Promo Pete DiLorenzo.  Pete is taking off the leather jacket so you know he means business!  This should be a good grappling match and could be a nice prequel to a future pro fight we may see at some point.  Both fighters fake kick Pete and blast him and jump on top of the cage WWE Style!  I wanted to throw in the chair! Now the grappling starts. Kin gets the takedown and is now on top.  Kody is working an armbar and Kin pops out.  Kin is working the side and tries for an armbar but Kody slips out and is not on top in guard.  He stands back up and Kody gets the takedown.  Kin reverses and is now on top working the side.  Kin takes full mount and then takes the back briefly.  Kody gets out and they stand up and they both fall to the ground.  Kin is now on top and gets bucked off.  Kody then stands up and takes the side.  Kody is working a guillotine but cannot get it.  Kody ends up on top as the match ends.  It was a draw...great grappling match.  Kody is off to the army now for the next 5-6 months.  Good luck to you Kody!

Fight 8: 125 Championship Fight Jared Sarno (SSSF) vs Mike DeLosReyes (Dexter)

Mike comes out to AC/DC shoot to thrill and Jared comes out to Curtis Stigers and The Forest Rangers-John the Revelator.  Jared gets in a nice right hand.  They clinch and Mike gets slammed down.  Mike tries to get up  but Sarno takes him right down.  Mike sweeps and is on top briefly. Jared stands up and is working a takedown.  They both fall and Mike is now on top working the side.  

Sarno 10-9

Rd 2: Mike gets in a few leg kicks.  He misses with a high kick and Sarno comes in and is working the takedown.  Sarno gets a nice knee to the body.  Sarno is controlling the guard and trying to pass.  Mike bucks him off twice but Sarno is right back at it.  Mike has half butterfly guard.  Sarno is now working the half guard.  Mike gets a nice reverse and is now on top working the side.  They stand up and Sarno gets in a another knee the body.

Sarno 10-9

Rd 3:  Sarno is working a takedown.  They fall down and Sarno is working half butterfly guard.  Mike uses them and bucks Sarno off.  Mike is now on top but not for long.  Jared takes the top and again Mike has half butterfly.  The round ends with Jared on top.

Sarno 10-9

Jared Sarno defeats Mike DeLosReyes via unanimous decision 30-27 and becomes the 125 ammy champion.

Fight 9: 135 Title Belt Billy Giovanella 4-2 (Connor’s) vs Devin Pilkington 4-2(Rukus)

Devin comes out to Styles of Beyond-Second to None and Billy comes out to B.O.B.-Airplanes.  Love that song!!  They clinch and Billy is working a double leg takedown.  He gets it.  Devin is right back up and Billy slams him down again.  He is now on top in the guard.  Devin is very active on the ground and is right back up.  Billy gets another double leg takedown and is working the guard.  Devin was working a triangle but Billy recognizes it and gets out.  He is now working the side.  Billy takes full mount and gets in some ground and pound as the round ends.

Giovanella 10-9

Rd 2: Billy goes for a takedown but is stuffed.  Devin gets a guillotine and takes it to the ground.  Billy fights it and gets out.  Billy postures up and Devin is working a triangle.  Billy is fighting it and turns towards the feet but Devin keeps the triangle locked tight.  The bell sounds.

Devin 10-9

Rd 3: They are standing and Billy is working the jabs.  Billy goes for a takedown and they both fall to the ground.  Billy is working the guard and getting in some punches here and there.  They scramble and both fighters stand up.  Billy is working a double leg and trips him down.  Billy is now on top working the guard.  Devin gets in some ground and pound and finishes strong as the round ends.  

Billy 10-9

Billy Giovanella defeats Devin Pilkington via unanimous decision 29-28 and becomes the 135lb champion!

Fight 10: 145 lb Title Cory Pickering 4-0 (SSSF) vs Soap Am 1-0 (TPS)

Soap comes out to a homemade chant and Cory comes out to Kid Cudi-Capcom.  Soap gets two fierce leg kicks and Cory turns to the side briefly.  Soap capitalizes with a vicious right hand and drops Cory.  He finishes off with a few more punches and the ref stops it.

Soap Am defeats Cory Pickering via KO punch in 11 seconds in Rd 1.  This fight had alot of buildup and definitely lived up!!  Soap becomes the 145lb ammy champion and goes to 2-0. He hands Cory his first loss of his ammy career but he will be back, no doubt!!

Fight 11: 155 lb Title Belt Kevin Ortiz (Thornton MMA) vs Jarrid Heon(Team Link)

Jarrid comes out to Alter Bridge-Metalingus and Kevin comes out to Linkin Park-Bleed it out.  Jarrid comes up with a high kick.  Jared works the takedown and gets it.  Kevin stands back up and they fall down and Ortiz is now in guard.  Jarrid threatens with an armbar but nothing too bad.  Jarrid reverses and is working the half guard.  Jarrid is getting some hammerfists to the body as the round ends.

Jarrid 10-9

Rd 2:  They come standing and banging.  Jarrid got the better of the exchange and then got the takedown.  He is now working the half guard.  Jarrid is controlling well on top and gets in some great ground and pound.  It was close to being stopped but Kevin weathers the storm.  Jarrid finishes the round off with a nice body shot.

Jarrid 10-9

Rd 3:  Kevin catches Jarrid's kick and he falls down.  Kevin is on top briefly and Jarrid reverses.  He is now working the half guard.  The rest of the round is with Jarrid on top in the half guard.  Not a whole lot of action but Jarrid shows some great BJJ.

Jarrid Heon defeats Kevin Ortiz via unanimous decision and becomes the 155lb ammy champ.

Fight 12: 170 Lb Title Belt Mike Burke 3-1 (Lake Valley) vs Tim Leary 3-0 (Redline)

Tim comes out to Dreadzone-Gangster and Mike comes out to The Game ft Travis Barker-Dope Boys.  Mike comes forward and goes right to the clinch.  Leary has a guillotine but nothing too threatening.  Tim gets in a nice knee to the body.  Tim takes the back and sinks in a rear naked choke.  Mike gets out and is now in guard.  He postures up.  Tim bucks him off and gets in some upkicks.  Tim stands up and they clinch up against the cage as the round ends.

Leary 10-9

Rd 2: Burke clinches up against cage and is working for a takedown.  Burke gets the takedown and is now working the guard.  Mike gets bucked off and stands up and gets a leg kick.  He jumps back in and takes half guard.  He stands back up and gets 2 more leg kicks as the round ends.

Burke 10-9

Rd 3: Both fighters are kicking each other left and right.  They clinch and go to the ground and Mike takes the full mount on top and gets the rear naked choke.  

Mike Burke defeats Tim Leary via rear naked choke in Rd 3 and becomes the 170lb ammy champion.  Burke looked real good out there tonight.  He showed some great standup and an even better ground game.  I am definitely gonna keep an eye on this guy because Tim Leary is very tough opponent.  Congrats to Mike on his win.

Fight 13: 170lb Title Belt Brandon Chagnon 4-2 (Sityodtong) vs Jeremy Ross 4-3 (Gladiator)

Jeremy comes out to Eminem-Not Afraid and Brandon comes out to Brandon comes out to a heavy metal song.  Jeremy gets a takedown via trip.  Brandon ends up on top in the guard.  Jeremy scrambles and sinks in a nice guillotine submission.

Jeremy Ross defeats Brandon Chagnon in rd 1 via guillotine and becomes the AFO pro 170lb champion.

Fight 14: AFO Vacant 155 lb Title Belt Tyson Chartier 3-1 (Sityodtong) vs Thane Stimson (Alpha Male)
Thane comes to Sick Puppies-You're Going Down and Tyson comes out to Maino-All of the Above.  Thane gets a nice leg kick in.  They clinch and Thane got the takedown and is now on top in the guard.  Thane is now working the half guard.  Thane stands up and gets a leg kick then goes right back to working the side.  Thane threatens with a guillotine but Tyson pops out.  He then sinks the guillotine in again and puts his leg up and it sinks in deep.  Tyson has to tap.

Thane Stimson defeats Tyson Chartier via gullotine in 2:45 in Rd 1 and becomes the 155lb pro champion!!


Fight of the Night:
Mike DeLosReyes vs. Jared Sarno...great back and forth battle.
Submission of the Night: Eric Spicely jumping and getting fast triangle choke.
KO of the Night: Soap Am vs. Cory Pickering
Blunder of the Night: John Vena announcing the wrong name.  He did tell me this was his first time messing up but sorry it earned blunder award.  "The awkward moment when announcing the wrong winner and the crowd boos very loudly!"

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights: 4.5
Star Quality: 4.5..tons of fighters there!
Sound: 3 Bass was distorted at times and many mic problems..sorry Brandon, don't hate me!
Refs: 5  no complaints from me...all good stoppages.
Announcer: 4  would have had a 5 if not for the blunder...maybe he will make up for it at Fight Night Maine tomorrow ;)
Ring Girls: 4...the ring girls were nice but I missed Renee and Jenna Doll.
Vendors: 5 GetPunched and Prime!
Overall: 4.28

Warchild, The Boss and I had a great time at AFO NOC.  There were so many great fights that night we were discussing them the whole way back to Western Mass.  Thanks to Promo Pete and the entire AFO organization for allowing us to take these photos and do the review for you all.  The Boss took all of our photos for you all. The event went real smooth even though they had so many fighter injuries throughout the making of this card.  The belts looked real nice courtesy of  Everybody had fun doing the AFO fantasy, everybody probably beat my picks haha! AFO will be back in June so make sure you stay right here and we will have the latest news for you.  As for all our photos we will be uploading them to our facebook fan page so please like our page to stay up to date.  I am signing off for now and editing more pics.  Fight Night Maine II review will be out sometime late in the night. I close off this review with a few more pics of the night.

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