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April 16, 2012

NEF's Fight Night Maine 2 April 14th, 2012 Review

Warchild and I arrived at Biddeford Arena in Biddeford Maine nice and early.  We finally found the right media entrance and enjoyed the FREE parking.  The cage is set in a hockey arena and is a real nice setup.  Kelly and Kevin are here from Crossface Productions and hooked us up with an extension cord so life is good.  The arena has wifi and Tim Sylvia is here walking around.  Yes, you read that right Tim Sylvia is in the building and has a special announcement which will be announced later this evening.  Let me tell you he makes CityBoy look tiny.  Pete Czymbor is handling the media and commentary and John Vena is our host of the evening.  One thing I learned is that in New Hampshire and in Maine the fighters wear shin pads.  The promoter for New England Fights is Nick DiSalvo and the matchmaker is Matt Peterson.  Both are really great guys and are pleased to be invading Maine!  I am however a little disappointed that Ozzy didn't make the trip.  He will definitely have to come to the next one!  It was my first time meeting Matt and he did a great job with the matchmaking.  There was a band playing for the preshow called Uncle Jack.  The crowd is piling in and it's a near sold out if not sold out show of 1700 MMA-niacs!!  We got a long night of fights and my friend Old School and Warchild are getting restless, so let's get started!!


Fight 1: 95 Nick Walker 0-0 (Headstrong) vs Tony Wells 0-0 (CMBJJ)

They come out swinging and Nick catches him with a good right hand that drops him.  He comes to but eats a barrage of hammer fists.  He takes the back and gets some more ground and pound and  blood starts to gush from the nose and Tony taps to strikes.

Nick Walker defeats Tony Wells via tap to strikes in Rd 1.

Fight 2: 160 Dustin Theriault 0-0 (Oxford Hills) vs Ahsan Abdulla 3-3 (Bombsquad)

Ahsan starts us off with a right hand that connects right to the bridge of Dustin's nose.  Blood starts to drip down Dustin's nose right off the bat.  They both fall to the ground.  I would say the nose might be broken but I am no doctor.  Ahsan goes right into a rear naked choke and gets the tap. 

Ahsan Abdulla defeats Dustin Theriault via rear naked choke in Rd 1.  Wow two fights so far and two bloody ones!!

Fight 3: 155 Tim Grovo 0-1 (Headstrong) vs Zach Labbay 0-1 (Kut Combat)

There are some missed punches and Tim gets a tripping takedown and is now on top working the side. He passes to full mount and lays some ground and pound.  The barrage continues for about a minute but there were too many unanswered punches and the ref is forced to stop it.

Tim Grovo defeats Zach Labbay via ref stoppage to unanswered strikes in Rd 1.

Fight 4: 145 Nate Fenech 0-0 (CMBJJ) vs Derek Shorey 1-4 (Bill Jones Shop)

Derek ate a jab but clinches and gets the takedown.  He is now working the guard and passes to full mount. He gets a punch through to the head of Nate.  Derek gets some more ground and pound through.  Nate is defending well and buck him off so now Derek is working side mount.  They stand up and Derek takes him right back down briefly.  Derek stands up and gets in some more punches and then takes the arm and cranks for the armbar tap.  What a great fast transition to an armbar!!

Derek Shorey defeats Nate Fenech via tapout to armbar in Rd 1.

 Fight 5: 205 Brent Dillingham (MMAAthletix) vs Chaz Guthrie 0-0 (Kut Combat)

They come out swinging.  Chaz is getting some right hands through.  They clinch and both fighters are firing body shots left and right.  They fall to the ground briefly and stand right back up.  Chaz gets the takedown but they stand right back up.  Brent is working the clinch up against the cage.  Brent sinks in a nice standing guillotine and gets the tap.

Brent Dillingham defeats Chaz Guthrie via tap to standing guillotine.

Fight 6: 170 Andrew Tripp 1-0 (Headstrong) vs Rob Solveson 0-0 (Bombsquad)

They come out swinging and Rob gets a nice slamming takedown.  Nice reversal fro Andrew right to full mount.  Rob defends well and only a few punches get in.  He twists and Andrew takes the back and works the rear naked choke for the tap.

Andrew Tripp defeats Rob Solveson via rear naked choke in Rd 1 in 1:04 seconds.

Fight 7: 185 Buck Pineau 2-1 (Choi's) vs Ryan Dean 0-0 (Maine Kyokushin Karate)

They come out swinging and Buck catches Ryan right on the jaw with a brutal uppercut and he falls face first.  Buck covers and gets a few more punches in and the ref stops the fight.

Buck Pineau defeats Ryan Dean in 11 seconds in round 1 via tko from uppercut.

Fight 8: 155 Colby Adams 0-0 (Headstrong) vs John Healey (Bill Jones Shop)

They come out swinging and John gets hit with a cup shot.  He shakes it off in 30 seconds and the fight resumes.  They go right back to swinging and John gets a nice punch through.  They clinch and Colby gets the takedown via trip.  Colby is now working the guard but John is staying very active on the bottom defending real well.  John is working for a triangle but its not too deep and Colby slams out of it.  Colby got a nice leglock but John slips out as the round ends.

Colby Adams 10-9

Rd 2: John is getting in some good standup and Colby goes for a takedown.  They go to the ground and he slides into a reverse triangle and gets the tap.

John Healy defeats Colby Adams in 39 seconds in Rd 2 via tapout to reverse triangle.

Fight 9: 155 Jesse Erickson 0-1 (CMBJJ) vs Nate Charles 0-3 (Wai Nei)

Jesse gets in a right hand and Nate stumbles down.  Jesse covers and works the side.  He gets in a nice knee to the body.  Nate gets a guillotine but Jesse passes to full mount and gets in a few shots.  Nate turns and Jesse goes for an armbar and cranks it.  Nate is forced to tap.

Jesse Erickson defeats Nate Charles via tap to armbar in Rd 1.

Fight 10: 150 Ray Wood 4-0 (Young's MMA) 4-0 vs Shane Manely 3-1 (Bombsquad)

Ray gets a front kick and they clinch up against the cage.  They fall to the ground and get right back up.  They swing but miss and clinch and fall right back down.  Shane takes the back but is not able to sink anything in and Ray stands back up.  Shane gets a takedown and is now working the back again from the side.  He gets in a few punches to the body and Shane twists out and stands up.  Shane is pushing Ray up against the cage and the break and Ray gets in a high kick to the head as the round ends.

Shane Manely 10-9

Rd 2: Shane starts us off with a takedown via trip and is working the back again.  Ray gets up with ease and they are now clinching up against the cage.  Shane is pushing Ray up against the cage and working the underhooks.  Ray swings his way out.  Ray gets a takedown of his own but Shane gets right back up.  Shane is pushing Ray up against the cage and getting some knees to the body.  Ray is getting some knees of his own.  Kevin the ref breaks them and Shane gets another takedown via trip as the round ends.

Shane Manely 10-9

Rd 3: Shane gets a double leg takedown and is now working the half guard.  Ray active again on the ground and they get right back up.  Shane gets another takedown via trip.  Shane is on top full mount and getting in some punches but nothing taking too much damage.  Kevin the ref calls stalemate and stands them up.  Shane gets another takedown and finishes off the round on top.

Shane Manely 10-9

Shane Manely defeats Ray Wood via unanimous decision 30-27.  First decision of the night and Ray Wood is handed his first loss.

Fight 11: 145 Erik Nelson 0-0 (CMBJJ) vs John Raio 1-0 (MMAAthletix)

John Raio has a huge crowd here in attendance.  John is getting in some great combos through.  John gets in a nice uppercut.  The crowd is going wild!!  John is now pushing Erik up against the cage.  Erik is eating some shots but let me tell you he is hanging in there like a champ!  John gets in another combo and Erik takes him down and is working for an armbar but the buzzer sounds.

John Raio 10-9

Rd 2:  John is pushing the action and gets in some nice combo and backs Erik up against the cage.  John gets another combo.  John is starting to show some tiredness but he continues to push the pace.  Erik gets in a nice combo of his own.  John clinches Erik up against the cage as the round ends.

John Raio 10-9

Rd 3: John gets in a nice leg kick.  He gets in some shots and clinches Erik up against the cage.  They both swing their way out.  Erik gets in a jab.  John gets in a combo.  He continues to push the pace and finishes the round strong backing Erik up against the cage.

John Raio 10-9

John Raio defeats Erik Nelson via unanimous decision.  All standup and fight of the night so far!!  Erik was facing a big crowd favorite in John Raio.  Not to mention this is Erik's first amateur fight of his career and he stood and banged the entire fight.

Tim Sylvia is in the cage getting interviewed by Pete.  They just announced that Tim will be fighting for the first time in his home state at the next Fight Night Maine in Lewiston on June 16th, 2012!!  You won't want to miss this one!!


Fight 12: 170 Jamie Harrison 1-1 (First Coast Full Contact) vs Keegan Hornstra 0-2 (Recluse)

Jamie works for a takedown and gets it.  Jamie is working the guard and has Keegan pinned up against the cage.  Keegan eats some big unanswered punches and the ref stops the fight.

Jamie Harrison defeats Keegan Hornstra via ref stoppage to strikes in Rd 1.

Fight 13: 170 Jarod Lawton 1-0 (MIKA) vs Darrius Heyliger 1-0 (Bombsquad)

Darrius gets a hip toss takedown and is now on top.  Jarrod is threatening with an arm bar but Darrius fights it and slips out.  They are now standing Jarod is now pushing Darrius up against the cage.  He gets in a few knees to the outer thigh of Darrius.  Darrius gets in some big shots and has Jarod running back.  He goes to the ground and Darrius offers a leg kick but then backs and lets him stand.  Darrius gets a cup shot and takes 30 seconds and they are right back at it.  Jarod is working a single leg but doesn't get it and the buzzer sounds.  

Darrius 10-9

Rd 2: They come out swinging.  Jarod is now clinching Darrius up against the cage.  Jarod is getting some knees to the body.  Darrius gets in some nice combos and Jarod goes to the ground.  Darrius gets in a little ground and pound and Jarod weathers the storm.  Darrius backs off and lets him up.  Jarod has a cut in the back of his head and it is running down his spine.  Jarod clinches Darrius up against the cage and gets the takedown.  Darrius knocks Jarod down with a good shot and then backs off and lets him up.  Jarod works a double leg then switches to a single leg.  Darrius fires back with some punches to the ear and then the buzzer sounds.

Darrius 10-9 with the slight edge.  He controlled the action and had more dominant positions.

Rd 3:  Jarod is working a single leg and Jarod gets caught with a knee to the head.  Kevin the ref deducts a point and the fight resumes. The crowd boos!! Jarod is clinching Darrius up against the cage.  Darrius fires with some big combos.  He then gets a takedown and is now on top working the guard.  He drops some elbows and opens a cut right above Jarod's left eye.  The doctor checks it and stops the fight.

Darrius Heyliger defeats Jarod Lawton via doctor stoppage to cut over left eye in Rd 3.  Blood was flowing right in the eye.  It was a good stoppage in my opinion.

Fight 14: 265 Jesse Peterson (CMBJJ/SSSF) 5-2 vs Artie Mullen 1-9 (Stanford ME)

Jesse has a huge crowd for him here.  They start out banging.  Artie gets in some big shots and has Jesse stumbling back.  Jesse weathers the storm and clinches and brings Artie to the ground.  He lays some major ground and pound on Artie's back and to the head.  The ref stops the fight.

Jesse Peterson defeats Artie Mullen via ref stoppage in Rd 1.

Fight 15: 170 Ryan Sanders 3-0 (Young's) vs Mike Winters 5-2 (Bombsquad)

Mike gets the slamming takedown and is now working the side.  Mike is firing some knees to the body.  Ryan spins out and they stand back up.  Mike then gets another takedown and is working a low guard.  They stand back up and Mike gets another takedown.  They get back to their feet and Mike reverses the clinch.  They break Mike gets in a good right hand.  He works a takedown but Ryan gets right back up.  Mike works him back to the ground.  Ryan works his way back up and the bell sounds.  

Mike Winters 10-9

Rd 2: They start out swinging.  Ryan threatens with a guillotine and gets in an elbow.  Mike gets a double leg takedown.  Mike is trying to pass guard.  Ryan is getting some elbows to the side of Mike.  Mike is now in Ryan's guard.  Ryan stands back up and Mike takes him right back down.  They stand back up and Ryan gets a head kick in before Mike takes him back down.  Mike is now working the half guard and the bell sounds.

Mike Winters 10-9

Rd 3: Mike fires for a takedown and takes Ryan down.  Ryan stands back up and Mike takes him right down again.  Ryan grabs hold of Mike's leg and stands up.  Mike defends and gets another takedown.  Ryan reverses and is now on top.  Mike muscles his way back up and Ryan reverses and threatens with a kimura but muscles out.  They spin around and Ryan works a deep guillotine.  It look like we could have seen a brief tap but Ryan spins around and applies it some more.  It looks like another brief tap but it was real quick tough to see.  The second time Ryan lets go and they stand up.  

Mike Winters defeats Ryan Sanders 29-28 via unanimous decision.  Now there was a brief three handed tap but Kevin the Ref's angle wasn't good.  They then turned and Ryan put the guillotine on some more.  There was another three hand tap and again it was a bad angle for Kevin.  I think if he saw it he definitely could have stopped the fight. Ryan definitely felt it too because he let go which is a big no-no.  You never let go until the ref pulls you off.  With all that said, the first time the tap might have been done, Mike did not go out so who knows!  I guess we will all have to wait to see what the video shows but all I gotta say fight fans is I would love to see a rematch!!


Fight of the Night: John Raio vs. Erik Nelson..very close for me to have Ryan Sanders and Mike Winters
Submission of the Night: Colby Adams vs John Healey..Colby won the first round in my eyes and John took it away with a slick submission..great fight!
KO of the Night: Buck Pineau vs Ryan Dean..although this was ruled a was close and it might have been a flash knockout..
Blunder of the Night:  Everything went real smooth..sorry no blunder this night fans..

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights: 5 Great night of fights...almost all finishes...I loved em.
Star Quality: 5 Tim Sylvia..need I say more.
Sound: 3.5  I rated it low because I am a stickler and I love music.  The music was very quiet for when the fighters were walking out.  I would have liked it to have been louder.  
Refs: 5  All good complaints in my eyes.
Announcer: 5 John Vena redeemed himself and did an excellent job.
Ring Girls: 5  Very nice looking girls and the outfits were real nice.  They were happy to pose with any fans.
Vendors: 4.5  I saw Old School Fight Wear, PU2S and I may have missed some but plenty of selection for the fans.
Overall:  4.71..awesome score.

This was our first time for to invade Maine and we were quite pleased.  The Maine fans are very impressive.  They stayed the entire night and that does happen at some shows I attend in the area but not very often.  They show true dedication to the sport.  The matchmaking was very well done and many finishes took place as you can tell.  This is in my opinion because MMA is new to Maine and the teams/fans/promotions are getting used to the fighters and we are really seeing what they are made of!  The drive wasn't too bad.  Google Maps said 3 hours..our trusty Garmin told us 2.5 hours.  I would like to thank the Biddeford Arena and NEF staff for their hospitality.  I want to thank Warchild for taking the photos for us!  Lastly I want to thank the fighters and fans for giving us all an awesome night to remember.  For our new fans joining us, we will be posting all of our photos of the evening to our fan page on facebook. The link is found below and fighters/teams...feel free to steal the photos in the review and share them all around!  I want to close out this review with stating for the up to date news and all the video please check out New England Fight's webpage.  They update it all the time and they do an awesome job on it.  As always you can click their banner on the side of our page at anytime to go there.  Hope you all enjoy the review and we look forward to covering the even coming up in Lewiston Maine on June 16th.

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