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April 25, 2012

Cage Titans Conquer May 5th, 2012 Full Teaser

We are just a few weeks away from Cage Titans newest installment righteously titled Conquer which is set to take place on May 5th, 2012.  What better way than to spend your Cinco De Mayo than to watch 15 spectacular fights in a cage at Plymouth Memorial??  As of right now the card is set with 9 amateur fights and 6 professional fights.  In this article I will break down all the fights for you as best as I can, so let's have some fun.  Mike Polvere, the promotor/matchmaker was nice to send me the full card with records, teams and everything which makes it much easier!  The entire Cage Titans crew does a great job on their shows and anyone who has ever been knows this!  I even got the opportunity to meet Miss Brandie Light at Warrior Nation last Friday!  They continue to have stacked cards and this card is no exception.  This is their 8th installment! Get your tickets by clicking here. Let us begin...

The first amateur fight of the evening is in the 170lb division and is between Marc Giordano and Brian Sparrow.  Marc is from Dojo1 which is located in Darcy, NY.  He will be making his amateur debut who Mass fans will gladly welcome.   Well, unless he is a Yankees fan that is!  Kidding!  Brian trains out of Pro Elite  which is located in Cape Cod, Sandwich MA to be exact and is run by none other than Scott Rehm!!  Brian comes into this fight with a record of 2-0 and they both were first round submission victories.  This is a great opening fight to kick off Cinco De Mayo!

Then we have Moises Rodriguez against George Nassar at a catchweight of 140lbs.  Moises comes into this fight with a 1-1 record and trains out of Triforce MMA.  He has fought both of his fights in his career for Cage Titans and is going for #3!  He won via KO slam and punches in Rd 1 and has lost via tko to punches in Rd 3.  His opponent George trains with Maxx Training and has a record of 1-1.  He has a split decision win and a ref stoppage to strikes to Brian Squadrille in Rd 3 at the January Cage Titans event.  Plain and simple, both of these guys have the identical records and one of them will be victorious and move to over .500.  Who will it be?? Find out on May 5th!

The third fight is between David Mejia and Jordan Smith.  David trains with Carlson Gracie and is making his amateur debut.  This fight is in the 135lb division.  His opponent Jordan Smith trains with Clinch MMA which is located in Fall River, MA.  He comes into this fight with a record of 1-0.  His win came back in November of 2011 for CFX where he defeated via submission Dave Brown.  Both fighters will be ready to show off their skills and we are anxious to see how David steps up in his ammy debut!

Next we have Connor Matthews against Anthony Hargrove in the catchweight of 150lbs or so.  Connor comes into this fight with a record of 1-1.  He trains out of Lakeville MMA which is in Lakeville MA.  I bet you never would have guessed that!  He has a submission victory over Derek Shorey who is a very tough fighter.  His only loss came via KO to Shannon Soares in 4 seconds at a Cage Titans back in September of 2011.  He is looking to bounce back on top for you all on May 5th.  His opponent Anthony comes into this fight with 0-1 record.  His school is Maxx Training which is located in Stoughton Ma.  Maxx stands for Mixed Martial Arts Xtreme Xross if you didn't know and the mma instructor is Michael Varner.  I was not able to find how he lost but that's ok...we are still excited right??

The Stephen Langlais/ Shannon Soares 155lb bout is in the air.  Both fighters train out Fall River and the schools aren't sure if they want these two neighbors going to war.  Mike Polvere assures us though that he is working with both sides and as soon as a resolution is found we will pass the info on to you all.

George Bounoutas is set to face Mark Cardarelli in the 145lb division.  George trains with Carlson Gracie and will be making his amateur debut.  His opponent Mark is from USMMA which is in Bellingham MA.  His win came back at the last Cage Titans in January where he won a unanimous decision over David Espino.  Mark has the conditioning to go the distance which he showed in his last bout and that could make the difference in this bout.  We will find out in a few weeks, that is for sure!

Then we have Dan Lopez against Peter Barrett.  Dan trains with South Shore Sportfighting and Fitness and comes into this fight with a record of 3-2.  This fight is in the 155lb division.  Dan's two losses come via submission and his last victory came back in Cage Titans 5 over Stephen Langlais.  His opponent Peter trains with Maxx Training and has a record of 2-2.  He has a unanimous win and a ref stoppage win in his career.  He has a decision loss and a submission loss to Bobby Flynn.  We will have more on Bobby Flynn later in this teaser.

The last amateur fight of the night is a doozy!!  The fighters have been hyping it up over facebook and talking smack to each other.  It is between Jeff Watts and Rico DiSciullo.  Jeff trains with Team Pradal Serey and has a record of 4-1.  His four wins all came via submission.  Rico trains out of Sityodtong and has a record of 5-2.  Rico has the fast hands and the knockout power.  He defeated Dinis Paiva, Anthony Carmenatty and his big win over Kin Moy.  This fight is in the 135lb division.  If Jeff can win then he will surely be making a name very quickly for himself in MA and earned himself on the ranks on  Rico has recently lost two tough submission losses and is looking to turn it around no doubt.  The real factor I see in this fight is if Jeff can take Rico down which is where he will have the advantage.  Rico will want to keep it standing where he will have the best advantage with his lightening fast hands.  Both fighters know this and will be ready come May 5th to put on a show!!

The main card which consists of 6 pro and one ammy fight, yes you read that right, 6 pro fights! The last ammy fight of the evening is between Nick Fontecchio and James Smith.  This one is a heavyweight fight folks! Nick is a fresh amateur making his debut and trains out of Connor's MMA.  Rolling and sparring with Tyler King can't be a bad thing for you Nick!!  Tyler tells Nick is a good wrestler and gets better every day in practice! James, his opponent trains with Maxx Training and comes into this fight with a record of 3-0.  James's previous opponent had to drop out and Nick was happy to step in!  James has all three wins in the first round.  He has two submission  wins and one ref stoppage to punches.  He is the full package and will be looking to improve to 4-0.  Not if Nick has anything to say about it!!  Cage Titans fans will not want to go to the bathroom during this fight, it could end quick!  Will James be taken into the second round for the first time on May 5th?? We will find out soon enough.

Now we start the pro fights of the evening.  Johnny Kim will be facing Joe Reverdes in the 135lb division.  Johnny is from team BKJA and comes into this fight with a record of 0-2.  Cage Titans fans will remember Johnny Kim from his last fight with Dat Tran back in January of last year where he suffered his second loss via ref stoppage in round 1.  His opponent Joe trains with Cape Cod Fighting Alliance.  He is famous for his cage crew and setting up the cage for all the events.  Thanks Joe!  He comes into this fight with also an 0-2 record.  His last fight was for AFO where he was defeated via a keylock to Fred Mandracchia.  I was there for that fight and it was a really good fight.  Which fighter will be victorious and get their first win of their pro career??

Shaun Marmas is set to fight Chris Rowley in the 135lb division.  Shaun trans with Integrated Martial Arts and is located in Coventry RI.  His nickname is Mambo and he comes into this fight with a record of 2-3-1. His two wins were ref stoppage and a submission victory over none other than Chris Rowley!  His last fight he lost to Robbie Leroux at a CES in November which was via decision.  Chris Rowley trains with team Sityodtong and has a record of 3-5. Chris has two submission wins and one ref stoppage in his career.  He has fought some tough guys like Shaun has.  Shaun gave Chris his first career loss and it left a bad taste in his mouth!  Will Chris Rowley avenge his loss or will he be handed his third loss in a row??

Next pro battle we have Keegan Hornstra facing Bobby Flynn at a weight of 160lbs.  Keegan trains with Recluse BJJ which is located in Farmington Maine.  Keegan is still looking for his first pro win of his career and comes into this fight with an 0-3.  Two of his losses were ref stoppages and his other loss was via submission.  His opponent is going to be another tough battle for him.  Bobby is making his pro debut and trains with Pro Elite.  I believe Bobby's ammy career record was 4-1 but don't quote me on that.  Bobby in his ammy career had 3 submission victories  I expect this fight to be ended on the ground with both fighters  being very comfortable there.

Jesse Merit will be facing Shawn "The Neck Breaker" Baker in the 185lb division. Jesse will be making his pro debut and trains with Team Anubis which is in Rollinsford NH. Jesse according to online sources had an ammy record of at least 1-1.  His last loss came at Cage Titans 6 to Adam Gordon via decision back in September of 2011.  His opponent Shawn Baker trains with Cape Cod Fighting Alliance.  He has fought in various weight classes and has a record of 2-4.  He has three submission losses and a ref stoppage in his career.  He has a submission and a ref stoppage for his wins.  I remember his fight with Mark Hoxie where he gave brutal leg kicks that I am sure Mr. Hoxie is still feeling today!  Kidding, Hoxie, just making sure you are paying attention.  Shawn always puts on a show and I am sure this fight will be no exception!

The second to last fight of the night will be Jimmy Collins and Lionel Young in the 155lbs range. Jimmy trains with Lauzon MMA and has an undefeated record of 4-0.  Three out of his four wins came via submission.  He has a decision win also and is comfortable in all aspects of the cage.  His opponent Lionel trains with Maxx Training and has a record of 5-8.  All five of Lionel's wins came via submission and his losses came via decisions and submissions.  Lionel in his last fight fought very well against Pete Jeffrey at a CES in February but in the end suffered a loss via decision.  He has fought many tough guys in his career and is up for the challenge in this one.  As you can see the stats don't lie, both fighters are comfortable on the ground and I predict this one will end with a submission.  Then again, its MMA and anything can happen at any given time!

Last fight of the night is Johnny Campbell against Tateki Matsuda in the 135lb division.  Johnny "Cupcakes" Campbell trains with SSSF and has a record of 3-1.  He has wins over Christian Rivera and his last win came against Dominic Warr where he won a unanimous decision.  His loss came via submission in Rd 1 against William Garrett back in 2010.  His opponent Tateki trains out of team Sityodtong and has a record of 6-3.  Tateki is the professional 135lb belt holder for Cage Titans and is a force to be reckoned with.  He was robbed on The Ultimate Fighter show.  I felt he won one of the rounds but alas the judges didn't think so and didn't force a third round.  He has great striking and awesome kicks that I know he will be showing off for all the fans!  He has many decision wins, a ko win in his career.  I anticipate this to be fight of the night with a big stand up battle.  Does Cupcakes have what it takes to get the title from Tateki??  Cage Titan fans will find out live!

There you have the full teaser for the upcoming Cage Titans show set to take place on May 5th, 2012.  I am writing this today so as you know fights may change and the matchups may not happen but I sure hope they do!  If anyone's record or team is wrong in this let me know and I will gladly fix it.  Get your Cage Titan tickets by clicking here. Plymouth Memorial is a beautiful stadium seating arena and tickets start at just $45 dollars.  There really isn't a bad seat in the house!  Doors are opening at 5pm and fights start at 6pm.  Thanks to Mike Polvere and Cage Titans team for keeping us up to date and I hope you all enjoy this teaser.  I can't have a Cage Titans teaser without giving a shoutout to the lovely Cage Titan ring girls who will be in attendance for all the fans.  I haven't learned the new ones names yet but I know the lovely Katryna will be there!!

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