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April 25, 2012

Press Release--Warrior Nation Defined

Warrior Nation III kicked off on Friday April 20th and quickly  grew with about as much energy as I think the Hu Ke Lau Showroom  can structurally handle. From a promoter’s point of view, I can  honestly say that this was the most gratifying experience I’ve  had to date involving MMA promotion. I cannot thank the fans  enough for their continued support of what I believe to be the  most exciting sport in the world.

On November 11th, 2010, I started Warrior Nation Xtreme Fighters Alliance. With this new beginning came a sincere goal of  building a promotion that would thrive and continue to provide a  solid base where fighters and teams could showcase their talent,  skills, and ability. Combine that with a connection to fans, family, and friends and Warrior Nation was born! From every  piece of flesh associated with cage fighting, I have attempted  to build positive momentum while working within reasonable  boundaries so that the essence of the fighter and team is a paramount consideration! From independent fighter to established fight team and school, recognition is the goal! Warrior Nation III helped me realize that we are growing in the way that I originally intended and promise to continue. This is not an accomplishment I could ever take all the credit for with so many influential pieces making it possible. With that said,  I need to recognize many of those involved at any and every level:

FIGHTERS AND TEAMS: Without you, we have nothing. No  contestant, no opponent, and no challenge to be met. Nothing is more important than the fighter! I treat each one with dignity and respect while holding an expectation of responsibility to your commitment. Train hard, show up, be on time, make weight, rest, and fight your heart out with the best interest of your reputation and integrity as a fighter, whether amateur or professional. The teams are the glue that holds everything together. Faith in the whole unit is what allows each and every fighter the ability to understand dependability the way it was intended for true WARRIORS! I’m counting on you because you’re counting on me! We will build ourselves as one with the understanding that we earn victory and defeat TOGETHER!

FANS: While we vary in almost every aspect, there is one common denominator; we love MMA! 3 years ago I recall the public realization that mixed martial arts was the fastest growing sport in the nation. I am proud of the current fact that it is now the fastest growing sport in the WORLD! Warrior Nation is not only born, but it is growing and FAST!

WNXFA STAFF: It all starts with the crew as a whole. Vice President TOM GOMES and Senior Graphic Designer SARA GOMES, more unofficially recognized as Omni Ohana Media and Design are the backbone. They are the promotions visual and audible connection. They connect Warrior Nation with fighter, fan, and each respective outlet. I am extremely proud to have both as essential members of the team and more importantly, as friends. We have introduced MMA in Western Mass at a whole other level and its one that we are very proud of. They are the best in the business on our scene without a doubt!

Matchmaker “NOTORIOUS” NICK NEWELL proved to be a great addition to the promotion. Nick was able to introduce Warrior Nation to many fight teams and his dedication, interest, and knowledge of the sport benefitted the fighters, teams, and promotion as a whole. Noteworthy is Nick’s personal accomplishments to date since his involvement with us. Coming off of his 5th win at a Cage Titans event in Eastern Mass, Nick soon found himself contracted with the XFC and went towards his 6th professional match, fighting in Florida. With a 1st round submission victory, he became an overnight Youtube sensation with over 1.6 million views to date. April 13th he secured his 7th straight win and remains undefeated. Happily for Nick and sadly for Warrior Nation, his time has come to focus 100% on his own professional career as a fighter. Matching is a task that is extremely time consuming and hinders this due to the constant required communication and effort involved in making matches, ensuring fighters are licensed, and monitoring the movement in any fight card. Nothing but the best wishes for this kid as he continues to pursue his goals and drive inspiration into us all!

Newlligans UNITE!

BILL BELL, AKA DJ ADAPT has been with us since the start and always kills it with his smart approach and professional preparation for every event. His production and editing of our show intro is an added bonus that I love to customize with him on each show. The “man upstairs” in the sound booth, never seen nor recognized, ensures that the fighters get the intro they deserve. From 0-0 ammy to seasoned pro, DJ Adapt will give you that last moment of mental preparation and motivational amping needed to bless the entry of the fighter! Thank you Bill for everything you have done with us and the loyalty you keep to our promotion.

WARRIOR NATION CAGE GIRLS have given the promotion a very professional and sexy look. Valerie, Samantha, and Megan hold down 3 of 4 spots on our promotional model team with the introduction of the 4th coming very soon! As every other position requires, there are expectations of effort and performance and these girls work hard. They have maintained a regiment of personal fitness with one of the best I could find and adjusted their schedules, training, and diet to ensure the best results of promotion, image, and appearance.

JESSE BAKER and BRIAN ROACH of 180 FITNESS have completely redefined fitness training through educating themselves and introducing client specific programs that truly target the toning and shaping goal of our Warrior Nation Models. Hold on to your hats boys……this is just the beginning.

and our most recent guest photographer out of Vegas, JOE PIC; thank you for all your work to date in shooting Warrior Nation events. You have captured what most can only remember in pieces and provide a still moment of recollection that translates the mood, soul, and essence of MMA in a way that only you can!

WHERE IT ALL BEGAN: Three years ago, I enjoyed a glass of J&B straight up on the rocks inside the Hu Ke Lau (HKL) with Owner and friend, ANDREW YEE. We talked about possibility and the leap of faith to try something new. Mentor, MARCO ALVAN, gave me the initial guidance and drive that led me down a path of motivation that led to action, planning, and completion. A business relationship between HKL and I formed and I know it’s one that works well. The Yee family is one of dedication, commitment, professionalism, and true grit work ethic. They understand showmanship, planning, preparation, and quality presentation. In July of 2011, General Manager, SONNY WAE, took over as my HKL liaison and has been a solid component to Warrior Nation’s success. Sonny, you are an absolute work horse and anyone who knows you, can attest. I sincerely appreciate the support that Andrew, you, and the entire family provide, which allows me the ability to continue succeeding! Thank you!

IN CLOSING: I’m really looking forward to future Warrior Nation projects and invite the MMA Community to join in the journey as we look to grow this sport as positively as we can!

The only thing left to say is obvious; “GET THE FIGHTERS READY!”

Jesse Camp

President, Warrior Nation X.F.A

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