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April 13, 2012

C.E.S. : Never Surrender Full Review

The Artist and Miles O'Toole set up shop as near to the cage as any press person could want.  Miles was in the press section just outside of the VIP area with a stellar view of both the broadside of the cage and a clear view of the projection screens.  I was cage side along the broadside with little more than the chain links themselves between me and the action.  The venue smelled of horribly wonderful Kentucky Fried Chicken.  A staple of the CES promotion.  With ten exciting bouts scheduled and a much anticipated real life comic book worthy battle for the Middleweight Title I was easily the most excited for fighting as I have ever been.  Jimmy Burchfield Jr. and his staff are top notch and miss nothing in the fine details.  The show started on time and progressed seamlessly until it's conclusion at 11:30pm.  The following account of the action is the effort of my coach, teammate, and friend, Chuck Garbiel.

Carlos Rivera Vs. Bob Burton
Rd1.  Starts out quick with Rivera slamming Burton to the mat.  Burton maintains guard through most of the round.  Burton Finishes late in the round with a triangle choke.  Winner: Bob Burton Via Triangle choke at 3:02 in Round 1.

Zach Costello Vs. Leon Davis
Rd1. Costello comes in with a take down. They scramble and Costello goes for a guillotine choke but Davis jumps to side control.  Davis quickly moves to mount and then takes Costello's back going for a rear naked choke. For most of the round They remain in this position.  Late in the round Costello reverses to get into Davis's guard.  Costello had Davis against the cage dropping punches.  Costello breaks away to his feet.  Davis throws a few up kicks.  The ref stands him up.  the round ends.
Rd2. Starts with exchanges on the feet.  Great exchange of punches kicks and knees.  Davis goes to the mat but recovers.  Davis catches Costello with a spinning back fist and drops him.  Costello is weathering the storm.  Davis again takes Costello's back.  Davis has Costello mounted and is dropping punches down on Costello.  Costello weathers 30 seconds of punches from mount to go into the 3rd round.
Rd3.  Davis comes in with 1, 2.  Misses the take down and ends up pulling guard on Costello.  They scramble back to their feet.  Davis gets the take down and gets side control.  Costello is fully turned into Davis.  Davis takes Costello's back again, punching and working the choke.  Davis maintained back control for the remainder of the round, punching and working for the choke.
Winner: Leon Davis, unanimous decision 30-27

Tom Evans Vs. Dominic Warr
Rd1. Warr comes out looking mean.  Warr shoots in. Evans pulls guard and goes for a triangle.  Warr defends perfectly while dropping hammer fists.  Evans moves to guard.  Evans gets up.  The stare down continues int he middle of the ring.  Warr comes in with a body shot and grabs a leg, and has Evans against the cage.  Evans reverses it.  Warr is on his back.  Evans is dropping punches from standing while Warr is trying to Get a leg lock.  Warr gets Evans down gets into Evan's guard.  Warr is trying to set up elbows to the face.  The round ends.
Rd2.  Warr comes to the center of the cage hands down.  Warr gets Evans up against the cage.  Warr throws multiple knees to the inner thigh.  Evan presses Warr off of him and they go back to the middle of the cage.  Evans lands a nice kick that put Warr against the cage.  Warr rebounds and takes Evan down and has him against the cage.  Evans fights to get up.  Warr get Evans with a low blow. Time out is called for Evans to recover.  About 90 seconds action continues.  Warr pushes Evan to the cage but Evan responds with a knee to the face.  Warr gets Evan against the cage.  They exchange knees.  Evans lands a good right to the face but Warr pushes him back up against the cage.  Evans sinks in a standing guillotine .  Warr continues to throw knees to the thighs.  The round ends.
Rd3. Warr throws a left and goes for a single leg.  Evan defends.  Warr goes for a double leg but can't close Evans legs together.  Warr goes back to the single leg and takes Evans down.  Warr gains side control.  Evan scrambles out and they get to their feet.  Evan goes for a knee but Warr catches it and takes Evans down.  Evans land a solid up kick and they are back on their feet.  Warr, again takes a single leg and gets Evans on his back.  Evans scrambles and gets back on his feet.  They separate and get to the middle of the cage.  A couple of punches thrown but nothing lands.  Warr gets Evans back against the cage.  Evans breaks out but look exhausted.  Warr comes back in for a take down attempt.  Evans defends nicely and the round ends.
Winner: Dominic Warr Split decision 29-28, Evans. 29-28 Warr, 30-27 Warr

Pete Jeffery Vs. Lucas Cruz
Rd1. Cruz goes for a high kick.  Punches and kicks exchanged early on.  Jeffery get Cruz against the cage.  They clinch up and exchange knees.  Cruz gets Jeffery against the cage.  Jeffery reverses.  Cruz breaks out and land some punches and kicks. Jeffery pushes Cruz hard against the cage taking him down.  Cruz escapes and get Jeffery to the ground and rains down punches.  Cruz takes Jeffery's back and goes for the Rear naked choke.  Cruz sinks it in deep.  Jeffery tries to defend but taps.  Definitely the fastest paced fight so far tonight. 
Winner: Lucas Cruz via Rear Naked Choke at 3:11 of Round 1

Dinis Paiva Jr. Vs. Sergio Cabrara
Cabrara with a body kick to start the round.  Paiva throws a leg kick. Cabrara slips and falls but gets back up.  Kicks exchanged.  Cabrara throws a spinning hook kick.  They exchange punches.  Cabrara continues to land leg kicks.  Paiva leg is already showing redness.  Paiva leg is turning purple as he eats more kick form Cabrara.  Cabrara goes for the leg kick. paiva catches and takes Cabrara down.  Cabrara quickly gets back up.  The round ends

Rd2. P legs looks even worse.  Cabrara comes out with a head kick that misses.  Paiva land a stiff jab.  Cabrara continues to hack at Paiva leg.  Cabrara goes for the head kick again.  Paiva is looking to score with a leg kick.  Cabrara goes for a kick. Paiva catches and takes Cabrara down. They fight for position and end up back on the feet.  Cabrara kicks Paiva and knocks him down.  Paiva gets right back up.  Paiva is starting to switch his stance to avoid more kicks to his left leg.  Cabrara with a head kick and another.  The round ends. 

Rd3.  Both fighters get the crowd cheering before the round starts.  Cabrara comes out with the kicks.  Paiva shoots in and gets a single leg take down.  Cabrara gets up they exchange punches.  The action returns to the middle of the cage.  Some punches are exchanged.  Paiva takes a single leg and gets Cabrara against the cage. Paiva take Cabrara down.  Cabrara gets right back up and knees Paiva in the stomach.  They go back to the middle of the cage trying to set up punch combos.  Cabrara pushes Paiva to the cage.  They break and return to the middle.  Paiva goes for the single leg. Paiva takes Cabrara down and rains punches .The round ends.  Great fight on the feet with great kicks.
Winner:Sergio Cabrara, unanimous decision. 30-27, 29-28, 29-28

Brennan Ward Vs. Harley Beekman
Rd1.  They both come out swinging.  Quick take down but scrambled back to their feet.  Ward takes Beekman down and gets mount.  Beekman is turned to his side and scrambles to his feet.  Ward with a another take down but Beekman gets back up.  Ward again with a take down but again, Beekman to his feet.  Beekman presses Ward against the cage and throws knees to the legs.  Ward with another take down but Beekman is right back up.  Ward with Beekman against the cage.  They break and go to the middle of the cage.  Ward throws some punches. Beekman attempts a leg kick.  Ward catches and takes beekman down.  Beekman pulls guard on Ward.  Ward escapes guard and stands.  Ward drops some punches and goes for Beekman's back.  Ward abandons the back and they stand.  They exchange a few punches and the round ends.

Rd2. The round starts with some punch combo exchanges.  Beekman with Ward against the cage.  They come to the middle and exchange punches.  Ward shoots in and misses the take down but get Beekman against the cage.  Beekman fights and escapes, the go to the middle.  Ward accidentially poke Beekman in the eye.  Time out is called.  20 second later action continues.  Punches exchanged and Ward shoots in and takes Beekman down.   Ward is behind Beekman.  They are both standing and fighting for position.  They break and go back to punches.  Ward with another great take down and taking Beekman's back from the top.  Beekman escapes through the back door and they are back on their feet.  The round ends. 

Rd3.  Starting out in the middle with punches.  Ward goes for the take down and Beekman reverses and throws Ward to the mat.  Ward reverses and tries for Beekman's back.  They are both on their feet and back in the middle.  ward ducks under Beekman's punch and shoots in and takes Beekman down.  They get back to their feet and exchange punches.  Ward attempts a takes down but Beekman turns it into a semi standing guillotine.  Beekman has Ward against the cage.  Ward pushes off.  Ward is bleeding from above his left eye.  Beekman presses Ward against the cage.  Ward pushes off and they go back to the middle to exchange punches.  Beekman attempts a head kick.  Beekman with a great combo of punches brings Ward to the mat.  Ward reverses and gets Beekman in and rear naked choke.  Beekman fights to get to his knees but Ward bring him down.  Beekman escapes and they climb to their feet as the round ends.
Winner:Brennan Ward, Unanimous decision. 30-27, 20-27, 29-28

Keith Jeffrey Vs. Chip Moraza-Pollard
Rd1.  Both start out sizing each other up.  Jeffrey attempts a few kicks to no avail.  Pollard is getting Jeffrey's timing of his kicks and countering with stiff jabs.  Action stops briefly for a low blow.  They both come back swinging.  They clinch in the middle.  Jeffrey presses Pollard into the cage.  Jeffrey takes Pollard down and punches him against the cage.  Pollard gains half guard.  Jeffrey stand over Pollard and throws down some punches.  Pollard scrambles to his feet.  Jeffrey pushes Pollard into the cage.  Pollard reverses.  They push off and end up in the middle.  Pollard land a few leg kicks.  Jeffrey goes for the shot but is stuffed by Pollard.  Jeffrey pushes Pollard to the cage.  Pollard answers with a knee to the face.  Jeffrey pressing Pollard back on the cage. The round ends.

Rd2.  Punches fly to start the round Jeffrey knocks Pollard down with hooks.  Jeffrey takes side control.  Jeffrey trying to go North south on Pollard.  Pollard sweeps and gets to his feet.  He walks away and tells the ref to stand Jeffrey up.  Kicks and punches exchanged.  Pollard landing some good jabs.  Jeffrey goes for the shot but Pollard sprawls out.  Pollard stands up and has the ref stand Jeffrey up.  Pollard with more stiff jabs.  Pollard mixing it up with kicks.  The action stays on the feet.  Jeffrey's kicks are looking wild.  Pollard seems focused on the jab.  Pollard attempts a spinning hook kick to the head and misses.  The round ends.

Rd3. Jeffrey comes out with wild punches.  Pollard focusing on the jab.  Jeffrey with a good straight right to Pollard.  Pollard Pushed Jeffrey to the cage.  Jefferey pushes off and they go to the middle.  They exchange punches in the middle and tie up.  Pollard with a knee to the groin.  time is called.  After a minute action resumes.  Jeffrey goes for the shot but is stuffed again.  Pollard with Jeffrey against the cage.  They clinch up and punches exchanged.  They break and go to the middle.  Punches and kicks exchanged.  Pollard with some good hooks to Jeffrey's face.  They clinch and then break.  Pollard with another stiff jab.  Pollard with a good body kick but Jeffrey catches it and takes Pollard to the mat.  Pollard working the rubber guard.  Jeffrey escapes but Pollard pulls guard.  Jeffrey stand over Pollard and rains a few punches down as the round ends.
Winner: Keith Jeffrey, split decision. 30-27 Jeffrey, 29-28 Pollard, 30-27 Jeffrey

Abe Pitrowski Vs. Brett Oteri
Rd1.  Pitrowski with a leg kick clinches up and throws knees.  Oteri gets Pitrowski on the cage and takes him down.  Pitrowski has Oteri in guard Oteri presses Pitrowski against the cage.  Oteri trying to work around Pitrowski guard.  The ref stands them up.  Pitrowski with a knee and a head kick.  Oteri pushes Pitrowski against the cage.  Oteri takes Pitrowski down.  Pitrowski gets Oteri into half guard.  Oteri gets Pitrowski with a guillotine choke.
Winner: Brett Oteri, via Guillotine 4:06 Round 1

Mike Stewart Vs. Cody Lightfoot
Rd1.  Lightfoot comes in swinging.  Stewart with an immediate take down.  They battle back to their feet.  They break to the middle. Stewart with a leg kick. Lightfoot presses Stewart against the cage.  They both work body punches.  Lightfoot with a low blow to Stewart.  Time out is called.  After 30 seconds, action resumes.  they exchange multiple punches.  Stewart with some stiff jabs.  Stewart throw a mean hook that drops Lightfoot.  Stewart swarms Lightfoot with multiple punches.  Light foot is trying to get back to his feet while taking hard punches to the face.  Lightfoot goes back down.  As he tries to get up again. Stewart sinks in the rear naked choke.  Lightfoot taps.
Winner : Mike Stewart via rear naked choke at 3:10 of round 1

Todd "The Hulk" Chattelle Vs. John "Doomsday" Howard CES Middleweight Championship
Prior to the start of this fight, the national anthem was sung.  The crowd became electric and is ready to see this fight!!!!! You can barely hear the announcer because the crowd is so electric for this fight. 
Rd1.  They square up in the middle. the hulk starts with punches.  Doomsday answers with hooks.  Doomsday with a good leg kick. Punches and kicks exchanged.  The Hulk is working the jab. The crowd starts chanting"let's go Doomsday"  Doomsday with a nice left hook.  The Hulk is working the punch combos.  Doomsday working his left hook knocks the Hulk's mouth piece out. Time is called to clean the mouth piece. Action resumes.  Doomsday with a leg kick.  The Hulk answer with a leg kick of his own.  More punches exchanged.  Doomsday take the Hulk down.  Hulk gets Doomsday in his guard.  Doomsday looking to stand.  Doomsday moves to half guard.  The round ends in half guard.

Rd2.  They meet in the middle.  Power punches exchanged.  The hulk comes with great combos.  They clinch up and exchange knees.  Doomsday with a good leg kick.  More punches exchanged.  Doomsday working the leg kick.  The Hulk returns the favor.  The Hulk working the jab.  Doomsday with great body shots.  Great punch exchanges.  Doomsday shoots and takes the Hulk down.  Doomsday has the Hulk pressed against the cage sitting on the mat.  The Hulk is rising.  Back to their feet with punches exchanging.  Doomsday with another take down.  Doomsday dropping punches from an open half guard.  Doomsday pressing the Hulk to the mat. Doomsday takes mount and is raining punches.  Doomsday won't let up still raining the punches down as the Hulk covers up.  Doomsday wins by referee stoppage due excessive unanswered strikes.
Winner: John "Doomsday" Howard, via Referee stoppage due to excessive unanswered strikes,  4:48 of Round 2

Special thanks goes out to my teammate and friend, Chuck Garbiel for writing tonight's live update/ review.  Also I have many more photos of these fights, but I have them on our FaceBook fan page so take a few moments and check them out.  As always thanks for supporting us and following this site.  Thanks to all the fighters, Classic Entertainment and Sports, Jimmy Burchfield, Jr., Michael Parente, and all the staff at Twin Rivers Casino.  This event will be hard to top.  I'll leave it up to you though to decide.

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