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April 10, 2012

Fans Getting Ready For Epic Local MMA Action This Weekend

In case you haven't been paying attention, this is a very busy weekend for the local MMA scene.  There are two shows on April 13th and one on April 14th.  We have done teasers for all of these shows so I urge you if you haven't read them to check them out.  I will link them below.  We have CES and AFO set to take place on this Friday and then Cage Titans Media Day with Fight Night Maine II on April 14th.  How can one possibly go to CES and AFO at the same time??  I know, this is a dilemma I have myself since they are both two solid shows!!  Have no fear, will be at both of the April 13th shows and we will have the live updates right here for you all.  Warchild and I will also be attending the Maine show to share with all you Maine-iacs.  If all that isn't enough on The Ultimate Fighter, Joey Proctor is set to face Chris Tickle live on FX this Friday night!  Finally there is also Nick Newell on XFC which is going to be Friday night on HDNet! Here is the weekend roundup including the fight cards as of today found below.

Friday Night April 13th

AFO Fight Card and Teasers

Now keep in mind I wrote these a few weeks ago and since then some of the fights have been scrapped. The Randy Smith vs John Johnston fight is not happening due to medical reasons. The Chad Kelly-Jared Sarno fight has been switched around. Jared Sarno is now facing Mike DeLosReyes. Also the Ricardo Georges fight was cancelled due to Mike Malvesti getting hurt. The female bout is off the card too.  Lastly the latest change was Kody Nordby vs. Josh Spearman fight not happening.  Spearman had 3 months and didn't get his medicals done from what I hear.  Kin Moy has stepped up to the plate to face Kody in a grappling match. Plenty of other awesome fights still happening as you can see by reading the teasers below.

Kody Nordby Vs Kin Moy Grappling Match
AFO Vacant 155 lb Title Belt Tyson Chartier 3-1 (Sityodtong) vs Thane Stimson (Alpha Male) AFO Vacant 170lb Title Belt Brandon Chagnon 4-2 (Sityodtong) vs Jeremy Ross 4-3 (Gladiator)
170 Lb Title Belt Mike Burke 3-1 (Lake Valley) vs Tim Leary 3-0 (Redline)
155 lb Title Belt Kevin Ortiz (Thornton MMA) vs Jarrid Heon
145 lb Title Cory Pickering 4-0 (SSS) vs Soap Am 1-0 (TPS)
135 Title Belt Billy Giovanella 4-2 (Connor’s) vs Devin Pilkington 4-2(Rukus)
125 Championship Fight Jarrod Sarno (SSS) vs Mike DeLosReyes (Dexter)
175 lbs Asi Samburu 0-0 (Doomsday) vs Tunde Odumuso 1-4 (Rukus)
Heavyweights Anthony Soto vs Leo Powers (Dexter)
160 Ricky Berkerian (SSS) vs Frank Falso (Rukus)
185 Mike Ingals vs Felix Gomez (Florian Martial Arts)
170 Eric Spicely vs Giuseppi Andreoli (Rukus)
135 Davis Roast 2-0 (Sityodtong) vs William Figueroa (Allaire)
185 lb Title Belt Tom Venticinque 4-2 (Team United) vs Joe Palazio 4-1 (Rukus)
135 Randy Cole 0-0 (Sityodtong) vs Lorenzo De Los Reyes 0-0 (Dexter)

CES Fight Card and Teaser

The CES card is stacked with 11 pro fights that is sure to please the crowd at Twin River Casino.  
 Steve "Sandman" Dunn vs Freddy Mello 
Todd "the Hulk" Chattelle vs. John "Doomsday" Howard - Middleweight title
Scott Rehm vs Bob Burton
Cody Lightfoot vs. Mike Stewart
Keith "Sonic Boom" Jeffrey vs Chip Moraza Pollard
Brennan Ward vs Harley Beekman
Thomas Evans vs Dominic Warr
Abe Pitrowski vs Nick Drummond
Jim Pitner vs Zach Costello
Dinis Piava Jr vs Gilvan Santos
Pete Jeffrey vs Lucas Cruz

Here is the full teaser for the CES show which has the epic fight between John Doomsday Howard and Todd Chattelle.

Saturday...April 14th

Cage Titans Open Media/Workout Day

Great event in the afternoon for all you fighters to get your medicals done.  This is for anybody that wants to go!  Read about the details on the event at the link below.

Fight Night Maine II Teaser

Action packed card with Ray Woods and Ryan Sanders fighting. I am not familiar with many of the Maine fighters on this card so I am anxious to learn all about them!

PRO170 Ryan Sanders 3-0 (Young's) vs Mike Winters 5-2 (Bombsquad)
265 Jesse Peterson (CMBJJ/SSSF) 5-2 vs Artie Mullen 1-9 (Southern ME
170 Jamie Harrison 1-1 (First Coast Full Contact) vs Keegan Hornstra 0-2 (Recluse)
170 Jarod Lawton 1-0 vs Darrius Heylinger 1-0 (Bombsquad)

145 Erik Nelson 0-0 (CMBJJ) vs John Raio 1-0 (MMAAthletix)
145 Nate Fenech 0-0 (CMBJJ) vs Derek Shorey 1-4 (Bill Jones Shop)
150 Ray Wood 4-0 (Young's MMA) 4-0 vs Shane Manely 3-1 (Bombsquad)
155 Colby Adams 0-0 (Headstrong) vs John Healey (Bill Jones Shop)
155 Jesse Erickson 0-1 (CMBJJ) vs Nate Charles 0-3 (Wai Nei)
155 Tim Grovo 0-1 (Headstrong) vs Zach Labbay 0-1 (Kut Combat)
155 Jared Laganas 0-0 (MSA) vs Doug Campbell 0-0 (BMAC)
160 Dustin Theriault 0-0 (Oxford Hills) vs Ahsan Abdulla 3-3 (Bombsquad)
170 Andrew Tripp 1-0 (Headstrong) vs Rob Solveson 0-0 (Bombsquad)
185 Buck Pineau 2-1 (Choi's) vs Ryan Dean 0-0 (Maine Kyokushin Karate)
195 Nick Walker 0-0 (Headstrong) vs Tony Wells 0-0 (CMBJJ)
205 Brent Dillingham (MMAAthletix) vs Chaz Guthrie 0-0 (Kut Combat)
215 Trey Gadbois 0-0 (Kut Combat) vs Crowsneck Boutin (Independent)

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