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April 21, 2012

Warrior Nation III April 20th, 2012 Full Review

Arrived at the famous  Hu Ke Lau right around 6:45 and found my seat.  The place is packed and sold out to 500 lucky fans!  I got an awesome seat next to The Boss who is taking some photos for you all.  The Artist is working the video with some fellow Ravenous members Zach and Gary running the cameras.  John Vena is our host for the evening.  I just can't get enough of John Vena the last few weeks. Jesse Camp and Tom Gomes do a great job with a stacked card of 8 fights.  The Notorious Nick Newell, the matchmaker came and visited with me for a few minutes.  I am excited to see the fresh amateurs making their debut tonight.  We may see some big up and comers getting it all started tonight!  Steve Rita and Kevin the Ref are our refs for the evening.  The Commission sends out the big dogs for this event!  The sound is crisp and clear.  At the Hu Ke Lau when you buy a ticket you get to sit in booths and who knows you might make some new friends like Warchild did tonight!  There is a 50/50 raffle going around and we are set to start!

Joe Michaelenski vs Leon Davis Grappling Match

First I am going to apologize if I slaughtered your name Joe. It was a great  back and forth battle.  Leon got the majority of the takedowns and a few submission attempts but Joe defended nicely.  The result was a draw.

Fight 1: Matt Allen (Ultimate MMA) vs. Allen Edgecomb (Shaolin Kempo) 135lbs

Allen E comes at Matt swinging.  They clinch and Matt gets the takedown.  Matt is now on top in full mount.  Matt rolls into an armbar.  Allen hangs on and gets out of it.  They scramble and Matt is now working on an Americana.  He then goes for an armbar and Matt is forced to tap.

Matt Allen defeats Allen Edgecomb via armbar in Rd 1.  Matt looked very impressive and now goes to 1-1.  Newell just informed me that his only other fight was to Abi Mestre.  That is a pretty tough amateur debut!  Onto the next fight!

Fight 2: Nick Berube (Team Link NH) vs. Eric Mendiola (Mohawk Valley) 155lbs

Nick gets hit with a good punch to the body and goes for the double leg takedown and gets it.  Nick now has a low full mount and then passes to full mount over the hips.  He gets some separation and is getting in some ground and pound.  He gets in some even more ground and pound as the round ends.

Nick Berube 10-9

Rd 2: Nick goes right for a single leg takedown and gets it.  He is now working the guard.  Nick gets some separation and gets some big ground and pound.  There were too many unanswered punches and Rita is forced to stop it.

Nick Berube defeats Eric Mendiola via ref stoppage to punches in Rd 2.

Fight 3: Addison O'Neil (DCNU) vs. Ryan Debartolomeo (Factory/ATT) 155lbs

They clinch and go back to and forth to each end of the cage.  They fall to the ground and Addison picks up Ryan and slams him down.  The crowd cheers.  Addison is now on top.  He gets bucked off and they scramble.  Addison now takes the back and works for a rear naked choke.

Addison 10-9

Rd 2: Ryan gets in a nice punch.  Ryan gets the takedown and gets in a few punches but Addison gets right back up using the cage.  Addison stands up and gets a double leg takedown.  Kevin stands them up for no action.  Ryan goes in and works for a takedown.  He gets the single leg and slams him down.   Ryan postures up and gets in some ground and pound.  Addison rolls into a nice armbar but it wasn't the full arm and was putting pressure on the forearm.  He slips out and the bell sounds.

Ryan 10-9

Rd 3: Ryan gets in a body shot and works for a takedown.  Addison defends nicely and is making Ryan work for it.  Kevin breaks em up and Addison gets a takedown.  Addison is now working half guard.  Not much work happening so Kevin stands em up.  They stand there and the bell sounds.

Addison 10-9

Addison O'Neil defeats Ryan Bartolomeo via unanimous decision.  Addison looked great in the first round.  Ryan did a great job and bouncing back and getting the second round.  Both fighters looked tired in the third round and it turned out to be a great fight.

Fight 4: Justin Kristie (Ultimate MMA) vs. David Baxter (USMMA) 135lbs

David gets a nice jab.  Justin fires back with a nice right hand of his own.  Justin goes for the double leg and gets it.  He is now working the side.  David sweeps out and they get to their fight.  They clinch and swing their way out of it.  Justin gets a big slamming takedown.  He postures up and gets in a few shots to the head.  Justin ducks under some punches and counters with a right hand.  Justin gets the takedwon and works a north south choke.  David holds on and Justin spins and takes full mount.  He postures up and gets some big ground and pound.  Justin puts a triangle on David and holds it til the bell sounds.  Now there is talk of David tapping.  The ref, Rita informed me he did an arcing punches towards the end so it is unsure if it was a tap or not.  David lays there as the round ends and is out briefly.  The doctor checks him out.

Justin 10-9

David answers the bell.  Unbelievable! They clinch up near the cage and both fall to the ground.  The work their way back up and David works a takedown and is now on top and is getting some ground and pound.    Justin threatens with an armbar but David slips out.  David gets in some huge shots and Justin takes too many unanswered shots.  Justin might have went out.  The ref stops the fight.

David Baxter defeats Justin Kristie via ref stoppage to punches in Rd 2.  Wow fight of the night!!  David showed tremendous heart to answer the bell in round 2.   As you can tell this fight is very controversial and we just like all of you cannot wait to see the video footage!  Great fight from both fighters!

We now have a brief intermission and Jesse Camp makes a great speech talking about all the sponsors they have and how everyone should support them because they help our local MMA!!  The lovely Warrior Nation girls are doing the 50/50 raffles which will be announced  later.   Jesse Camp announces that Nick Newell will be retiring from being his matchmaker and focusing on his fighting career!  There is no telling what Nick Newell can do....maybe he can dabble in some acting as well!

Fight 5: Neil Breen (Lions Den) vs. John Dipietro (Michael Tang’s) 155lbs

Dipeietro gets a slamming takedown.  They work their way back up and fall down. They stand up and Neil and does a straight right and John goes down instantly.  The ref stops the fight.

Neil Breen defeats John Dipietro via KO punch in Rd 1 in 1:17.

Fight 6: Irving Cortes (Underdog BJJ) vs. Edwin Rahardjo (Gracie CT) 135lbs

Alot of Irving fans came out tonight!!  Cortes gets the takedown.  Edwin uses the cage to get up but Cortes slams him down again.  Cortes is now in full mount.  Edwin is holding on and eventually gets the sweep.  Irving sweeps right back and is right back on top.  Irving goes right into an armbar but Edwin spins out.  Irving is right back to full mount.  Irving is working an arm triangle.  Irving postures up and gets in some ground and pound as the round ends.

Irving 10-9

Rd 2: Edwin starts us off with an uppercut.  Irving gets in a combo of his won.  Irving goes for a takedown but is stuffed.  Irving clinches up against the cage.  Edwin pulls guard and threatens with a guillotine.  Irving pops his head out and is now in full mount.  Edwin does a good job defending on the ground and minimizing the damage.

Irving 10-9

Rd 3: Irving throws a kick that misses.  He gets in a jab.  Edwin comes forward and Irving gets a double leg takedown.  Irving is now working the side.  Not a whole lot of action until Edwin rolls out and gets in guard but Irving works a triangle.  It isn't too deep and Edwin gets out as the round ends.

Irving 10-9

Irving Cortes defeats Edwin Rahardjo via unanimous decision.  I can see why he is nicknamed the "Hefty Smurf!"

Fight 7: Joshua Carrero (DCNU) vs. Angel Laboy (Team Independent) 135lbs

Josh gets the takedown and is now in guard.  He then passes to half.  Angel does a good job defending from the bottom and not taking damage.  He gets in some big shots and the crowd roars.

Josh 10-9

Rd 2: They clinch and Josh gets another takedown.  Josh is now working the guard and then passes to half.  Angel gets a reversal and now in half guard.  Josh sweeps out and is now on top working the side.  Not a whole lot of action and the bell sounds.

Josh 10-9

Rd 3: Angel gets the takedown and they get back to their feet and Josh gets a takedown of his own.  He is now in half guard and getting in some ground and pound.  Josh is now in the guard and trying to get some separation.  Josh in getting in some hammer fists.  Angel is working for an armbar.  Josh works his arm out and is now working the side.  He is now in half guard and gets in some big shots from above as the round ends.

Josh 10-9

Joshua Carrero defeats Angel Laboy via unanimous decision.

Warrior Nation does the 50/50 raffle and this lucky guy wins $550 bux and gets his photo with a Warrior Nation Girl!!

Fight 8: Damian Malon 0-0 vs. Dave Marfone (Mohawk Valley MMA, 0-0 Main Event 170lbs

Damian gets in a inside leg kick.  Dave gets in a right hand.  Damian is working a double leg takedown and gets it.  Dave uses the cage and gets up.  Damian is working for another takedown.  Damian gets in a nice knee to the head.  They break.  Nice jab from Dave.  Dave gets in a big combo and backs Damian up to the cage.  He goes down and Dave finishes him off with a few more hammerfists and the ref stops the fight.

Dave Marfone defeats Damian Malon via tko to punches in 2:58 in Rd 1.


Fight of the Night: David Baxter vs. Justin Kristie
Submission of the Night: Matt Allen vs. Allen Edgecomb
KO of the Night: Neil Breen vs. John Dipietro
Blunder of the Night: Everything went smooth.

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights: 5 awesome fights, ko, sub, and a fight everyone will be waiting to see on video!!
Star Quality: 5, Newell, Mangler, Ricardo, Vaca!!!
Sound: 5 DJ did a great job.
Refs: 5 Kevin and Steve Rita did a great job.
Announcer: 5 John Vena did awesome as usual.
Ring Girls: have seen them in the pictures.
Vendors: 3 I am not sure if there were any tshirt vendors there.  I could have missed them.  Hu Ke Lau does a great job serving the drinks and the Polynesian food all night long.
Overall: 4.71

Also Warrior Nation let us pick the Amateur Fighter of the Night and it went to David Baxter! You earned it!! had a great time at Warrior Nation.  I hope you all enjoyed our review packed with photos takes by The Boss.  Jesse and Tom and the whole WNXFA crew put in a ton of time/work into their shows and you can tell.  The show was a much bigger card but many fighters got hurt/lack of medicals and dropped off the card but they all held it together.  It was a perfect size card and made for a great evening.  It was nice to finally meet Miss Brandie Light of Cage Titans and also Joe Pic!  Miss Karyn Wesch and Sarah Payant were in attendance as well! For the new fans visiting we will be uploading all of our photos to our facebook fan page so please "like" it and follow us!  We post news and many pics that never make it to the site!  I would like to thank Joe Leonard and the Ravenous crew for filming the fights for WNXFA and to Hu Ke Lau for their hospitality.

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