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April 20, 2012

Warrior Nation III April 20th, 2012 Live Updates

Fights start at 7pm so keep refreshing around then!


Matt Allen (Ultimate MMA) vs. Allen Edgecomb (Shaolin Kempo) 135lbs

Matt Allen defeats Allen Edgecomb via armbar in Rd 1.

Nick Berube (Team Link NH) vs. Eric Mendiola (Mohawk Valley) 155lbs

Nick Berube defeats Eric Mendiola via ref stoppage to punches in Rd 2.

Addison O'Neil (DCNU) vs. Ryan Debartolomeo (Factory/ATT) 155lbs

Addison O'Neil defeats Ryan Bartolomeo via unanimous decision.

Justin Kristie (Ultimate MMA) vs. David Baxter (USMMA) 135lbs 

David Baxter defeats Justin Kristie via ref stoppage to punches in Rd 2.  Wow fight of the night..wait til you read the writeup!!

Neil Breen (Lions Den) vs. John Dipietro (Michael Tang’s) 155lbs

Neil Breen defeats John Dipietro via KO punch in Rd 1 in 1:17.

Irving Cortes (Underdog BJJ) vs. Edwin Rahardjo (Gracie CT) 135lbs

Irving Cortes defeats Edwin Rahardjo via unanimous decision.

Joshua Carrero (DCNU) vs. Angel Laboy (Team Independent) 135lbs

Joshua Carrero defeats Angel Laboy via unanimous decision.  

MAIN EVENT 170 lbs

Damian Malon 0-0 vs.Dave Marfone (Mohawk Valley MMA, 0-0

Dave Marfone defeats Damian Malon via tko to punches in 2:58 in Rd 1.

Nick Newell announces that he is retiring from being a matchmaker for Warrior Nation.  Great job Nick and we all wish you the best!

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