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June 6, 2012

Ammo Fight League Announces First Event

AMMO League announces their first event which will take place on July 21st, 2012.  It will take place on 100 Bidwell Road in South Windsor CT.  Entry fee is $60 bux for Gi and No-Gi.  Just click the poster for the full details.  As for some background on the AMMO Fight League, read on.

AMMO(American Mixed Martial Offense) Fighting League, LLC is an MMA promotional company specializing in mixed martial arts. It was founded in March of 2012 executives William E. Vigil and Sam Romanella both being successful promoters one from the sports arena and the other from the music entertainment field.

Sam Romanella an ex-professional boxer with ties to many of the great such as Vinny Paz, Bad Chad Dawson, Willie Pep,Moochie Starling,Peter Manfredo jr. He has also held various professional boxing matches and professional wrestling events throughout New England. He has prompted many special appearance events with The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Stone Cold Steve Austin,John Cena,  Kane,HHH,Randy Orton, and the list goes on and on. Sam has 25 year’s experience in this arena of entertainment.

Sam also runs and operates a successful sporting/memorabilia store in CT that frequently brings athletes of all types for special appearances and autograph signing events

Bill “Idol” Vigil brings the music entertainment aspect of the business with 20 years of experience. Bill has worked with all the wellestablished night clubs in New England and has own his own successful night club in the late 1990’s. Bill owns and operates his own Entertainment company/Recording Studio(Vigil Clan Entertainment/Idol Maker Studio). He deals with all aspects of the music industry from booking national groups to promoting clubs and event to managing up and coming artists.

Bill is a Black Belt in American Kenpo and is currently studying Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. His passion for the martial arts has inspired him to enhance his entertainment experience into a sport that he loves MMA thus he and his partner decided to create AMMO Fight League.

Together they both bring something unique to this company that will bring live music entertainment and amateur/professional MMA fighters to all the venues that they conduct their tournament at. All spectators that attend AMMO events will be attending two performances for the price of one something that has not be done as of yet so this should elevate this entertainment arena.

AMMO will be showcasing live musical entertainment in the beginning of all their events followed by the main event the AMMO fighters competing for the covenant recognition of our league for cash and prize awards. Also aspect many establish renowned athletes from football players, professional WWE wrestlers to legends of MMA to be present at our events as special guests and or for autograph signing and/or photo ops.

The League will provide the opportunity for all professional and/or amateur MMA, Kickboxing, Street Fighters, Brawlers, and submission grappling athletes to build their record, hone, and enhance their skills in the cage and on the mat with other fighters.

AMMO Fight League has established them self with large MMA schools around the country and will be organizing tournaments all around the country to provide all types of fighters the ability to expose their talents and to receive well deserved recognition by their peers and our league.

The tournaments will be segregated by weight classes and all fighters will be ranked accordingly to their capabilities. There will be scouts that will be attending the tournaments that are seeking fighters to fight under their camp. AMMO will also be looking for fighters to sign exclusive fighting contracts to fight under their organization. All fighters that fight for AMMO will be sponsored by AMMO.

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