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September 7, 2012

Friday's Fight Video: A Youtube Gem

Ok first off let me say this is by far one of the most entertaining fights I have ever seen.  It is supposedly between two females and let's just say their is a slight age difference.  When one of the women(supposedly) puts on her glasses at the end she looks sort of like Peter Griffin from Family Guy.  Thanks to my buddy Matt Douglas for sharing this gem with us.  Now I have a few critiques about this fight.  One did Sue Hemenway even train at all for this fight??  It sure didn't look like it.  Did she just show up that weight or did she cut at all??  In one of the comments it said she did karate and wanted to fight once.  Well why not attend some MMA classes first.  Now I don't know anything about this promotion but why didn't they match her up with someone more her age??  61 year old vs. 19 year old.  Congratulations on achieving your dream and fighting in an MMA fight Sue. Let us know your thoughts fight fans!

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