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September 7, 2012

Combat Zone September 7th, 2012 Live Results

Live updates are brought to you courtesy of Professional Heavyweight Fighter Tyler King!!  Thanks Tyler.
Pro Card
Jimmy Quinlin (2-0-0) vs. Jerry Spiegal (18-34-1)
Quinlan wins armbar Rd 1.
Anthony Loycano (0-1) vs Walter Smith Cotito (1-0)
Cotito wins unanimous decision

Amateur Card
Mike Burke (4-1-0) vs. Vovka Clay (3-0-0)
Burke wins guillotine Rd 1.
Richard Night (0-0-0) vs. Aaron Blanco (0-0-0)
Blanco wins dec
Heath England (2-2-0) vs. Mike Campanella (2-3-0)
Campanella wins tko to punches Rd 1.
Eric Tseronis (1-3-0) vs. Dillon LaVecchia (1-0-0)
Tseronis wins tko to punches
Francisco Lopez (1-3-0) vs. Kenny Murphy (2-1-0)
Murphy wins dec
Jared Laganas (1-0-0) vs. Washington Rodrigues (1-0-0)
Laganas wins tko to punches
Justin Clough (1-3-0) vs. Dave Sousa (0-1-0)
Sousa wins tko to punches
JT Harold (0-0-0) vs. Cheyenne Vasquez (1-0-0)
JT Harold wins ko punch Rd 1.
Matt Bouchard (0-1-0) vs. Tim Lightfoot (1-0-0)
Lightfoot wins KO spinning head kick
Ulises Perez (1-0-0) vs. Pete San Antonio (4-2-0)
San Antonio wins decision

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