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September 15, 2012

GFL 9/15/2012 Live Results

Our review will be posted on this in a few days.  No pictures this time, sorry folks.

145 Danny Monteiro 0-0 (Nova Uniao) vs Garrett Elias 0-0 (Bucket Brigade)
Monteiro wins ko right hand.

135 Brian Squadrille 1-1 (Nova Uniao) vs Chris Caterino 2-2 (Bucket Brigade)
Caterino wins tapout  in rd 1.

205 Jason Barrett AKA Flex Armstrong 1-0 (INDY) vs Kristian Lombari 0-0 (Team Fury)

Flex wins guillotine Rd 1.

150 Tyler Tracy 0-0 (Bucket Brigade) vs Ken Kersch 1-5 (Impact BJJ)

Kersch  wins rd 2 guillotine.

155 Mike Materkowski 3-2 (cage strikers) vs Isaiah Gomez 2-1 SYT Northshore)

Gomesz wins kimura ref stoppage rd 1.

130 Colton Blanchette 5-2 (Cage Strikers) vs Chad Kelly 3-2 (FAA Gardner)

Kelly wins  rd 1 triangle choke.

135 Matt Doherty 4-4 (TPS) vs Rico DiSciullo 6-2 (SYT)

Doherty wins decision!! Awesome fight!!

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