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September 15, 2012

WCMMA 9/15/2012 Live Updates

Live results should be starting around 8pm...

Featherweight Cleon Hoggard (0-0, Team Dow) vs. Brandon Fleming (1-0, SSSF)

Fleming wins by decision.

Heavyweight Revel Pedro Revera (0-0, Mixed Breed) vs. Patrick Walsh (0-0, Wai Kru)

Walsh wins ko rd 1.

Lightweight Paulo Durao (0-0,Portugal) vs. James Reese (7-3, USA)

JP Reese won ref stoppage to punches rd 2.

Middleweight Falco Neto (4-3, Portugal) vs. Shaun Dillon (0-0, USA)

Dillon won in Rd 1 guillotine.

Bruno Silva 5-9 Portugal vs. Mike King 3-0

King wins head and arm choke rd 1.

Heavyweight Nino Mendes (0-0, Portugal) vs. Steve Skrzat

Skrzat wins rd 1 ref stoppage to punches.

Brian Kelleher vs. Bill Jones

Brian wins ko rd 1.

Middleweight Belt (5 Rounds) Yang Sai (5-3, China) vs. Brett Oteri (10-3)

     Oteri wins by DQ from illegal knee to the head

Heavyweight Belt (5 Rounds) Alexy Oleinik (37-9, Russia) vs Mike Stewart (8-3, USA)

           Alexy wins by submission rd 2.

Featherweight Belt (5 Rounds) Yao Hongang (7-3, China) vs. Dave LaChappelle (1-0, USA)

Dave LaChappelle wins  unanimous decision.

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