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October 17, 2012

Cage Titans 'Victorious' 10/20/2012 Teaser

We are just within days away from the next Cage Titans event.  They are returning to Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth, MA respectively on October 20th, 2012.  Mike Polvere, Brandie Light and the entire crew have been working hard behind the scenes on putting this show together.  The card is complete and has 14 fights total which include 11 amateur fights which two of them are title fights and 3 professional fights.  Tickets are still available on the ace ticket website here but it is not too late to buy from your favorite local fighter and help support them in their mma career.  Words cannot describe how nice of a venue Plymouth Memorial Hall is.  It is a stadium type seating and has not ONE bad seat in the house.  The atmosphere is intense when the crowd roars, it echoes throughout the hall and really gets the fighters pumped for wars in the cage.  I strongly urge you to come check it out for yourself, you can thank me later!  Cage Titans and SKSFightGear has teamed up for a great cause.  As we all know it is Breast Cancer Month and for it, they will be having a raffle and for every $10 of raffle tickets you buy you will receive a limited edition tee shirt with all funds raised going to the South Shore Hospital Charitable Foundation - Cancer Care. The tshirt picture is found below. Great idea and for a great cause! Let's get on with the breakdown of the fights.

Jacob Weeks vs Mike Mitry

First fight of the evening is between Jacob Weeks and Mike Mitry at 155lbs.  Jacob is from Nexus MMA and Mike is from Wai Kru.  They are both making their amateur debut and are from two great schools so we know they will be ready.  It is going to be a great way to start out the evening.

Jeff Hsu vs Felix Gomez 

Second fight of the evening is between Jeff Hsu and Feliz Gomez at 170lbs.  Jeff fights out of Team Trifecta who were the stars of the last Cage Titans show if you all remember.  Jeff has a 2-0 record and has one one fight by submission and the other by unanimous decision.  His opponent Feliz has a record of 1-0 and trains with Florian MMA.  He won his only fight at a previous AFO against Mike Ingalls where he won a unanimous decision.  Both fighters are undefeated and they both have shown they can go the distance.  One fighter that evening will have suffered their first ammy loss...who will it be?? We will find out this Saturday night.

Jeff Marchetti vs Travis Demko

Then they have Jeff Marchetti against Travis Demko at 145lbs.  Jeff is from Lauzon's MMA and will be making his amateur debut.  Travis, besides having a kick ass first name trains with Wai Kru.  He has a record of 1-0.  His only fight he won a split decision against Chris Caterino at a CFX back in June of this year.  This should be a great battle between two big schools.  I can't wait for this one.

 Dan Lopez vs Jamie Courtney

Dan Lopez is ready to fight Jaime Courtney at 155lbs.  I believe this fight was supposed to happen at last Cage Titans but was cancelled due to health issues but I am happy to see it coming to fruition. Dan trains with SSSF and has a record of 3-3.  All three of his fights were won by decision.  His three losses, two of them were from submission and one was tko to strikes.  Dan, if you all remember was in that controversial fight where he was in a good position to finish the fight and the ref stopped it to put in a mouthpiece and he then ended losing that fight from tko to punches.  That is all water under the bridge and can't be changed now but I know he will be ready for another war!  Jamie is from team Sityodtong and has a record of 3-4.  I have seen many of his fights and he is a well rounded fighter.  I was not able to find the complete record of Jamie but as far as I know he has still never been finished.  All of his fights he either won or lost from a decision.  He has fought some beasts in his career just like Dan.  I think this is going to be a great standup battle and I can't wait.  

 Jeff Perez vs Chris Violette 

Jeff Perez will faceoff in the cage against Chris Violette at catchweight of 150lbs.  Jeff trains with Nexus MMA and has a record of 1-0.  His sole win was for Premier FC where he won against George Wilson from a submission early in round 1.  His opponent Chris is from Team Burgess and has a record of 1-0.  Chris was supposed to fight last weekend at Coliseum To The Cage but was unable to due to medical issue but luckily he is all set for this card.  Right Brandie? :)  He fought at a Cage Titans in July where he beat Kurt Daniels via submission to rear naked choke late in round 2.  We have two fighters young in their career and very well versed on the ground.  I expect this to be a ground battle and will most likely end with someone being submitted.  

Max Barrett vs Stefanos Kampouris

Then we have Max Barrett against Stefanos Kampouris at 148lbs.  That is an very odd number to agree on but whatever works!  Max trains with MAXX training and will be making his amateur debut.  Stefanos trains out of Wai Kru and has a record of 0-1.  He fought for Titans back in July where he lost to a triangle in round 2 against Manny Bermudez.  Here is yet another evenly matched fight and I don't know enough to make any predictions so we will all have to find out this Saturday together.

Manny Bermudez vs Grant Mosley

At 145lbs Manny Bermudez will fight Grant Mosley.  Manny is 1-0 and trains with SSSF.  If you are awake then and reading this then you already know right above that Manny beat Stefanos Kampouris from a triangle choke in Rd 2 for his sole amateur win.  Grant trains with Florian MMA and will be making his amateur debut.  Not much to go on in this fight but I predict it will be a ground battle that will end in a submission.  

Chris Suarez vs George Nassar

Chris Suarez will take on George Nassar at 135lbs.  Chris trains out of Allaire MMA and will be making his amateur debut.  If he has been training with Kody Nordby then I know he will be ready for a battle.  George trains with Wai Kru and has a record of 1-2.  George has won a split decision and has lost a decision and from a ref stoppage to strikes.  George has the experience with already having three fights and he can go the distance.  Chris will have his work cut out but being from Allaire I am sure he will rise to the challenge.

Remo Cardarelli  vs Jessie Pires

Remo Cardarelli will take on Jessie Pires at 125lbs.  Remo trains with USMMA and has a record of 2-0.  His first fight he fought Jessie and won a unanimous decision.  His second fight he defeated Shane Decristoforo with a submission late in round 1.  Jessie wanted a rematch and he got it!  He trains with team BKJA and has a record of 0-1.  Now normally it would seem a little odd to have a rematch right away but in their defense, the 125lbs crop of fighters is pretty slim. I am anxious to see how this rematch goes down.  Now onto the main card of the evening or as I like to call them the bread and butter fights!

Mike Rodriguez vs. Dan Burke

For the 185lb amateur amateur title Mike Rodriguez will fight Dan Burke.  Mike is from team Trifecta and has a 2-0 record.  He is a rising star in local mma and if you have ever seen him fight you will see why.  He has heavy hands and is strong as an ox and we have been raving about him for a while.  He has two first round stoppages and this will be his toughest fight to date.  His opponent Dan Burke is from Team Burgess and also has a record of 2-0.  He also has two first round stoppages, one by submission and one for ref stoppages to strikes.  As you can see this is a great matchup and even better its for a title.  The way these guys fight, I do not see this one going to a decision.  Both fighters plan on leaving it all in the cage.

Matt Tullos vs. Brett Morris

For the last amateur fight of the evening we have Matt Tullos against Brett Morris for the 145lb amateur title.  Matt Tullos won the title at the last event and he will be defending it with an undefeated record of 4-0.  He trains with Connor's MMA and won the title in the fourth round against Cory Pickering where he submitted him with a rear naked choke. He has a couple first round stoppages and won the other by decision.  He is very well rounded and has excellent wrestling.  His opponent Brett trains with Rivera Athletics and has a record of 4-1.  Three out of four wins came from submission and he also has a decision victory over Matt Doherty.  His one fight he lost a decision to the very tough Sergio Cabrera.  This is a really close fight on paper. Both fighters have four wins, have great wrestling and can submit.  Will their ground games cancel each other out and we see a stand up battle??  I don't believe so, I feel this will be a great ground battle.  Now onto the pro fights of the evening.

Hector Sanchez vs. John Downey

At 185lbs they have Hector Sanchez against John Downey.  Now this fight was originally scheduled for CFX's show that was cancelled and Cage Titans was happy to pick it up.  Hector Sanchez trains with Allaire   and according to he has a record of 1-7.  He has lost the majority of his fights from submission and has one knockout victory.  His opponent John trains with Team Xtreme and I believe has a 1-11 record.  He fought at the last Cage Titans against SSSF's Bill Mahoney and was quickly submitted.  He then fought for CFX and lost to Joe Cronin from a first round submission.  As you can see both fighters have losing records but this is an even matchup.  The fighters always bring it and I think it is pretty safe to assume it will probably end in the first round!!  I give both fighters mad props for stepping in the cage that many times!!

Bobby Flynn 1-0 vs. Jay Bakanowski

At a catchweight of 160lbs Bobby Flynn will take on Jay Bakanowski.  Bobby trains with Pro Elite and has a record of 1-0.  He submitted Keegan Hornstra in his pro debut for Cage Titans a little while back.  He has a great ground game and can submit as you can see.  His opponent Jay is from Wai Kru and has a record of 0-1.  His only pro loss was to Leon Davis at CES where Leon controlled the fight in all three rounds with his outstanding wrestling.  Don't let that deceive you Jay has fast hands and the stamina to go the distance.  He is also a great wrestler and will be hungry for his first pro win.  You won't want to miss this fight.

145lbs Rob Font 3-1 Sity vs. Brandon Fleming SSSF 2-0

Now for the huge main event they have at 145lbs Rob Font against Brandon Fleming.  Rob trains with Sityodtong and has a record of 3-1.  He has two submission wins and one knockout win over Thane Stimson.  His one loss he was controlled by Dez Green and lost the decision at a Premier FC.  His opponent Brandon trains with SSSF and has a record 2-0.  He is a great wrestler and had a stellar amateur career just like Rob Font did.  He fought his first fight for Bellator against PJ Davis where he won with a peruvian necktie in round 1.  He then fought for World Cup of MMA where he won a unanimous decision over Cleon Hoggard.  This is a big fight for both fighters and they are going to bring it.  I see this being a huge ground battle and being back and forth.  My only problem with this fight is I love both of them and don't want to see either of them lose but as we all know the loss has to go to somebody.

There you have it, a great night of fights courtesy of Cage Titans and company.  Tickets are still available on the ace ticket website here and as always you can buy from your favorite, friendly local fighter.  The card is solid and it is just crazy to think just three weeks later they are doing another Cage Titans show that already has some great fights announced.  Follow along with all the action in local MMA cards in our special Local Card Section by visiting the "Local Cards" tab in our menu or the shortcut here and see how all the cards are unfolding.  As always, let me know if your team or record is wrong in this teaser and I will fix it when I get the chance.  Thanks for reading and hope to see you all there.  The Artist will be taking photos for you all and I will be there doing the live play by play.

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