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November 10, 2012

Cage Titans 11/10/2012 Review

The Artist and I arrived around 7ish.  We hit some traffic in Boston so got delayed a bit which I suppose is normal.  Mike Polvere, Brandie and Shelly are running around that must mean it is almost show time.  The Artist will be snapping the action for us all.  The crowd is starting to fill in and I won't estimate because Brandie will just make fun of how far off I was.  Right??  Harry Jones kicked us off with the national anthem.  Cage Titans is playing their montage of awesome fight scenes.  I am a little disappointed there was no Steven Seagal in there Mike!! There are three big screens displaying the action from Provizion. I am loving the $2 dollar pizza and so are the fans. For fight fans both members of Kitty Kitty Bang Bang were in the house, Mike Rodriguez, Joe Pingitore, Lionel Young, Tyler King, Joe Lauzon, Cory Pickering, Jeff Nader and also Brandon Fleming.  I gotta give a shoutout to SuckerPunch Athletics who were the only apparel vendor there besides Cage Titans selling their shirts.  I also want to give a shoutout to the media tables and my friends there.  Let's get on with the fights!

150lb AM – Welly Sanchez (0-0, Redline) vs Evan Aubrey (0-1, Wai Kru)

Evan comes forward and they clinch.  Welly gets the slamming takedown.  Evan sweeps and takes Welly's back.  He is looking for the rear naked choke and he has a body triangle.  He lets go of the triangle and mounts him.  Welly bucks him off and Evan takes his back again as the round ends.

Evan 10-9

Rd 2: Evan lunges forward and Welly gets in an uppercut.  Evan is working for a takedown but Welly tries for a gullotine and they fall.  Evans is going for a takedown and Welly pulls guard.  Evan sweeps and is now working the side.  Evans then moves to half guard as the round ends.

Evan 10-9

Rd 3: Evan goes right for a double leg takedown and gets it.  Welly is trying to get back to his feet and does.  Welly pulls Evan down and gets mount briefly.  Evan then reverses it and is now in Welly's guard.  Not much action going on until Welly sweeps and gets the top position and they are tied up until the round ends.

Evan 10-9

Evan Aubrey defeats Welly Sanchez via unanimous decision.

140lb AM – Ricky Bekerian (1-0, SSSF) vs Chris Suarez (0-0, Allaire)

Ricky gets a low takedown.  Chris has a guillotine and is punching Ricky in his back.  Ricky eventually gets his head out and is now in half guard.  He then passes to mount and gets in some ground and pound as the round ends.

Ricky 10-9

Rd 2: The fighters are feeling each other out for a bit.  Ricky gets a single leg and Chris is threatening with a guillotine but nothing serious.  Ricky now has the side.  Chris twists and gets out.  They are back to their feet.  Ricky goes for a takedown and is stuffed.  They go to the ground and Ricky has Chris's back and gets in a few shots to the head.  Chris shakes him off and now is in the guard and laying down a hammerfist as the round ends.

Ricky 10-9

Rd 3: Evan gets the takedown even with Chris holding onto the cage briefly.  Ricky gets in some punches to the head.  Ricky is working the side but Chris is very active from the bottom and tying him up.  Chris gets to his feet and Ricky takes him down with a suplex as the round ends.

Ricky 10-9

Ricky Bekarian defeats Chris Suarez via unanimous decision.

185lb AM – Lorenzo Kane (0-0, Lauzon MMA) vs Stephen Kimball (Kaos) 1-1

Lorenzo gets in a few good shots and Stephen goes down.  Lorenzo is working the side and is working an arm triangle. He gets the tap.

Lorenzo Kane defeats Stephen Kimball via tapout to arm triangle at 58 seconds in Rd 1.  Impressive debut.

135lb AM – Shayne Stephenson (2-5, Independent) vs George Nassar (1-2, Wai Kru)

Shayne works the takedown and is working the guard.  George tries for a triangle but can't lock it in and Shayne passes to half guard.  George got some space and bucked him off.  George takes the arm and cranks it.  It looks bad but Shayne fights it for a bit.  He cranks it some more and the ref has seen enough and he stops it.

George Nassar defeats Shayne Stephenson via ref stoppage to armbar at 1:20 in Rd 1.  Slick Submission!!

170lb AM – Tim Leary (2-1, Redline) vs Hiago Fontura (1-1, Triboro MMA)

Hiago clinches and gets a slamming takedown.  Hiago is on top and then passes to full mount.  Tim spins out and Hiago takes his back.  Hiago sinks in the rear naked choke real fast and gets the tap.

Hiago Fontura defeats Tim Leary via tapout to rear naked choke in Rd 1.

Mike Polvere announces the awards so far.  George Nassar gets the sub of the night.  For Fight of the Night Welly Sanchez and Evan Aubrey.  Great job guys.

Evan Aubrey with George Nassar (Above)

Cage Titan beauty, Katryna, presents Welly Sanchez with FOTN award (Above)

Michael Guglielmo speaks to potential Blood Marrow Donors

Jeff Watts steps up and becomes a potential donor
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How To Donate.There are two ways to donate
Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Donation (PBSC):

Ref. Steven Rita learns that a few moments could save a life.
 Cells are collected via the bloodstream. To increase the number of stem cells in the bloodstream, donors receive daily injections of a synthetic protein called filgrastim for 4 days before and on the first day of collection. On the day of collection the donor’s blood is removed with a sterile needle from one arm and passed through a machine that separates out the blood stem cells. The remaining blood is returned to the donor through the other arm. PBSC is a non-surgical, outpatient procedure that takes about 4-6 hours on 1-2 consecutive days.”

While taking the medication, many donors experience flu-like symptoms such as headaches, bone and muscle achiness and fatigue. Most side effects should subside within 48 hours after donating.

Heavyweight Ammy Title Ed Gillis 1-0 (Doomsday) vs. Nick Fontecchio 1-0 (Connor'sMMA)

Nick came out to 3 6 Mafia which is Jeff Nader's favorite song.  Make sure you play it for him if you see him.  Nick gets in some uppercuts from the clinch.  They scramble and Nick takes full mount.  Nick gets in a hammerfist.  Nick is getting in some big hammerfists and Ed sweeps and gets in his guard.  He gets in a few shots til the round ends.

Nick 10-9

Rd 2: They come out and start banging.  Ed catches Nick with a brutal right that drops him. He covers and the ref pulls him off right away.  Nick was out cold.  He came to and is ok.

Ed Gillis defeats Nick Fontecchio via ko to punch at 17sec into Rnd 2.  Awesome KO!!  Ed becomes the new Heavyweight Amateur Champion!

140lbs Kin Moy 0-0 (Redline) vs. Josh Beauparlant 0-0 (Independent)

Josh misses with a lunging punch and Kin takes full mount.  Kin is getting in some short elbows to the side of the head.  Josh bucks him off and they scramble and are back to their feet.  Kin gets in a side kick and Josh clinches.  Kin gets him with a left hook.  Kin gets the trip takedown and passes to full mount.  He then stands up and takes the arm and gets the tap.

Kin Moy defeats Josh Beauparlant via tapout to armbar at 2:45 in Rd 1.  Great debut from Kin Kong Moy!

185lbs Joe Cloutier 0-0 (Doomsday) vs. Josh Mellen 1-8 (Maximum Fitness)

Josh Mellen starts us off with some teaps.  Joe takes him down but Josh has a guillotine.  Joe gets out and is now in guard.  Josh is trying to throw his legs up high but Joe defends and passes to side.  He gets an Americana and gets the tap.

Joe Cloutier defeats Josh Mellen via tapout to Americana at 2:21 in Rd 1.  Great pro debut from Joe Cloutier.

180lbs Hector Sanchez (Allaire) 2-7 vs. Cody Anderson 0-0 Triumph MMA

Cody is working a single leg.  Hector defends and they are back in the clinch.  Cody gets in a good right.  They clinch and Cody gets a huge slamming takedown.  Cody is on the side and Hector is in major pain.  The ref stops the fight.

Cody Anderson defeats Hector Sanchez via ref stoppage due to injury at 1:06 in Rd 1.  It appears Hector hurt his shoulder.  Hope you are ok Hector.  Great pro debut from Cody!!  Now I want to make note that Hector stepped up for this fight 4 hours before the show.  We thank you for that Hector and we hope you recover quickly.

135 lbs Dan Bonnell 11-9 (Renzo NH) vs. Billy Giovanella 3-0 (Connor's MMA)

They clinch and Billy gets the takedown.  Billy is in half guard and then goes to side.  Billy gets in an elbow and then moves Dan away from the cage.  Billy passes to full mount and lays down some ground and pound!!  Dan isn't defending and the ref stops the fight.

Billy Giovanella defeats Dan Bonnell via ref stoppage to strikes at 1:53 in Rd 1.  Billy improves to 4-0!!  Great finish Billy!!


Fight of the Night:
Welly Sanchez vs. Evan Aubrey..great fight guys.
Submission of the Night: George Nassar and Shayne Stephenson...that looked bad, hope you are ok Shayne.
KO of the Night: Ed Gillis vs. Nick Fontecchio. 
Blunder of the Night:  DJ played the wrong walkout song a few times, CityBoy forgot his surge protector and had to scramble and Polvere saved the day, last but not least no Steven Seagal in the Cage Titans Fight Video!!  He is the greatest fighter of all time!

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights: 4
Great fights...
Star Quality: 4 Many big stars in the house that night...
Sound: 4.5 Sound was great but they played the wrong walkout songs a few times and the speaker cut out every once in a while.
Refs: 4.5 Refs were pretty solid that night...there was one time when a fighter held onto the cage to not get taken down and ref didn't notice but luckily the fighter still got the takedown.  Refs did well besides that.
Announcer: 4.5 Harry Jones is getting very comfortable up there.  I couldn't give him a 5 because he stumbled a few times but great job overall.
Ring Girls: 5  Katryna was the only ring girl there that night.  I have to give her a 5 just for the effort!
Vendors: 5 SuckerPunch were selling the hell out of their items, The beer and pizza were selling like hotcakes.  The price must have been right and I hope they made some good dough.
Overall: 4.5

 Great score for a great night of fights.  Now our ratings that we do are just OUR rating of the show that night.  It doesn't reflect our thoughts on the promotion, refs, apparel or any of that matter, it is simply just our rating of the categories of that night.  That was the last Cage Titans event of the year and it went out with a bang.  It was a great night of fights and left people wanting more carnage in the cage for next year!  Titans does a good job with production, lighting, and of course rewarding the fighters.  They give out many awards and interview the winners of the main card.  This was my first time at the Local 103 Union Hall and I gotta say I like the setup.  The atmosphere was great, crowd was loud, food was not a wallet gouge.  My only complaint was the 40 minutes in slow traffic we got stuck in but I guess that is just the nature of Boston.  Thanks to all the fighters for stepping up and displaying their skills.  Thanks to Titans Crew for their lovely hospitality.  We will be plugging in photos in here in the next few days.  Also all of our photos will be up on our fanpage so keep your eyes peeled!

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