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November 9, 2012

Warrior Nation V 11/9/2012 Review

UFC's TUF member: John "Super" Manley above and below with Jose Lopez (above) and Travis Sinclair (below)

 The Boss and I arrived around 6:30 and the place is starting to fill up.  Zack Lynch from is here.  DJ Arianna is warming up the crowd with some beats.  The Artist and FCAT are here to film for Warrior Nation.  The show is about to start and Lexi is singing the national anthem.  Awesome job.  John Vena is our host for the evening.  The Warrior Nation Girls are making their rounds around the cage.  There is a 50/50 raffle going on where donations go to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Notorious Nick Newell, Jon Manley, Hype, Jeff Haddad, Marco Alvan, Ricardo Funch and Leon Davis are here. SKSFightGear are providing the gloves for the evening! Let's get on with the fights!

155 lbs  Todd Matulis (DCNU 1-1) vs. Tyler Cronk (A-1 Fitness) 0-0

They clinch and Todd gets a takedown but they roll and Tyler was on top briefly.  Todd reverses  and is on top on the side.  He was working an arm triangle and Tyler sweeps.  Todd threatens with an armbar from the bottom and then locks in the triangle.  They then roll so it was an inverted triangle.  They roll again and Todd has the triangle from the bottom and it sinks deeper and he gets the tap.

Todd Matulis defeats Tyler Cronk via tapout to triangle in Rd 1.

155 lbs  Nicholas Sam (CT MMA 0-0) vs. Billy Leischner (Dexter's MMA 1-2)

Billy misses with a right.  Nick is workin for a takedown and Billy is defending well. They break briefly and go right to the clinch.  Billy is on the outside working the clinch.  Nick has a huge gash on his forehead.  Billy is getting in some big shots to the head and blood is flowing.  I even got a blood spatter on my laptop!

Billy 10-9

Rd 2:  Billy goes for the takedown and gets it with a nice slam.  He is getting in some big ground and pound and blood is flowing again.  Nick works his way back to his feet by using the cage.  They fall to the ground and Nick is taking Billy's back.  Billy rolls him over and is now on top.  They are right in front of us and Billy is getting in a few shots as the round ends.  The doctor stops the right before round 3.

Billy Leischner defeats Nicholas Sam via doctor stoppage to cut over eye at the start of Rd 3.  Great
bloody fight!!

Jesse Camp enters the cage and shares with us how the fighters scrambled to get their meds done when many of them lost power.  The medical facilities were shut down due to the storm.  Excellent point Jesse and great job getting it all done.

130 lbs  Britt Soden (DCNU 0-0) vs. Michael Tabor (Guardian MMA 1-2)

These guys are going at it.  Mike gets hit with a cup shot but shakes it off.  Britt has some pretty nasty kicks. Mike switches his stance.  Mike pushes forward with a good combo.  Mike keeps getting peppered with inside leg kicks.

Britt Soden 10-9  he got in several big leg kicks to take the round.

Rd 2:   Britt comes forward and gets in a good combo.  Britt catches Mike with a high kick that drops him.  Britt covers and Mike bucks him off and they are back to their feet.  Mike stands up smiling.  Britt gets an outside leg kick.  Mike closes the gap but Britt got some good footwork.  Mike closes the gap again but Britt pushes him back off.  No significant shots were given.  Mike gets in an unintentional groin shot.  Britt takes about 30 seconds and the fight resumes.  Britt gets in a combo as the round ends.

Britt 10-9

Rd 3: Britt starts us off with a leg kick.  Britt gets in another leg kick and Mike is going for a takedown.  He eventually gets the single leg.  Mike threatens with an armbar but Britt turns into it and gets back to his feet.  Very smart fight Britt.  Mike lunges forward and gets hit with a jab.  Mike gets another takedown as the round ends and ends the round on top.

Mike 10-9

Britt Soden defeats Michael Tabor via unanimous decision 29-28.  Great fight Britt.  Impressive debut.

185 lbs  Max Evans (Strike Zone MMA 0-0) vs. Leo Powers (Dexter's MMA 1-1)

Max fakes for a takedown and then stands back up.  Leo backs off and Max clocks him with the huge right hand and Leo was out with one punch.  Wow what a knockout!!

Max Evans defeats Leo Powers via KO  in 12 seconds at Rd 1.  Brutal KO. Leo got back to his feet thankfully.

145 lbs  Mclynn Cadiente (ECU BJJ 0-0) vs. Anthony Jerome (Bombsquad MMA 0-1)

Mclynn starts us off with a leg kick.  Anthony takes him down and goes right to full mount. He tries to posture up and get in some ground and pound but Mclynn defends well.  Mclynn sweeps and is on top and they get back to their feet.  Anthony goes right for a takedown and and is now in guard.  Anthony gets in a few punches to the body as the round ends.

Anthony 10-9

Rd 2: Mclynn misses with a kick and Anthony takes him down with a slam.  He is working the side with not much action going on.  Anthony swings over into half guard.  Mclynn pushes him off.  Anthony goes right back to guard.  Mclynn pushes him off and as Anthony is coming in hits him with a shot from the bottom.  Awesome.  Anthony finishes off the round on top.

Anthony 10-9

Rd 3:  Right back where we started, Anthony takes him down with a double leg and is now in half guard.  Not much action is going on and they scramble for a second and Anthony is right back to guard.  It doesn't look like Anthony is trying to pass guard but the ref lets it go.  Sorry if I am too harsh Gary but we all want to see action!!

Anthony 10-9

Anthony Jerome defeats Mclynn Cadiente via unanimous decision.

Jesse Camp enters the cage again and calls in Team Link's Jon Manley, Ricardo Funch and Marco Alvan.  For those of you who don't know Team Link opened up a new gym in Northampton MA where Tom Gomes and Jon Manley are running it.  Make sure you check it out if you are interested.

135 lbs  Nhel Theam (DCNU 0-0-1) vs. Allen Edgecomb (Shaolin Kempo 0-1-1)

These guys are out there swinging!!  Nhel gets in an inside leg kick.  Allen gets in a good combo.  Nhel fires right back.  Nhel gets in a right hook.  Nhel gets another inside leg kick.  Each fighter gets in a right hand.  Allen gets in a good right hand that stuns Nhel.  He goes in and Nhel stands back up right as the round ends. Allen I think you did just enough to steal that round!

Allen 10-9

Rd 2: Allen is bleeding a little at the left of his forehead.  Nhel is getting in some leg kicks.  Allen gets in a jab.  Allen catches Nhel with a jab off guard and he goes down. Nhel gets right back up.  The standup is pretty even so far.  Real close round.

Nhel 10-9  I give Nhel the edge because he got in several leg kicks.

Rd 3: Nhel is working for a single leg and he gets it.  Nhel is now in guard.  Not much action so ref stands them up!! My new favorite ref of the night!!  Allen gets in a big right hand.  Nhel is working for a takedown right as the round ends.

Nhel 10-9

Allen Edgecomb defeats Nhel Theam via split decision 29-28.  Not the way I had it but like I stated above it is real close.  Great job Allen.  Can't go wrong with Haddad in your corner!!

140 lbs  Mike Pezzello (Strike Zone MMA 0-0) vs. Justin Marcoccio (Guardian MMA 0-1)

Justin is working a guillotine and takes him down with it.  Mike works his way out and gets a takedown.  Justin threatens with a triangle but nothing too serious.  Mike is on top working the side and he gets in a few hammerfists.  Justin threatens with a knee bar but Mike rolls out.  Very active from the bottom Justin.

Justin 10-9

Rd 2: They clinch and fall to the ground.  Mike takes full mount and is getting in some ground and pound and gets the ref stoppage.

Mike Pezello defeats Justin Marcoccio ref stoppage to strikes at 1:25 in Rd 2.

135lbs Kurt Chase-Patrick (DCNU 0-0 Pro Debut) vs. Hassan Mahmood (Bombsquad 1-0)

Kurt goes for a takedown and gets it.  He is now on the side.  Hassan gets up and Kurt takes him right down again.  Kurt threatens with a guillotine but Hassan fights it.  He then takes the back and sinks in the rear naked choke super quick for the submission victory.

Kurt Chase-Patrick defeats Hassan Mahmood via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:17 in Rd 1.  Wow what a quick sub!!

185lbs Erik Sommer (CT MMA 2-2) vs. Harley "Darkheart" Beekman (Bombsquad MMA 4-2)

Erik is fighting for a takedown and falls to the ground. Harley backs off and Erik is back to his feet.  Erik is fighting for another takedown but doesn't get it.  Harley gets in a good uppercut. Erik jumps on Harley's back and is fighting for a rear naked choke.  He has the legs hooked, he just needs to lay him down and flatten him out.  Harley gets out and is now on top.  They are back to their feet and Harley rocks Erik with a good right hand.  He covers and Erik is fine.  Harley lets him back up.  Harley is bleeding around the eye but he is getting the better of the standup as the round ends.

Erik 10-9

Rd 2: Harley gets in a high kick and Erik takes it and takes him down.  Erik goes right to a rear naked choke in the middle of the cage.  He has a body triangle and Harley keeps fighting it.  This goes on for a few minutes at a stalemate and then there is a scramble.  Harley gets in a a few hammerfists as the round ends.

Erik 10-9

Rd 3: Harley gets in a good right hook.  Erik goes for a takedown and Harley stuffs him and then backs off to let him up.  Harley rocks Erik with another shot and he drops him.  Harley gets in some big elbows and hammerfirsts.  Erik is bleeding and the ref lets the doctor checks it.  Fight continues.  Harley gets in a body shot then ends the combo with  right hand that connects clean.  Harley gets in a leg kick then follows it up a shot up high.  Erik spits out his mouth piece and waves his finger to stop it.  He was bleeding bad.

Harley Beekman defeats Erik Sommer by ref stoppage in Rd 3.What a fight!!  Now Erik's mouthpiece was spit out and Erik was asking for a minute to get his mouthpiece and the ref stopped it.  He was bleeding pretty bad but I do think he would have won if it went to decision.  That's the way it went and congrats to Harley on the victory.


Fight of the Night:
Harley Beekman vs. Erik Sommer
Submission of the
Night: Kurt Chase-Patrick rear naked choke over Hassan Mahmood.
KO of the Night: 
Max Evans brutal KO over Leo Powers.
Blunder of the Night:
Fighters rushed the cage and spilled my drink! Not to mention I got blood on my laptop screen!  Rather than that everything went smooth.

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights: 4.5
Star Quality: 5
Sound: 5
Refs: 4
Announcer: 4.5
Ring Girls: 5
Vendors: 3
Not really any spots there for vendors.
Overall: 4.43

As you can see it was a great night of nights.  There were 9 total and it didn't drag on too long one bit.  We saw a brutal KO, a slick submission and two fight of the night candidates.  All the winners got some sick trophies.  The sound was crisp.  I really liked the atmosphere before the fights where DJ Arianna was spinning some beats while people were getting to their seats.  This is the last Warrior Nation show of this year.  Jesse announced during the show that next year they will be back with some title fights!!  The New Year can't come soon enough!!  Thanks to Warrior Nation and Hu Ke Lau for the lovely hospitality.  We will be plugging in photos into this review and then all of them will be going up on facebook on our fanpage.  Thank you for following along.

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