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November 17, 2012

Premier FC 12 11/17/2012 Live Results

Keep refreshing for the live results as they happen...

125lbs Justin Lyon 0-0 vs. Jerry Avenancio(Ind) 0-0
Winner via Triangle choke Justin Lyon

170 lbs Rich Hunter 0-1 vs. T.J. Holt (Aggression)
Winner rd 2 via Tko due to strikes Rich Hunter

145lbs Cambor Bohlan (Gladiator) 0-2 vs Walter Rodriguez 1-1
Winner 8 seconds of rd 1 By k.o. Cambor Bohlen

155lbs Marina Shafir (Bruno Tostes) 1-0 vs. Becky Lewis (Charlies Combat Sports) 1-0
Winner rd 1 via armbar Marina Shafir

145lb Title Fight Ian Mcewan (Lion's Den) 1-1 vs. Nestor Xicohtemcahl (Asylum) 1-0
Winner Via guillotine choke in rd 1 your new 145lbs championNestor Xicohtemcahl

135lb Title Fight Carlos Candelario (Ind) 3-0 vs. Joshua Carerro (DCNU) 3-0
 Your winner in rd 3 via guillotine choke and still pfc 135lbs champion Carlos Candelario

125lb Title Fight Marvin Maldonado (Bruno Tostes) 3-5 vs. Angel Laboy (Independent) 3-4
Marvin wins rd 3 ref stoppage

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